A Nagagog in the process of getting bigger.

Nagagog is an enemy that is part of the Subspace Army. It will start off small and blue, but if it takes enough damage, it makes a laughing noise and grows larger, also turning yellow in the process. It will then proceed to turn into a larger version of itself with a redish color. While the Nagagog is changing into a larger version of itself, it will not take any damages from attacks or items. Its health decreases much easier when it is in its larger form. It attacks like a wrestler, jumping on top of the player.

Trophy Description

An enemy that might be considered sumo-wrestler shaped, with a funky, decorative twirl on its head and a cute little mouth. As it takes damage, its body increases in size through three distinct levels. Wow, it's almost like a sumo wrestler climbing the ranks to become Yokozuna! Along with the size increase comes a change in color as well--blue, yellow, and red.

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