Omega (Ω) stages (also called flat stages or Final Destination stages) are a new feature in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Ω stages provide the same competitive feel found on Final Destination and applies to mostly any other stage in the game. Extra platforms and stage hazards are removed from Ω stages. Ω stages are the stages used in For Glory mode, but can be played in VS Mode by pressing X on the stage select screen.

Ω stages are not structurally identical. Some Ω stages have no area underneath, such as Dream Land, while others are thinner platforms, such as Delfino Plaza. This discrepancy can affect character recovery capabilities.

Ω Stages render almost any stage legal in tournaments, although some tournaments have banned them.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate however, all Ω stages are identical in structure, similar to Final Destination, making almost all of the Ω stages legal for tournaments.



3D Land Omega.jpg
Arena Ferox Omega.jpg
Balloon Fight Omega.jpg
Battlefield Omega.jpg
Boxing Ring Omega (3DS).jpg
Brinstar Omega.jpg
Corneria Omega.jpg
Distant Planet Omega.jpg
Dream Land Omega.jpg
Duck Hunt Omega SSB3DS.jpg
Find Mii Omega.jpg
Flat Zone 2 Omega.jpg
Gaur Plain Omega (3DS).jpg
Golden Plains Omega.jpg
Green Hill Zone Omega.jpg
Jungle Japes Omega (3DS).jpg
Living Room Omega.jpg
Magicant Omega.jpg
Midgar Omega SSB3DS.jpg
Mushroomy Kingdom Omega.jpg
Rising PK Flash.jpg
Pac-Maze Omega.jpg
Paper Mario Omega.jpg
PictoChat 2 Omega.jpg
Prism Tower Omega.jpg
Rainbow Road Omega.jpg
Reset Bomb Forest Omega.jpg
Spirit Train Omega.jpg
Tomodachi Life Omega.jpg
Tortimer Island Omega.jpg
Unova Pokemon League Omega.jpg
Wario Ware, Inc. Omega.jpg
Wily Castle Omega (3DS).jpg
Yoshi's Island Omega.jpg

Wii U

75m Omega.jpg
Big Battlefield Omega.jpg
Bridge of Eldin Omega.jpg
Castle Siege Omega.jpg
Coliseum Omega.jpg
Congo Jungle Omega.jpg
Delfino Plaza Omega.jpg
Dream Land SSBWU Omega.jpg
Duck Hunt Omega.jpg
Flat Zone X Omega.jpg
Gamer Omega.jpg
Garden of Hope Omega.png
Gaur Plain Omega (Wii U).jpg
Halberd Omega.jpg
Jungle Hijinkx Omega.jpg
Kalos Pokemon League Omega.jpg
Luigi's Mansion Omega.jpg
Lylat Cruise Omega.jpg
Mario Circuit (Wii U) Omega.jpg
Mario Circuit (3DS) Omega.jpg
Midgar Omega SSBWU.jpg
Miiverse Omega.jpg
Mushroom Kingdom U Omega.png
Norfair Omega.jpg
Onett Omega.jpg
Orbital Gate Assault Omega.jpg
Pac-Land Omega.jpg
Palutena's Temple Omega.png
Pilotwings Omega.jpg
Pirate Ship Omega.png
Pokemon Stadium Omega.jpg
Port Town Aero Dive Omega.jpg
Skyloft Omega.jpg
Skyworld Omega.jpg
Smashville Omega.jpg
Super Mario Maker Omega.jpg
Suzaku Castle SSBWU Omega.png
Great Cave Offensive Omega.jpg
Temple Omega.jpg
Town and City Omega.jpg
Wii Fit Studio Omega.jpg
Wily Castle Omega (Wii U).jpg
Windy Hill Zone Omega.jpg
Wrecking Crew Omega.jpg
Woolly World Omega.jpg
Wuhu Island Omega.jpg
Yoshi's Island Omega (Wii U).jpg


  • Suzaku Castle is the only stage that has interactive objects (the signs) as an Omega Stage, although this is used for aesthetic purposes.
  • Like the original, Super Mario Maker's Omega version changes graphical styles during gameplay, though this does not affect the layout of the stage.
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