Min Min is a downloadable character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the first fighter in Fighters Pass Volume 2. The announcement of an inclusion of a character from ARMS was made on March 26, 2020 during the Nintendo Direct Mini before her proper reveal on June 22, 2020 during a presentation from Masahiro Sakurai.


A lot of Min Min's moveset is largely unknown, but this is what has been shown in her reveal trailer and Sakurai's demonstration afterwards.

  • Jab: Her Kung Fu combo. If you hold the button, she makes a forward punch with the left arm's ARMS extendable, which is always the Dragon.
  • Tilts:
    • Up: A wheel kick.
    • Side: A straight punch with her left ARMS extendable.
    • Down: A low, sliding kick. Mega Man, Ren Amamiya and Cloud Strife used this as their down tilt.
  • Dash Attack: A flying kick akin to what Fox McCloud does for his Dash Attack.
  • Charged Smash Attacks:
    • Side: A forward punch with the dragon. If she charges the move enough, Min Min gives the attack a new effect:
      • The Ramram causes her to launch the spinning projectile at an arc. This also does burn damage.
      • The Dragon fires a laser.
      • The Megawatt becomes electrified, dealing more damage.
    • Up: A somersault kick that can reflect projectiles. Based off how she can reflect projectiles by kicking them away. The somersault kick itself is similar to Kirby’s and Fox McCloud's Up Smash.
    • Down: A split kick similar to what Fox McCloud does for his Down Smash.
  • Aerial Attacks:
    • Standard/Neutral: Min Min spins her right ARM around her. This moves range, speed, and power depend on which arm she's using, with Ramram being faster, with less range and damage, Dragon being standard, in between the other two, and Megawatt being slow, with better range and damage.
    • Up: A flip kick.
    • Side: Min Min punches in the appropriate direction with her left ARMS extendable.
    • Down: A diving kick similar to Sonic’s Down Air.
  • Grab: Min Min has a tether grab with both ARMS, with slightly less range than her other ARM attacks.
    • Pummel: A knee jab.
    • Throws:
      • Forward: Min Min kicks the opponent away, similarly to Zero Suit Samus.
      • Back: A suplex. Incineroar uses this for his back throw.
      • Up: Min Min kicks the foe upwards.
      • Down: Min Min stomps on the foe, just like Bayonetta does for her Down Throw.
  • Special Moves
  • Final Smash: ARMS Rush -- Min Min punches forward. If this punch connects with a fighter, Min Min triggers a cinematic where she and six other fighters (Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Twintelle, Mechanica, and Master Mummy) attack the target, with Min Min landing the final blow as she jumps up and fires a blast from the Dragon.

Special Animations

  • Stage Entrance: Min Min jumps onto the stage, spinning like a corkscrew.
  • Taunts:
    • Up: Min Min performs two (harmless) roundhouse kicks, starting with her left leg. She says, "Hā!" during the first kick and "Yé!" during the second one.
    • Side: Min Min holds both ARMS extendables in front in a crouching stance, then shifts to a crane-like stance that mimics her artwork in ARMS. During the second taunt, she says, "Lāmiàn!" This means "Ramen!" in Chinese.
    • Down: Min Min waves her ARMS extendables through alternating circles before she assumes a crouching stance with her dominant leg outstretched with her ARMS extendables raised upwards.
  • Idle Poses:
    • Min Min hops on both her feet and briefly holds her left ARMS extendable above her head as she holds the other behind her.
    • Min Min raises her left ARMS extendable and lowers it in front of her as she assumes a fighting stance.
  • Victory Poses: The victory theme comes from the Grand Prix theme from ARMS.
    • 1: Min Min raises her left ARM in the air before holding it out to the side, as she says "Wǒ ài lāmiàn!", which translates to "I love Ramen!" This is based on her first victory pose from ARMS. Her right arm is equipped with the Ramram, and her left arm is powered up.
    • 2: Min Min does a high kick before assuming a defensive stance. This is based on the animation that plays after Min Min wins a round in ARMS. Her right arm is equipped with the Dragon.
    • 3: Min Min spins around doing some kicks and saying, "Xièxie!", which means "Thank you!" in Chinese. Her right arm has the Megawatt. She used this as her second victory pose from ARMS.

Classic Mode: ARMS at the Ready

Min Min faces foes who reference the different fighters from ARMS.

Round Opponent Stage Music Notes
1 Mii Brawler (x2) Spring Stadium (Omega Form) Spring Stadium The Mii Brawlers are dressed in the Spring Man and Ribbon Girl outfits
2 Little Mac Boxing Ring Sparring Ring Represents Springtron
3 Samus and Mega Man Frigate Orpheon DNA Lab Samus represents Dr. Coyle. Mega Man represents Helix
4 Giant Donkey Kong Kongo Jungle Mauseleoum Represents Master Mummy
5 R.O.B. (x5) and Giant R.O.B. Spring Stadium (Battlefield form) Scrapyard Meant to resemble the 1-on-100 Mode from ARMS
6 Min Min Spring Stadium Ramen Bowl If the player is using Min Min's default color, then the opponent will use the second palette swap
7 Bonus Stage
Final Galleom Base ARMS Grand Prix Final Battle Represents Hedlok after fusing to either Max Brass or Dr. Coyle

The song "ARMS Grand Prix Official Theme Song" will play during the credits.

Palette Swaps

Min Min Palette (SSBU)



  • Min Min's code name within the game's files is "tantan", the Japanese pronunciation of Dandan, a type of ramen noodles.
  • Min Min is the first:
    • Representative of a new universe who is not the default character or poster character
      • Min Min's inclusion was by special request from Kosuke Yabuki, the producer of ARMS, who has stated on an episode of Nintendo Minute that Min Min was his favorite character. Masahiro Sakurai stated in the presentation that both Min Min and Ninjara were both in consideration prior to receiving Yabuki's request.
    • DLC fighter to come from a new first-party title
    • Chinese-speaking character to join Smash Bros.
    • Female fighter in the Fighters Pass (discounting female Byleth, who is treated as an alternate costume to the original Byleth Eisner, and Kazooie, who is treated as Banjo's weapon)
    • To have an aerial Smash Attack
    • To have two different up specials on the ground and in the air
    • Fighter in the Fighters Pass to lack a reflectable projectile.
    • To lack a Side Special Move that differs radically from their Standard Special Move.
  • Min Min is the second fighter:
    • In the Fighters Pass to debut on the Nintendo Switch, following Byleth
    • To reuse voice clips from the original game, following Banjo & Kazooie
    • To appear in a non-playable capacity in the base game of Ultimate, following Piranha Plant
      • She is the only fighter to have a collectible Spirit available prior to her inclusion.
    • To represent a new first-party series in Ultimate, following Inkling.
  • Min Min is the third fighter to speak while being Star K.O.'d, exclaiming  "哎呀!" (Oh no!). Fighters that precede her are Pit ("I never learned how to read!") and Byleth ("My battle ends here!").
  • Min Min is the sixth fighter to receive an invitation in their trailer, following Villager, Isabelle, Joker, Terry, and Byleth.
    • She is also the first fighter to actually steal it, as Terry just got lucky.
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