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NONE is a "character" in SSBM, which can only be found via debug menu. NONE is found in the list of characters, and seems to be either a glitch or a testing character, as it simply crashes the game when selected.

It is believed that NONE is just the No contest slot of the victory screen. When NONE is selected to display its victory screen, the game cycles through multiple characters' names before Sheik's name is displayed, flashing different colors, and finally stopping at No Contest.

If NONE is hacked to be used on the character select screen, the name slot will be blank. However, if the language is set to Japanese, the name will cycle through random letters and numbers, only stopping when the character is selected. The random jumbles of letters and numbers occur in the Classic VS screen as well.

So far, there is no known way to make NONE properly function.

Accessing NONE

In order to find NONE, the debug menu must first be accessed. Selecting <VERSUS MODE>, then <DAIRANTOU>, and finally <CHARSELECT> will bring up the list of all characters in the game. Scrolling through them, NONE can be found after Popo. Attempting to access the character in this manner will always result in a crash.

NONE's victory screen can be viewed by going to RESULT TEST and setting all the characters to NONE. The announcer will begin as normal, but the character names will rapidly flash until they reach Sheik, first in yellow, then then red, blue, green, and grey. The names continue to shift, displaying Red Team, Blue Team, and Green Team before settling on No Contest.

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