For fighter info, see Mewtwo (SSBM), Mewtwo (SSBWU/3DS), and Mewtwo (SSBU).

Mewtwo (ミュウツー Myūtsū?) is a fictional creature from the phenomenally popular and expansive Pokémon media franchise. It was introduced as the "final Pokémon" in the very first set of games in the franchise. It was included in Super Smash Bros. Melee as a playable character, in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U as a downloadable character, and in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an unlockable character.

Character Description

Mewtwo is among the 151 Pokémon initially introduced in the First Generation, along with Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Charizard, Squirtle, and Ivysaur as the final 150th Pokémon catchable in the game, whereas Mew was only obtainable through special means.

Mewtwo is a fairly anthropomorphic Psychic-type Pokémon with a pale purple body and vaguely feline qualities, having been cloned from Mew. Like all Pokémon, Mewtwo's design concepts are illustrated in the Pokémon RPGs via the various Pokédex entries available within the games. However, the scientific power of humans failed to endow it with a compassionate heart. Thus, it has one of the most savage hearts among Pokémon, carrying a disposition vastly different from that of Mew, and thinks only of defeating its foes. Much like Bowser or Ganondorf, villains who appear alongside Mewtwo in Melee, Mewtwo is indirectly an antagonistic character hailing from the Pokémon franchise.

Powers & Abilities

Mewtwo is an extremely powerful Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon. As it is a Legendary Pokémon, there is only one Mewtwo in the entire Pokémon universe and has above average stats compared to an average Pokémon. Mewtwo was a failed attempt of cloning the Legendary Pokémon Mew by Team Rocket. Mewtwo destroyed Team Rocket's laboratory on Cinnabar Island and escaped into seclusion. It currently resides in the depths of Cerulean Cave though it does move around the Pokémon world, living in different places every once in a while such as the Unknown Dungeon in the Kalos region as it prefers to live in caves, far from humans. It is one of the few artificially created Pokémon along with Castform, Porygon, Porygon2, Porygon-Z, Type: Null, and Silvally. Due to this, Mewtwo is a genderless Pokémon and is neither male nor female.

As Mewtwo is a Psychic-type Pokémon, it's attack centre mainly around its Psychic abilities such as Psychic, Future Sight, Dream Eater, and it's signature attack, Psystrike which is a unique attack in that it does physical damage to an opponent even though it's a Psychic-type attack which aren't typically physical based attacks. Mewtwo can also learn Shadow Ball (a Ghost-type attack), Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Energy Ball (a Grass-type attack), Ice Beam and the list goes on (These attacks can only be learned through TMs). This is due to Mewtwo being artificially created, as Team Rocket tried to make it the most powerful Pokémon in the world. Mewtwo also has ESP and has telepathy, allowing it to read the minds of others and allowing it to speak telepathically even though Pokémon can't usually talk. Mewtwo can also perform mind control over its foes (as shown in the first Pokémon movie when it controlled Nurse Joy) and manipulate their mind and feelings. Mewtwo can also Mega Evolve into two different forms: Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y. Mega Mewtwo X gains an additional Fighting-type making it a Psychic and Fighting-type with increased physical stats. Mega Mewtwo Y remains a Psychic-type but is even stronger due to increased special based attack stats, making Mega Mewtwo Y the strongest Pokémon to date.

Even though Mewtwo remains a powerful Pokémon, it does have a few weak points. It is weak to the Ghost-type, Bug-type and Dark-type Pokemon. Dark-types also have another advantage in that they are immune to Psychic-type attacks. Mewtwo is also rather frail in the defensive stats and it can't take hits too well, especially after Mega Evolving, into its Mega Y form. As it is a Legendary Pokémon, Mewtwo can't evolve into or from any other Pokémon besides being able to Mega Evolve.

In Super Smash Bros.

Mewtwo was planned to be a playable character in the original Super Smash Bros., but it is unknown why he was eventually cut.[1]

In Super Smash Bros. Melee

As a playable character

Main article: Mewtwo (SSBM)

Mewtwo made its Smash-series debut as an unlockable character in Melee. It is much more difficult to unlock than most other secret characters in Melee, however; it can be unlocked after either playing 20 straight hours of Vs. Mode matches (5 hours for four players), or playing 700 Vs. mode matches.

