Needle Storm is Sheik's Neutral Special Move. When B is pressed, Sheik will throw a slim, almost-invisible needle to attack. They can either travel straight or at an angle (roughly 45 degrees towards the ground), depending on whether Sheik is in the air or not. The B button can be held to add up to 5 more needles, and the needles can be saved for a short time later by pressing the shield button or the grab button.


Each needle does 3% damage, allowing this move to deal a maximum of 18% damage. Sheik can also hold onto stored needles after losing a life by transforming into Zelda before being KO'd, then turning back into Sheik during the next life. Needles can disturb opponents while getting back to stage and destroy most projectiles, including Fox's and Falco's lasers, and even one of Samus's fully charged shots.

In Brawl, the move is nearly identical, except pressing B a single time on the ground will cause it to start to charge, and B must be pressed a second time to throw (unlike Melee, where it charges if B is held until released, and throws right away). Therefore, in order to store, then later use a partial needle storm charge, B must be pressed once to begin charging, then the shield button has to be pressed when the wanted partial charge has been reached to store it, and then press B twice in a row to throw that partial charge, because pressing B again only once will resume charging. If Sheik is attacked while charging her Needle Storm attack, her needles fall out of her hand and scatter all over the floor.

Sheik's Special Moves
Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Needle Storm
Side Special Chain Burst Grenade
Up Special Vanish
Down Special Transform Bouncing Fish
Final Smash Light Arrow Sheikah Dance

Custom Variations

Penetrating Needles

Penetrating Needles is one of Sheik's Neutral Special Moves that can be used via customizations. Sheik throws needles that go through enemies. She can only throw up to three at a time.


  • Charges faster
  • Pierces opponents
  • Greater speed


  • Less needles
  • Less damage

Penetrating Needles charges faster because it actually uses less needles. Due to it having less needles, it deals less damage. The projectile is thrown faster and will pierce through opponents though.

Paralyzing Needle

Paralyzing Needle is one of Sheik's Neutral Special Moves that can be used via customizations. Sheik throws needles that deal slightly less damage but paralyze opponents. The move charges more slowly.


  • Paralyzes opponents; combo set-up
  • Good range
  • Projectile itself is pretty fast


  • Some start-up
  • Deals less damage

Paralyzing Needle is an attack that has some start-up lag but will pay off if it hits. The projectile itself moves rather quickly and will paralyze opponents hit by it; this can set up all kinds of combo options, namely throws. The needle itself deals less damage but has good range on it, and because of her fast running speed, Sheik can easily dash in and attack an opponent paralyzed from afar.

Sheik's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Penetrating Needles Paralyzing Needle
Side Special Gravity Grenade Skimming Grenade
Up Special Gale Abyss
Down Special Jellyfish Pisces

Needle Canceling

When used in midair, the needles will strike at roughly a 45 degree angle from Sheik's position towards the ground, making them effective for disrupting and returning to the stage. If thrown after the apex of the jump and below the maximum height of Sheik's single jump, in a technique called needle canceling, the Needle Storm incurs no significant landing lag, allowing Sheik to combo aerial needles immediately into ground attacks, grabs, dashes, or even more needles.

Reverse Needle Canceling

Reverse needle canceling refers to charging needles in the air, then tapping the shield or grab button to stow them. This too produces zero lag, and can be used to efficiently store needles, to grab the ledge, or to increase jump distance.