Mila, is a major character from the video game Hotel Dusk: Room 215, and a minor character in it's sequel, Last Window: The Secret of Cape West. During her first appearance, she was a mysterious, mute, girl who turns up Hotel Dusk on same night that the protagonist Kyle Hyde stays there, without any luggage, and seemingly no connections.


In Hotel Dusk, Mila is a mysterious girl who arrived at Hotel Dusk for unknown reasons. She would act mute to everyone she encountered, had no luggage with her, and initially appeared to be a lost wanderer. The only thing she had on her was a bracelet with the name "Mila" engraved onto it.

In truth her full name is Mila Evans, and she came to Hotel Dusk in search of her father, after having woken from a coma six months prior. Ultimately, she learns that her father had been murdered prior to her waking from her coma, due to a series of events related to a criminal syndicate called Nile and a conspiracy behind the famous painter, Osterzone. These events tied the pasts and secrets of all the hotel's guests and staff together in a complex web which was unraveled by the ex-detective turned sales-man, Kyle Hyde, during his stay.

In Hotel Dusk's sequel, Last Window, she has moved on from these events to become an art student. She is also now friends with Kyle Hyde, and visits him at his apartment for Christmas.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Mila appears as a sticker, which has the effect of +5 to leg attacks. It can be applied to all characters.

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