Mishima Dojo is a downloadable stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and comes packaged with Kazuya's Challenger Pack as a part of Fighters Pass Volume 2.

Stage Description

Much like King of Fighters Stadium, Mishima Dojo is a small flat stage within a box, as both sides and the ceiling are walled off, which characters can bounce and Tech off of. Just like certain stages in Tekken 6 and Tekken 7, the dojo is susceptible to Wall Breaks as they can be destroyed by either attacking them directly or launching an opponent into them; however, it will only be either the upper or lower section of the walls (or the left or right section of the ceiling) so that holes can be left on them, meaning both must be destroyed to truly make the stage open. Breaking the bottom section of a wall will reveal the dojo's ledges. Characters launched through the top section will be automatically pushed back in if the attack did not send them past the blast zone.

Once fully destroyed, it will reveal the mountains outside the Dojo and the blast zones will be exposed. Overtime, the walls will rebuild themselves section by section until the stage returns to its box form (unless they are destroyed during the restoration process). Kazuya's father and series mascot Heihachi Mishima appears in the background in 2-4 player matches; at first, he will simply sit and meditate with his back turned to the camera, but once one of the walls has been broken, he will stand up and turn to observe the fight as well as react to any K.O.s made. After a period of time, he will return back to meditating.

Battlefield and Omega forms

Mishima Dojo is reshaped to match with the game's Battlefield and Final Destination, now making it a floating stage. All the walls and the ceiling are also permanently broken. Heihachi will also be absent.


Mishima Dojo as it appears in Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

The Mishima Dojo is a stage introduced in Tekken 7. It is located in the Mishima Estate and was built by Jinpachi Mishima when he began teaching the Mishima Style Fighting Karate, making it the ancestral dojo of the Mishima clan. It was here when Jinpachi's son Heihachi and Kazumi Hachijo first met, both of whom were Jinpachi's students and quickly began a relationship. They continued to train in the dojo soon after marrying and welcoming their son Kazuya into the world. During a flashback sequence in Tekken 7's story mode, Kazumi attacks her husband in the dojo after succumbing to the effects of the Devil Gene within her; the battle ends with Heihachi reluctantly killing her in self-defense, while a young Kazuya witnessed the whole thing, setting him on his warpath for revenge. In the present day, much of the dojo gets destroyed during the assault on Heihachi by Street Fighter's Akuma, as well as the following ambush of Jack-7 robots that enter in an attempt by Kazuya and the G Corporation to kill them both.

Wall Breaking is a mechanic introduced in Tekken 6 where parts of a stage can break off from certain character-specific moves, serving as a transition into the second area. While Wall Breaking usually just makes the arena wider, certain variations lead the fighters to new areas entirely; these variants are Balcony Breaks and Floor Breaks, where fighters can fall into a stage's lower level either through an overhang or just by collapsing the floor beneath their feet. Ironically, the Mishima Dojo stage in Tekken 7 does not allow Wall Breaking of any kind, as they are solid and instead lead to Wall Splatting. However, Smash's depiction may be instead inspired by the Akuma and Jack-7 story mode cutscenes.



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