New Pork City (ニューポークシティ Nyūpōkushiti?) is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and returning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, hailing from the game Mother 3. It is a massive stage, approximately the size of the Temple stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It is comprised of dozens of buildings, giving the impression of a large city. However, the battle area consists of a series of platforms that seem to have no connection to the city itself. In Ultimate, it is where Lucas is fought when being unlocked.

Like the Temple stage, this stage is banned in many tournaments for being too large as well as the Ultimate Chimera hazard.

Stage description

On the very right side of the stage, there are a series of thin platforms vertically arranged on top of each other. The top of these is the highest point on the stage, being about 3/4 of the way up to the upper blast line. To the left of these platforms is a rotating "pendulum" platform, perhaps related to the various theme-park rides that exist in New Pork City in Mother 3. Directly below this is a large, sloped platform. The left edge of this drops down to a small cardboard layout of a building laying flat. This is breakable. Breaking this platform can result in early deaths if one is not careful. The left side of this breakable platform is connected to another bumpy platform, connected to a slope facing downwards to the left. Directly above this are two very thick, floating cubical platforms connected to each other. The rightmost point of this is slightly to the left of the rightmost point of the slope. Directly left of the sloped platform is a small floating slope. This is between the large cubical platforms and a small, thin platform connected to a larger, cube-shaped one. To the left of this is the left-most point on the stage, a flat, small platform with medium thickness. The bottom-most point of the stage is a small limousine that flies from the left to the right of the stage, though this only appears sometimes. Far into the background is a silhouette of an actual city, despite the fact that New Pork City itself is floating and unconnected to it. Interestingly, the camera does not zoom in very much, even if all characters are near each other, even though it zooms in when the game is paused.

The Ultimate Chimera appears a major hazard in this stage. Appearing randomly on the large right platform, the bottom platform with the breakable floor, or the two large leftmost platforms, it walks slowly and its bite attack results in a one-hit KO (even though the stage is very large). which turns out to be quite helpful in event matches set in the stage, such as Event 27: Three-Beast Carnage, as the knockback applied is strong enough to trump the factor of the amplified weight of the giant opponents. In Ultimate, the bite no longer launches fighters, and instead deals an instant KO - likely as a result, the Ultimate Chimera roars when it first appears without attacking, giving nearby players a chance to get away.

In competitive play

New Pork City has been banned universally in tournament play since the beginning of Brawl's competitive scene. The most significant of its problems is its extreme size and extreme amount of empty space; characters can live to absurd damage percents without the aid of a cave of life, and can easily outcamp slower characters just by running away. Besides being able to cause game breaking camping, this can make it impossible for matches here to finish without going to time, and greatly obstructs the usual flow of a 1v1 battle. The stage is additionally difficult to traverse (due to irregular floor design and platform placement, and the aforementioned extreme amount of empty space), and the camera has issues with being able to zoom in properly, which further disrupts gameplay within the stage. The stage also has several walls, allowing for wall infinites and zero deaths, as well as places to tech against to extend survival even farther. The final severe problem is the Ultimate Chimera, which while can be reasonably (and arguably easily) avoided, still has guaranteed OHKO power if a player is bitten by it in a stage where characters can realistically approach sudden death damage percents consistently, making it an overly powerful stage hazard that can have too large of an impact in a match regardless.

Ultimate Chimera

The Ultimate Chimera is a hazard in New Pork City. Appearing randomly in any part of the stage, it walks slowly and its bite attack results in a One-hit KO and deals 100% if hit by the edge of its mouth, and 200% if trapped inside. It is possible to tech the attack.

