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Mobs (short for "mobile") is a special term that refers to the various NPCs that inhabit the world of Mojang Studios and Xbox Game Studios's Minecraft.

Four particular mobs appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate; a Zombie and an Enderman are playable characters (as Steve and Alex's palette swaps) as the second fighters in Fighters Pass Volume 2 and the eighth downloadable characters overall, while separate DLC Mii Fighter costumes are available that are modeled after a Creeper and a Pig.

Character description

Mobs are the NPC inhabitants of the Minecraft franchise. As such, they can be found just about anywhere, with some being biome-specific and found spawning in certain conditions. Each mob is put into a specific category, which determines their actions with both the landscape and towards the player. These categories are:

  • Passive - Harmless mobs that will not attack the player under any circumstance, even when attacked and provoked. Passive mobs are usually farm animals, domesticated pets, and Villagers.
  • Neutral - Mobs that are mostly passive, but will become hostile to the player if attacked or provoked. These are mainly non-domesticated animals such as wolves, bears, and spiders (only during the daytime), but also applies to Endermen and Golems not made by the player.
  • Hostile - Dangerous and aggressive mobs that will attack on sight. These can be regarded as the "true enemies" of Minecraft. Some examples include Zombies, Skeletons, Guardians, or Slimes.
  • Boss - Special mobs that are incredibly dangerous and are confronted intentionally. These only apply to two entities, the Ender Dragon and Wither, and can be considered the "main antagonists" of the game.


Zombies are a hostile mob and are one of the more common enemies in the game. They usually spawn in the Overworld during nighttime, with the goal of zombifying the player or any stray Villagers. By morning time, any Zombies exposed to sunlight will spontaneously combust and die. The player can gain two pieces of rotten flesh and 5 EXP orbs after defeating a Zombie.

Multiple variations of Zombies have been added over the years. These include Baby Zombies (smaller and faster Zombies that can ride animals), Zombie Villagers (Villagers that have become zombified but can be cured by the player, which then give better trades), Zombie Horses (passive zombified Horses exclusive to Java Edition Creative Mode), Husks (dehydrated Zombies that roam the desert and are immune to sunlight), and Drowned (aquatic Zombies).


Endermen are a neutral mob that first appeared in v1.8 of the Minecraft beta and are inspired by the Creepypasta character Slender Man. Much like the Zombies, Enderman will spawn at night and can notably appear in every dimension of the game, though they are more common in their homeworld - The End.

Enderman will teleport to a random area, proceed steal a Block (usually Grass, Dirt, or TNT) and set it elsewhere. As it is a neutral mob, it will not attack the player unless provoked or looked at in the eye; if either occurs, the Enderman will begin to unhinge its jaw and shriek. It is notably weak to water, as it will take of damage during the rain. When killed, the player can gain 5 EXP orbs and (in some instances) an Ender Pearl; an item that gives the player the ability to teleport to wherever they throw it at the cost of some health.


Creepers are a hostile mob and another one of the more common enemies in the game. They are also considered by many to be the most iconic character out of Minecraft, being seen by many as one the de facto mascots of the franchise alongside Steve and Alex. They were created on accident by franchise creator Markus "Notch" Persson after a failed attempt at making a Pig model that flipped its height and length, resulting in its unique body type. According to Notch, their distinctive multiple-shades-of-green color can be interpreted as leaves, saying they would feel "crunchy" if touched. The origin of their name even alludes to this, as Creepers are a type of plant that are typically known to grow grapes.

Creepers can spawn at any time during the day and are mainly found on the Overworld, more specifically within its underground caves. When a Creeper notices the player, it will move towards them and proceed to self-detonate, with the resulting explosion being strong enough to kill the player as well as destroy a large chunk of a home or landmass. They can also be intentionally ignited with some Flint & Steel. As of v1.5 of the Java edition's beta, Creepers can also become charged up if struck by lightning, which will dramatically increase their explosion radius and kill power.

If the player can kill a Creeper, they will be rewarded with 5 EXP orbs and two pieces of gunpowder. If a Creeper is killed by a Skeleton or a Stray, they can also drop a random music disc. If a Charged Creeper explosion kills a Zombie, Skeleton, Creeper, or Wither Skeleton, they will receive their respective heads.


