The Nintendo 64 controller is the Nintendo 64's controller. It can be used to play Super Smash Bros. and can be plugged in to play all other installments. The controller has a unique M shape (this is because Nintendo was worried that 3D gaming might not become dominant, so they added the control stick to a separate grip) allowing it to be held in multiple ways. Most often, games require players to grip their left hand on the middle handle and their right hand on the right handle; this is how Super Smash Bros. is played. Examples of when the left handle should be held by the left hand and the right handle with the right hand are for some games requiring the use of the , such as Dr. Mario 64. The third option is to hold the left handle with the left hand and the middle handle with the right hand, although this was never implemented for any games.

Two add-ons were released for the controller: the rumble pack, which Super Smash Bros. utilizes, and the controller pack. The rumble pack requires 2 AAA batteries to work. The controller pack is an external memory card which can either be used to use save data in another copy of a game or to save data that cannot be stored in a cartridge's battery-backed memory.

The Nintendo 64 controller is available in several colors including: Red, Blue, Gray, Black, Green, and Yellow.

Super Smash Bros. Controls
Control Stick(N64).png Move
A Button(N64).png Standard attacks
B Button(N64).png Special moves
C Buttons(N64).png Jump
Z Button(N64).png Shield
R Button(N64).png Grab
L Button(N64).png Taunt
Start Button(N64).png Pause
D-Pad (grey).png Unused

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