This is about the Mii's appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. For specific info on each type of Mii, see Mii Brawler (SSBWU/3DS), Mii Swordfighter (SSBWU/3DS), and Mii Gunner (SSBWU/3DS). For other uses, see Mii.

Mii Fighters are playable characters in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The game player can choose which of their Miis they want to play as (being able to import Miis from their console), and can select from a wide selection of Special Moves. Players will also be able to fully customize the Mii's clothes.

Mii Fighters come in three types: Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, and Mii Gunner. Mii Fighters were revealed on June 10 during Nintendo's E3 Digital Conference.

All of the three types are in the bottom tiers, with the Mii Gunner ranking 53rd, the Brawler ranking 54th, and the Swordfighter ranking 57th. While they each have different attributes, all three are rather light and easy to knock off the stage. The Mii Brawler has powerful attacks but low range, the Mii Gunner has a large range but lacks many finishers, and the Mii Swordfighter can be considered in between, suffering from range and power equally.


Some of the physical characteristics of Miis get carried over when you use them as Mii Fighters. They do not have a set weight; instead, appearance and weight on-screen is based on the imported Miis. The weight and height of the Mii also affect their base stats. Smaller Miis will be lighter and faster, but weaker, while larger Miis will be heavier and more powerful, but slower.

Types of Miis

Mii Brawlers

Mii Brawler.png

Main Article: Mii Brawler (SSBWU/3DS)

Mii Brawlers fight in hand-to-hand combat, and are both fast and powerful.

Mii Swordfighter

Mii Swordfighter.png

Main Article: Mii Swordfighter (SSBWU/3DS)

Mii Swordfighters use their weapons skillfully, and often fight calmer than their counterparts.

Mii Gunners

Mii Gunner.png

Main Article: Mii Gunner (SSBWU/3DS)

Mii Gunners fight from far away using a wide range of projectiles.

In competitive play

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Other features

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In total, there are 55 pieces of Headgear that can be obtained. The best methods to obtain Headgear is through Classic Mode and completing Master and Crazy Orders in Wii U. In 3DS, the best methods to obtain Headgear are through Classic Mode and Smash Run.

  • 1-up Mushroom Hat
  • Barbara the Bat Wig
  • Bear Cap
  • Beehive Wig
  • Captain Falcon Helmet
  • Cat Ears
  • Chef Hat
  • Chicken Hat
  • Chomp Hat
  • Cow Skull Hat
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Daisy's Crown
  • Devil Horns
  • Dog Ears
  • Dragon Helmet
  • Fancy Pirate Hat
  • Floral Hat
  • Football Helmet
  • Frog Hat
  • Hibiscus
  • Hockey Mask
  • Lacy Headband
  • Lion Hat
  • Luigi's Cap
  • Magic Hat
  • Mario's Cap
  • Master Gardener's Crown
  • Meta Knight Mask
  • Mii Force Helmet
  • Mini Top Hat
  • Ninja Headband
  • Panda Hat
  • Peach's Crown
  • Pirate Hat
  • Prince's Crown
  • Princess Zelda Wig
  • Princess's Crown
  • Red Shell Hat
  • Red Ribbon
  • Regal Crown
  • Samurai Helmet
  • Samus's Helmet
  • Santa Hat
  • Sheik Mask
  • Shy Guy Mask
  • Spartan Helmet
  • Spiny Hat
  • Straw Hat
  • Super Mushroom Hat
  • Swimming Cap
  • Top Hat
  • Waluigi's Cap
  • Wario's Cap
  • Wedding Veil
  • Western Hat

Costume Gallery


  • The Mii Fighters are the only playable characters in the Smash Bros. universe whose franchise emblem is the Smash Bros. emblem itself.
    • This is because the Mii Fighters are the only playable characters that originated from Smash itself, because although they're based on the Miis, Mii Fighters have never appeared in other games.
  • Though the Mii Fighters are newcomers, they are the first characters to not have their own official artwork nor special movie on the Smash Bros. Official Site.
    • However, the video showing Iwata and Reggie fighting could count as a special movie for their introduction to the series.
    • There is also a Japanese trailer featuring the pop stars AKB48.
  • Sakurai stated that he was going to add them to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but scrapped the idea because at the time he did not think having Miis as fighters would make sense.
  • The Mii Gunner and Mii Swordfighter take some design inspiration from Samus and Link respectively.
  • Up to 99 Mii Fighters can be saved on one console.
  • They are the only starter characters that are not playable from the start.
    • You need to make a Mii fighter using the Customization option first.
  • Even if a male Mii Gunner is used, during the menu in Smash Run and when fighting the Fighting Mii Army, they still use the generic female gunner portrait.
  • Their designs are based on the Guest Miis found in the console. Mii Brawler takes his design from Guest C, Mii Swordfighter takes from Guest B and Mii Gunner takes from Guest F.
  • The Mii Fighters are the second characters in the Smash Bros. series whose stock icons are not heads, with the first character being Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros..
    • However, they were intended to use their heads as stock icons which was discovered inside the in-game files.
  • The Mii Fighters are the only fighters who cannot play online 'with anyone'. This limitation was removed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


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