Minecraft World is a downloadable stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and comes packaged with Steve's Challenger Pack as a part of Fighters Pass Volume 2.

Stage overview

The stage takes place in the Overworld of Minecraft, primarily being based on the game's 1.14 version. The main fighting area is a small flat platform, its edges extending well beyond the lower blast zone. Much like Battlefield and its variations, it features a day and night cycle; at night, several hostile mobs, such as Zombies, Endermen, Skeletons, and Spiders, will begin to wander around; however, they do not interfere with the match. Once it is daytime, the sun comes out, the mobs burn up and die, thus repeating the cycle.

When selected, one of six biomes will be randomly chosen. Each biome features a wide variety of terrain for Steve to mine on and all feature the same type of materials in the same spots. Each biome also has its own obstacles and landmarks; if they are on the path of the fighting plane, they can be destroyed. Once it is fully gone, it will not respawn back.

The following six biomes are:

  • Plains - The standard biome. The background features several Villagers roaming around as well as their farm animals. A small structure is on the right of the stage while a pile of Hay Blocks is on the left.
  • Birch Forest - A heavily wooded area with sheep and cows free roaming in the background. Two birch trees also appear; breaking their tops will reveal their hidden soft platforms.
  • Savanna - Another forest area now with acacia trees. Much like the birch trees, breaking the top of the lone acacia tree will reveal its soft platform.
  • Taiga - Another forest area now featuring a lone conifer tree on the right and a pile of mossy Stone Blocks on the left. A House can be seen in the background.
  • Snowy Tundra - An area covered in snow with two soft platforms on either side. A large igloo is prominently featured in the center of the stage.
  • Stone Shore - An area surrounded by a body of water and a Stone mountain valley. A singular soft platform can be found on the far right side as well as a pile of Stone and Dirt in the center.
Minecraft World commands.jpg

Much like Boxing Ring's variants, players can choose which biome to fight on with specific button inputs on the Stage Select Screen:

  • L Button + A Button for the Plains
  • L Button + R Button + A Button for the Birch Forest
  • L Button + Left Control Stick facing upwards + A Button for the Savanna
  • L Button + Left Control Stick facing to the right + A Button for the Taiga
  • L Button + Left Control Stick facing downwards + A Button for the Snowy Tundra
  • L Button + Left Control Stick facing to the left + A Button for the Stone Shore

Battlefield and Omega forms

As with all Battlefield and Omega forms in Ultimate, the stage has been reshaped to resemble the game's Battlefield and Final Destination. It retains the stage's day/night cycle but is always on the Plains biome, with the platforms in the Battlefield form taken from the Birch Forest, Savanna, and Snowy Tundra biomes. The ground also lacks the varied terrain as Steve can mine for all materials in a pre-determined rate regardless.

Uniquely, this stage has an alternate Omega form specific to 8-Player Smash; the main platform gains additional Blocks to make it larger as opposed to just simply upscaling it like with the rest of the stages. This was most likely done to match the size of the Blocks with the ones Steve builds.

Hazards off

If hazards are turned off, all breakable obstacles in all biomes are removed. All biomes with hidden platforms will be fully revealed and all materials will still be in their same spots.


When starting a new save file in Minecraft, the world is randomly generated through a seed. Within the Overworld are several different and connecting biomes, all of which have their own weather, mobs, and animals; for example, farm animals such as cows and pigs can be found in the Plains while a Savanna may contain horses, donkeys, and llamas.

Villagers can be found in these biomes each with their own homes and farm animals and can be traded with for goods and loot. At night, they will automatically go back into their homes to sleep; if they don't they will turn into Zombie Villagers or be killed by other hostile mobs.



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