Mimicutie Smash Run
PicofTheDay2 8-19-14

Mimicuties (ミミッ子, Mimikid) are enemies from the Kid Icarus series.

In Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

Mimicuties appear as enemies in Smash Run. They can disguise themselves as treasure chests, but if a player draws too close they will sprout legs. If the player is in the air while a Mimicutie is after them, they will jump and head towards the player's spot quickly and use rapid kick attacks before ending with a powerful kick. In the ground, they spin their legs quickly similar to using a Down Smash ability. Mimicuties can be easily recognized as their treasure chest has a much more lighter palette then the regular one.

Trophy Description

Hey, Look! That treasure chest probably contains stat boosts! Wait, why does it have two legs? Chest, where are you going?! ...Something about this just seems so unfair. Guess the best course of action is to avoid the rapid kicks and defeat it to earn those stat boosts.