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Mr. Game and Watch is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Visually, Mr. Game & Watch has received a slight re-design much more noticeable than the transition between Melee and Brawl. His arms and legs are slightly thinner, and his hands, nose and feet are somewhat rounder. His ankles are also connected to the end of his feet as opposed to the middle of them. These visual changes give his body a smooth appearance.

How to Unlock


Complete the following:

  • Play 90 matches.
  • Clear Classic Mode with 10 different characters.

After completing either option, you must fight and defeat Mr. Game & Watch in Flat Zone 2.

Wii U

Complete the following:

  • Play 80 matches.
  • Clear Classic Mode with 5 different characters on 2.0 difficulty or higher.

After completing either option, you must fight and defeat Mr. Game & Watch in Flat Zone X.



  • Has good recovery.
  • Judge #9 can 0% KO players if used correctly. It will always KO if the target hit has 40% or higher damage. In addition, each Judge has various effects, such as causing an ice effect or being highly effective against shields.
  • Small body frame and small crouching animation, allowing him to avoid more attacks.
  • Less fluid animations on all attacks to simulate the frame-by-frame movements of his original games, thus making him more unpredictable.
  • Oil Panic can cause heavy damage if used correctly, making it dangerous against energy-projectile users.
  • Up Aerial can move targets away from Mr. Game & Watch, making them have a higher risk of being KO'ed near the upper blast line and can stop aerial attacks such as Wizard's Foot if used correctly.
  • Fire can be used as a recovery, damages opponents nearby who get too close to the parachute when it is launched, and can also move opponents away from Mr Game & Watch if used correctly.
  • Chef can be used to stop enemy attacks and is a good anti-recovery ability.
  • Down Smash gives decent range and if sweetspotted either launches opponents straight up or to the sides.
  • Up Smash provides invincibility frames provided that the hits are hitting the scuba helmet and not anywhere else.


  • Very easy to launch due to being 2D.
  • Spamming Judge can result in harsh punishment, as hitting a 1 always deals 12% to him, and can be very predictable.
  • Down Aerial is very predictable and if missed on the edges may cause self-destructs. In addition, sometimes the Stall-Then-Fall effect can either be very quick, or very slow.
  • Oil Panic cannot be used when facing against a non-energy projectile user, reducing the amount of offense he has in matches. In addition, the bucket must be completely full in order to be used.

Differences from Brawl

Mr. Game & Watch received both buffs and nerfs that balances him overall.


  • Dash is slightly faster.
  • Smaller body frame (feet, arms, nose, etc.), which gives him a smaller hurtbox.
  • Less fluid animations on all attacks to simulate the frame-by-frame movements of his original games.

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral Attack can transition from Rapid Jabs into a Finisher.
  • Up Tilt has slightly less range, however it has less ending lag and deals more damage.
  • Down Tilt causes less knockback, but has a wind effect that slightly pushes opponents. This pushbox is unique as it also deals slightly damage. It allows him to use the Table Flipping technique.
  • Forward Smash has a different animation in which Mr. Game & Watch holds the match with both hands. It has higher reach but causes less damage.
  • Down Smash has larger range, with Mr. Game & Watch smacking with bigger hammers.
  • Dash Attack has less ending lag but causes lower damage.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial deals one less hit and has more ending lag.
  • Forward Aerial has less landing lag.
  • Back Aerial has more landing lag.
  • Down Aerial deals more knockback in both sweetspot (Meteor Smash) and sourspot. However, it deals less damage and has higher ending lag.

Grabs and Throws

  • All Throws animations are much faster.
  • Down Throw now has small knockback scaling, causing the enemy to bounce slightly. The knockback at lower percentages allows for many more follow-up options.
  • Unpredictable throws, meaning you can't tell where you will get launched.

Special Attacks

  • Chef deals slightly less damage if the opponent touches the pan.
  • Judge has a higher chance of the same number appearing in succession.
  • Fire has less startup lag and the covers more vertical distance.
  • Oil Panic no longer completely cancels his momentum, preventing Mr. Game & Watch making use of the Bucket Braking technique. However, it can now absorb explosions, and the bucket is filled depending on the power of the projectile or explosion, being able to fill two or even three levels from a single attack.
  • Octopus jumps slightly higher and is slightly faster.


Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack: Greenhouse - Brings out an insecticide pump. 3%
  • Neutral Combo: Sprays insecticide repeatedly and links to a finisher. 3% first hit, 1% for every following, 2% the finisher.
  • Dash Attack: Dives sideways on the ground headfirst wearing a helmet. 10% during the first part of the attack, 6% during the last part
  • Side Tilt: Throws out a chair. 11% damage during the first frames of the attack, 4% during the last frames
  • Up Tilt: Waves his #1 flag above him. Two hits, 7% each
  • Down Tilt: Flips a manhole cover in front of him throwing the opponent horizontally. 6% damage. Those who are just above the range get pushed upward dealing up to 4% damage. If timed right can push away projectiles.