Ultimate Chimera facts

  • It is possible to "defeat" the Ultimate Chimera when it is situated on the breakable platform on the bottom of the stage by breaking the platform. This can be done safely from a distance with the Motion-Sensor Bomb, C4, etc.
  • It is possible to air dodge through the Chimera.
  • When the Chimera appears the field becomes darker (like when a Smash Ball has been broken), and it will also make a *ching* sound—the same sound heard when it would notice Lucas in Mother 3.
  • By using a wall tech successfully, it is possible to survive the Ultimate Chimera's bite.
  • It's possible for Marth or Ike to use Counter and with correct timing, deal damage higher than 100% (if the player is by the edge of its mouth), and higher than 200% (if Ultimate Chimera tries to trap player inside) on opponents when Ultimate Chimera tries to bite the player. And since because Counter does very high damage, the attack is able to OHKO anyone who gets hit by Counter.
  • If the player uses a Final Smash with correct timing, the Ultimate Chimera will not try to bite, and usually will ignore the character.
  • For some reason, when Giga Bowser walks over the Ultimate Chimera, the Chimera will not even try to bite; in fact it will completely ignore Giga Bowser. However, Giga Bowser still takes damage if the Chimera bites the opponent and he is within range.
  • The sound effect used for its roar in Mother 3 can be heard after defeating Porky Minch in the Subspace Emissary.
  • It is possible to walk into the Ultimate Chimera and not get bitten. If the Ultimate Chimera appears next to the player, it won't attack until they drop off the platform.
  • Unlike in Mother 3, the Ultimate Chimera cannot be turned off with the large button on its back.
  • In Mother 3, the Ultimate Chimera doesn't wander around the city; it was always found indoors.


New Pork City as it originally appeared in Mother 3.

New Pork City was a location in Mother 3. Porky Minch ruled this city and gathered various people from different timelines to live in it, and eventually managed to get all of the Nowhere Islanders to move here too, sometimes by force. Porky gathered various scientists from different timelines to work in a laboratory called the Chimera Lab, which is not located in New Pork City itself. He gave orders to create creatures called Chimeras, which were hybrids of multiple different animals or plants, or mechanized versions of animals.

The Ultimate Chimera was one of these, and, fitting the name, was the most powerful one, and was feared even by its creators. The Ultimate Chimera was eventually moved here as well, and was discovered by Lucas and company in the bathrooms of the Empire Porky Building. If the Ultimate Chimera bites Lucas, it's an instant death resulting in a game over. Ultimate Chimera appears in this stage as a hazard. When the Ultimate Chimera bites a player, there is high possibility that the player will get knocked out.

The background contains multiple sprites from Mother 3. Notably, the Empire Porky Building, a 100 story building, can be seen in the background, and it expands all the way up to the upper boundary line. Sprites of some of the Mother 3 characters can also be seen. However, the actual arrangement of platforms used here (disregarding the limousine) was never a part of the city in Mother 3, although their design is based on the parking lot. In Mother 3, the only way to get to New Pork City was by a flying limousine. The flying limousine would park in a parking lot in the west side of the city. In this stage, the limousine can be seen flying across the stage. The parking lot on the west side of the city has been retained. In Mother 3, Porky Minch built a statue of himself in the city. If Lucas were to observe the statue it would attack. The Porky Statue is retained and can be seen in the background.



  • In the background on the right side of the stage, one can see the Porky Statue.
  • The buildings in the background are not rendered in 3D. Instead, they are the original 2D sprites from Mother 3. The Super Smash Bros. DOJO!! describes them as being like billboards.
  • On the American version, the stage selection screen refers to the stage as hailing from EarthBound, although it is not from said game. It is probable that if Mother 3 had been released outside of Japan and been given an official logo, then it probably would have been used to refer to the game from which the stage hails. It is also probable that it was referring to the series as a whole, which also makes sense considering the possibility that it might have been translated as EarthBound 2.
  • In Mother 3, the Empire Porky Building has one hundred floors. This fact is stretched in Brawl, as the height of the building is unspecified and in fact still goes off the top of the screen when Olimar uses End of Day.
  • When the Pokémon Trainer is selected, he stands on the streets in the background.
  • The Pigmask's logo appears stamped on all the platforms.
  • Despite the presence of trophies for most stage elements, there is no trophy of the Ultimate Chimera in Brawl.
  • Since Fourside and Onett are also banned from tournaments, that means no stage from the EarthBound/Mother universe has regularly been seen in competitive play.
  • The breakable platform when looked at from above has a building on it.
  • New Pork City is a parody of New York City, and Porky seems to be imitating the Statue of Liberty. The Empire Porky Building is also an obvious parody of the Empire State Building.
  • Down and to the right of the Porky statue, a Shogi Tile can be seen.
  • Porky can be seen in the background of this stage.
  • Fox, Falco, and Pit can perform the Laser Glitch here.
  • There is a chance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that the Ultimate Chimera's bite causes an Instant KO that resembles a Crush rather than a conventional One-hit KO, especially if the target gets trapped within the creature's mouth.

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