Pigs are a passive mob that are commonly found in the Plains biome in the Overworld, though they can be found elsewhere. As they are passive, they pose virtually no threat to the player and are often seen as one of the many farm animals the Villagers and the player can domesticate. Players can also ride on a Pig if they are equipped with a saddle and lead it around with a Carrot on a Stick. They can, however, be killed to provide two or three pieces of raw pork chop as well as 1-7 EXP orbs.

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Zombie and Enderman SSBU.png


Both a Zombie and an Enderman joined Ultimate as playable fighters by way of being palette swaps for both Steve and Alex. They were announced during a live trailer reveal on October 1, 2020 as the second fighters in Fighters Pass Volume 2.

Unlike how they behave in Minecraft, Zombie and Enderman (the latter having had their proportions drastically altered to match everyone else's build) are capable of mining for resources, crafting and wielding weapons, and placing Blocks around the stage; as they are only palette swaps, their unique abilities are completely absent. They are a fighter with high management priority, as players must constantly keep their limited number of resources in check, as they can be quickly depleted with certain moves such as Minecart and TNT or when weapons break.

They were released on October 13, 2020, alongside the stage Minecraft World, 7 music tracks, and a Minecraft-themed Spirit Board as a part of Challenger Pack 7.

Mii Fighter Costumes

Costumes for the Mii Brawler modeled after a Creeper and a Pig was made available as a part of the Round 7 batch of DLC costumes. Both have been redesigned to be given a more humanoid appearance by having their hands and feet be floating limbs in a similar manner to Rayman.


DLC Spirits of a Zombie, an Enderman, a Creeper, a Villager & Iron Golem, a Skeleton, a Slime, a Ghast, a Piglin, and the Ender Dragon were added into the game as a part of the DLC Spirit Board in Steve's Challenger Pack.


Much like in the original game, Zombies, Endermen, Skeletons, and Spiders appear in the background of all biomes during nighttime in Minecraft World. Zombies, Skeletons, and Spiders will wander around aimlessly, while Endermen will teleport around, transporting Blocks to random places; when it is morning, the Endermen will disappear and the rest will catch fire and die. All enemies will not interrupt the match and pay little to no attention to it. Several passive mobs also appear in including Villagers, pigs, cows, and sheep; all also pose no threat to the ongoing match and will simply watch or mind their own business.

Zombies and Creepers also make an appearance in the Final Smash House of Boom, where a horde of the latter will begin to explode. Their explosions combined with various TNT Blocks placed inside will create a combined destructive force strong enough to destroy the home and KO the caught opponent.


  • Alongside Steve and Alex, Zombie and Enderman are the first fighters:
    • To come from an indie game, as Mojang Studios was an independent company when Minecraft launched prior to being purchased by Xbox Game Studios.
    • To come from a non-English speaking Western country, being Sweden
    • From the West to have no involvement from Nintendo in their creation
  • Alongside Steve and Alex, Zombie and Enderman are the second fighters:
    • To originate from a Western-made franchise, to be owned by a Western company, and be owned by one of Nintendo's rivals in the console and publishing markets, the other being fellow Microsoft representatives Banjo & Kazooie.
    • To debut on a PC, following Solid Snake
  • Alongside Steve and Alex, Zombie and Enderman are the fifth fighters to originate from the West, following Diddy Kong, King K. Rool, Dark Samus, and Banjo & Kazooie.
  • Zombie and Enderman are the second generic enemies to become fighters, following Piranha Plant.
    • However, both are only palette swaps as opposed to Piranha Plant, who is a unique fighter.
  • Much like Steve, Zombie uses his older design from before v1.14 of Minecraft, presumably so the two can match.
  • The Creeper and Pig's segments in the "Mii Fighter Costumes - Round 7" trailer make several references to Minecraft:
    • The Creeper costume performs multiple Sacrifical KOs, mirroring the fact they must detonate themselves to attack Steve and Alex.
    • The still of the Creeper costume next to the thunder bolt from Thunder references a Charged Creeper, which occurs when a Creeper is struck by lightning.
    • In the Pig costume segment, several characters are trying to attack it with fire-based attacks. This is in reference to a common technique where players kill Pigs with fire in order for it to drop pre-cooked pork chops.