The New Japan Philharmonic (often abbreviated to NJP) is a symphony orchestra based in Tokyo, Japan. It was established in 1972 with Seiji Ozawa as honorary conductor laureate. Its current music director since 2016 is Toshiyuki Kamioka.

The Philharmonic is often known for its live orchestral covers of video game music. These include the songs of Super Smash Bros. Melee for the live album Smashing...Live!, Resident Evil for Resident Evil Orchestra, Kingdom Hearts for its original soundtrack, and the works of Go Shiina from Tales of Legendia, as well as performing for the first stop of the Tour de Japon for Final Fantasy and the 5th Anniversary Monster Hunter Orchestral Concert at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

Outside of video games, the orchestra is also known for their film soundtrack productions, notably Studio Ghibli's films Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle, and a number of works for the anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion. The orchestra also performed the film score for the Disney animated film, The Brave Little Toaster.

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