  • Side Smash: Attacks with a lit match that deals fire damage. 14% uncharged, 19% fully charged
  • Up Smash: Puts on a diving helmet and bashes upward with his head. This is his best finisher. Mr. Game & Watch is invulnerable to every attack that hits his helmet. 16% uncharged, 22% fully charged
  • Down Smash: Takes two hammers and slams them down on both sides of him. This attack has a sweetspot on the very tip of both hammers. If sourspotted this attack will launch opponent horizontally, if sweetspotted it will launch the opponent vertically and further. Sourspotted: 14% uncharged, 18% fully charged; sweetspotted: 15% uncharged, 21% fully charged


  • Floor attack - He gets out a hammer and slams it in front of him, then behind him. 7%
  • Ledge attack - He climbs up the ledge, then hits the opponent with his alarm bell. 7%
  • Trip attack - He gets out a hammer and slams it in front of him, then behind him, just like his Floor attack. 7%

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial: Two fishes jump out of a fish bowl he is holding and attack the opponent dealing up to four hits. 5% the first hit, 4% the second, 4% the third, 4% the fourth, 17% total
  • Forward Aerial: He takes out a box to hit opponents. 11% if hit during the first frames, 6% if not
  • Back Aerial: He takes out a turtle to hit opponents dealing up to four hits. 2% the first, 2% the second, 2% the third, 3% the fourth which has a decend knockback. If the ground is touched before the attack ends, instead of interrupting the attack, the hit upon touching the ground will be changed into a hit identical in both damage and knockback the fourth hit of the attack.
  • Up Aerial: He becomes Spitball Sparky and attacks upward hitting twice. 7% the first hit, 9% the second one. The second hit has good knockback. If opponent is close but not in range, they will be blown upward.
  • Down Aerial: He takes out a key and attacks downward and falls faster. 11% for the hit of the key, 3% for the damage dealt upon hitting the ground. A Meteor Smash effect will occur only at the beginning of the attack.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel: He takes out a bell and smacks the opponent with it. Somewhat slow. 3%
  • Forward Throw: He juggles the opponent and throws them forward. 8%
  • Back Throw: He juggles the opponent and throws them backward. 8%
  • Up Throw: He juggles the opponent and throws them upward. 8%
  • Down Throw: He juggles the opponent and throws them downward. 4%

Special Moves

Mr. Game & Watch's Special Moves
Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Chef
Side Special Judge
Up Special Fire
Down Special Oil Panic
Final Smash Octopus

Mr. Game & Watch's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special XXL Chef Short-Order Chef
Side Special Extreme Judge Chain Judge
Up Special Heavy Trampoline Trampoline Launch
Down Special Efficient Panic Panic Overload


  • Up Taunt: Holds his bell at eye level and rings it.
  • Side Taunt: Holds his bell at leg level and rings it.
  • Down Taunt: Sits down and exhales. (This is from the Mario Bros Game and Watch unit. When a round is completed, both Mario and Luigi exhale.)

In Competitive Play

To Be Added

Trophy Description

Mr. Game & Watch


NTSC: Game & Watch was a series of handheld video games that started in 1980, which pretty much makes Mr. Game & Watch the father of the Game Boy and Nintendo DS. Or maybe an older sibling? Smash Bros., Mr. Game & Watch uses distinct retro moves to damage his foes. However, he only has two dimensions, so he's pretty easy to send flying.

PAL: Game & Watch was a series of handheld video games that started in 1980, before even the Game Boy. In this game, you can play as the guy who starred in them, moving about in his quirky oh-so-retro little way. He can string together some pretty powerful attacks but, unfortunately, being 2D makes him very easy to launch.

  • G&W - Game & Watch (04/1980)

Mr. Game & Watch (Alt.)

Mr. Game & Watch's Oil Panic special catches shots and turns them into oil. After catching three, the bucket will be full and you'll be able to throw oil all over your enemies. Some shots, like Samus's fully powered Charge Shot, will fill the bucket in one go! Throwing the oil you get from a shot like that and KO your foes in a flash!


No scrolling, only one stage, only a few sounds, and the age of 3D was nothing more than a twinkle in someone's eye. Nevertheless, this game was a blast at the time. In the Game & Watch title Manhole, you move a manhole cover back and forth so that the pedestrians can safely cross the road. What a simple yet fun game!

  • G&W - Manhole (01/1981)

Costume Gallery

Mr game watch


  • Mr. Game & Watch was hinted at during the end of Pac-Man's reveal trailer, but wasn't officially confirmed for three months like Dark Pit. He wasn't revealed until the game's demo release in Japan, also like Dark Pit.
  • His overall animations have also been changed to better resemble the frame by frame movement seen in his home series of Game & Watch handheld games.
  • In Classic Mode for the 3DS version,when Mr. Game & watch is walking down a path between fights, you can see his 3D model.
  • Since his artwork in Melee and Brawl had him depicted with his bell, this marks his first artwork without him shown with his bell.


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