NPCS in smash bros.

Smash bros. includes many NPCS (non playable characters) throughout the series of games.Below the many NPCS in the series.


Polygons: In the first super smash bros. (SSB) the fighting polygon team was introduced.They are a group of polygon versions of the playable charcaters,mario,luigi,kirby,link,Donkey Kong,ness,fox,and Captain Falcon.Thier difficulty can be altered through the difficulty of of the mode you are playing.

Master hand: Master Hand is giant glove-like hand and is the final boss in classic in all smash bros. games,and in adventure mode in SSB


After the first super smash bros. game, new NPCS were introduced in SSBM These NPCS were:

Crazy hand:Master Hand's alter ego,unlike master hand, Crazy Hand's fingers move in a more destructive way.He also atttacks more quickly.

Giga Bowser:A reincarnated form of bowser.He also appears in SSBB as Bowser's Final Smash.He is encountered by completing every other stage/event in advenrture mode very quickly.

Wireframes:The Fighting Wireframes are a group of humanoid like figures that appear in melee.They also look like they are made of wires.The feamle has moves similar to zelda's.The male also has copied moves,He has Captain falcon's.

Mario enemies:Past enemies from the mario bros. include,Goombas,Koopa Troopas,and Para Troopas.The koopa troopas also appear in SSB.

Toad:Toad appears in cameos in melee,in adventure mode,stage1 he appears running back and forth.He also appears as peaches "b" move,he reflects attacks on contact.After the sonic and tails rumor the toad rumor came.The rumor stated that you can unlock him by shooting all the credits in the credit sequence.


Alloys:The fighting alloy team is what replaces the wireframes and polygons in SSBB.Like the polygons and wireframes they don't have specific number or dificulty.

The Subspace Army:Are the enemies you face off with in the Subspace Emissary mode in Brawl.

Hammer Bros.: In SSBB the hammer bros. appear in adventure mode,mainly in the jungle type stages.They also share the smae role they did in the original games.

Assist Trophies: A group of characters thatssist you in brawls.The one you get is set randomly,so you will never get to control which one will help you.

Using Action replay or Gameshark

Special codes for Melee allow NPCS to become playable, these are the ones that are playable and the requirements to play as them. Crazy Hand:Must be p4 'Master Hand:Must be p3 Giga Bowser:Must be bowser


Along with playing as NPCS you can also activate the Test stage You can also make enemies appear with debug activated.

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