This article refers to the original Super Smash Bros. stage. For other uses, see Mushroom Kingdom (disambiguation).

Mushroom Kingdom (いにしえの王国, Ancient Kingdom) is the only unlockable Vs. Mode stage in Super Smash Bros. It does not appear in Super Smash Bros. Melee, although a similar one does. This stage would return in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

In Smash 64, it is unlockable by beating the 1P Game mode with the eight original characters and by playing on each stage in Vs. Mode. It is often banned in standard tournaments.

Stage layout

In the middle there is a hole. To the right of it, there are two passable floating platforms, and a pipe to the right of them. To the left of the hole, there is a single passable floating platform, and a solid brick platform left of that which extends to the edge of the stage.

Features of Mushroom Kingdom

  • This stage is unique in that it does not feature an open gap to the side, thus it is possible to KO oneself by walking off the stage. Although no other stage is like this in Super Smash Bros., this attribute is found in many stages in all subsequent games.
  • There are three pipes which characters can warp in between. When standing on a pipe, a character may press down to transfer through to another pipe. One pipe is on the floor to the right of the stage, and another is on top of a floating platform to the left. There is a third pipe in the gap, through which a character may exit, but may not enter. Characters are randomly sent to either pipe, although if one pipe is blocked, the player will always come out the other one. Additionally, two Piranha Plants occasionally will appear from the pipes and deal minor damage and moderate knockback to any character that touches them, though they can be destroyed with a sufficiently powerful attack which will prevent them from reappearing for some time. While the Piranha Plants are somewhat difficult to knock out at first, successfully doing so seems to make subsequent attempts at defeating them much easier (after they respawn).
  • In the middle is a gap, which is the place players can die by falling. Above the gap is a scale with two platforms. It is possible to stand on the two platforms, but the character's weight will unbalance them. If unbalanced too far, the system will break and fall into the gap, only to regenerate again in a few seconds. This gap is the main reason why this stage has the worst cpu AI as computers can jump into the gap and do not recover even if they are able to.
  • Occasionally, a small, rectangular, POW Block will appear in one of several locations in the air. Hitting it with an attack will vibrate the screen shortly, with every character touching the ground or a platform is dealt 20% and receives great, purely vertical knockback.
  • This is the only stage in the original Super Smash Bros. where the theme music is taken directly from another game. Melee would feature three stages (excluding Past Stages) where an original music track from another game appears on the stage (one of them as an alternate track), and in Brawl, numerous songs ripped directly from their sources were heard on some of the stages.

In competitive play

This stage is universally banned in standard tournaments due to hazards such as the POW blocks and randomized Piranha Plants disrupting gameplay, the pipes allowing heavy side camping, and the walk-off blast lines allowing even further side camping and allowing characters who can chaingrab past the blast line (such as Pikachu using its forward throw) to KO at very low percentages. It is the only stage along with Sector Z that has never been considered to be legal, though is a common friendly stage due to its randomness.


This stage is comprised of a variety of elements from Super Mario Bros., some of which can be seen here in World 1-1.

This stage is from Super Mario Bros. In Super Mario Bros. the player can down inside of green pipes that go underground. When underground the player has to go inside another pipe to get back up above ground. In this stage, these green pipes are retained and can be used to warp to two other parts of the stage. Super Mario Bros. also feature these scale-like platforms that go down on the platform the player is standing on while the other platform goes up. These platforms are in this stage and works the same as they did in Super Mario Bros. In this stage a POW block appears. If a player is to hit the POW block it sends his or her opponents upward. There are many elements in the background that are from Super Mario Bros. such as Koopas, giants mushroom platforms, vines, a flag pole, etc. When the stage returned in Ultimate, it was given a major overhaul to closely resemble its appearance in Super Mario Bros., instead of being green like in Smash 64.

The music for this stage is the original 8-bit overworld theme from Super Mario Bros.


  • The scale lifts in this stage and Golden Plains are capable of weight distribution.
  • This stage and Saffron City both share the longest gap between appearances in the Super Smash Bros. series, with 19 years between Smash 64 and Ultimate.


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