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Ness has a variety of moves, from long-range attacks using psychic powers known as "PSI," to short-range attacks with his bat and yo-yo. Ness can also unleash PK Thunder, a guided attack that can launch him like a rocket or help him recover!
—Description from the Super Smash Blog.

Ness is a veteran fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, first playable in Super Smash Bros. He was confirmed to return on June 12, 2018 during E3 2018.

When unlocked, he is fought at Onett.





Changes from SSBWU/3DS


Ground Attacks

Aerial Attacks

  • Ness' up-air has been changed to a multi-hit attack.

Grabs and Throws

  • Ness' grab and pummel now make use of his PSI.
  • Ness' down throw now has more circular effects to it to replicate the animations of PSI attacks in the Earthbound games.

Special Attacks

  • PK Flash moves faster and doesn't put Ness into a helpless state when used in the air.
  • PK Thunder has hexagonal effects around it to make it more visible. It is also a reference to the animations of PSI attacks in EarthBound.
    • Moreover, a small arrow will appear to point Ness' launching direction when PK Thunder is close to him.


Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack: Ness throws a punch, then a second punch, and then finishes with a kick.
  • Forward Tilt: Ness does a side kick; can be angled up and down.
  • Up Tilt: Ness thrusts upwards with his hands, some PSI energy appearing from his fingertips.
  • Down Tilt: Ness kicks low to the ground.
  • Dash Attack: Ness thrusts his hands forwards and releases multiple sparks of PSI energy.

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash (Batter Up!): Ness swings his signature baseball bat forwards; will reflect projectiles.
  • Up Smash (Around the World): Ness does an "Around the World" trick with his yo-yo, hitting in front of himself and then overhead, ending behind him.
  • Down Smash: Ness does a "Walk the Cat" trick with his yo-yo, hitting low to the ground behind him and then in front of himself.

Other attacks

  • Floor Attack (Front):
  • Floor Attack (Back):
  • Floor Attack (Trip):
  • Ledge Attack:

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial: Ness spins around with his outstretched arms emitting PSI, similar to Zelda's Neutral Aerial.
  • Forward aerial: Ness thrusts both hands forwards and releases multiple shocks of PSI energy.
  • Back aerial: Ness kicks backwards with both legs.
  • Up aerial: Ness waves his hand overhead and emits PSI-Energy from his index finger, hitting 5 times.
  • Down aerial: Ness stomps downwards with one foot, PSI energy bursting from the tip of his foot.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel: Ness pummels his opponent with PSI-Energy.
  • Forward Throw: Ness uses psychic powers to spin the opponent around before hurling them forward.
  • Back Throw (Reverse PK Throw): Ness uses telekinesis to flip the opponent over him and then hurl them backwards.
  • Up Throw: Ness spins opponent above his head with PSI-Energy, then throws them upwards.
  • Down Throw: Ness hurls opponents beneath him and blasts multiple bolts of fire into them.

Special Moves

Ness's Special Moves
SSB Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special PK Fire PK Flash
Side Special PK Fire
Up Special PK Thunder
Down Special PSI Magnet
Final Smash PK Starstorm


  • Up Taunt: Places his hands on his hips, turns towards the screen and nods, saying, "Ok!"
  • Down Taunt: His PSI powers spark at his fingertips as he draws an 'S' shape in the air.
  • Side Taunt: Poses with his baseball bat outstretched.

On-Screen Appearance

Idle Poses

Victory Poses

  • Skips forward, then nods once.
  • He looks to his sides wondering, then puts his hand on the back of his head and scratches.
  • Swings his bat strongly, then points it forward.

In competitive play

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In Spirit Battles

As the Main Opponent

As a Minion

Palette Swaps

800px-Ness Palette (SSBU)


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  • The strengh of Ness' smash attack is also based on what part of the bat it hits, with the tip being the strongest. This trait is shared with the Home-Run Bat.
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