An easy way to unlock Mewtwo is to leave a versus match overnight. Upon return, just finish the match, and the Mewtwo challenge will begin. Defeat the challenge to unlock Mewtwo.

Despite being renowned for its power and battle prowess in the Pokémon Series, Mewtwo is often criticized by players because of his gameplay problems and negative build qualities (though since dedicated Mewtwo players have found new ways to use it, the criticism has softened in recent years), and it has a low rank in the current Melee tier list as a result, finding itself in 21st place.

In the Pokémon RPGs, from Pokémon Gold and Silver onward, every Pokémon species has a 1/8192 chance of being alternatively-coloured, and such individuals are called "Shiny Pokémon" by fans. The shiny Mewtwo's coloration is green instead of purplish pink, and this is one of Mewtwo's alternate costumes in the game.


Mewtwo, as a playable character, has three trophies - a main trophy acquired by clearing the Classic mode with Mewtwo on any difficulty, and the two Smash trophies are by clearing the Adventure and All-Star modes, respectively.

A genetically created Pokémon, Mewtwo is the result of many long years of research by a solitary scientist. Although Mewtwo was bio-engineered from a fossil of the legendary Pokémon Mew, its size and character are far different than its ancestor. Its battle abilities have been radically heightened, making it ruthless.
  • Pokémon Red & Blue [09/98]
Mewtwo [Smash]
As Mewtwo relies mostly on its powerful brain, there are times when it scarcely uses its arms and legs. Since Mewtwo spends much of its time floating, it flies far when struck. Shadow Ball traces a jagged path once released: the longer Mewtwo holds it, the more powerful it becomes. Mewtwo uses Confusion to spin its foes around.
Mewtwo [Smash]
Mewtwo is definitely not a speedy character, but its ESP-powered grab and throw moves are comparatively strong. Teleport has a short range, but doesn't leave it open to attack. It's best used as an escape move during disturbances. Mewtwo can daze a foe if it makes eye contact and uses Disable; the move is useless unless Mewtwo is facing its enemy.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

As a Character

Despite not being a clone at all like the other cut characters, Mewtwo did not return in Brawl as a playable character, making it the only cut character that is not a clone. This resulted in a significant amount of fan outcry, despite Mewtwo's lack of popularity as a playable character in Melee, as the majority of players saw it as an unjustified cut. However, by intensive hacking, it was confirmed that Mewtwo was intended to return, but was scrapped due to time constraints.

Trophy Info

Mewtwo trophy render.

Mewtwo appears in Brawl as a collectible trophy. This trophy can be obtained by completing All-Star mode on Intense difficulty. The trophy describes Mewtwo's appearance in the Pokémon games, and makes no reference whatsoever to its appearance in Melee:

A Genetic Pokémon. This legendary Pokémon was based on a recombination of Mew's DNA, created by a scientist after years of research. However, Mewtwo greatly differs from Mew in both size and personality and it is said to have the most twisted and savage heart among all Pokemon. Mewtwo has incredibly high combat abilities and uses Psychic- type attacks.
  • (GB) Pokémon Red/Blue
  • (GBA) Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Main article: Mewtwo (SSBWU/3DS)
Mewtwo SSB4.png

Mewtwo once again did not return as a playable character in the initial version of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. However, when Greninja was being revealed, almost everyone thought that Greninja was Mewtwo. This was most likely due to them both having three fingers. Also, while charging the Water Shuriken, Greninja lacked webbing in between its fingers and its torso looked identical to Mewtwo's. This made everyone think that Sakurai purposely made Greninja seem like Mewtwo to trick his audience. This soon turned into a meme. However, during the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 50-Fact Extravaganza on October 23rd, 2014, Mewtwo was confirmed to return as a playable fighter, becoming the first downloadable fighter in the Smash Bros. series. Consumers who registered both the 3DS and Wii U versions of the game on Club Nintendo before March 31, 2015 could get it for free as of April 15, 2015, while other players were able to purchase it starting from April 28, 2015. Gameplay-wise, its moveset remains mostly unchanged from Melee, aside from the addition of a Final Smash.


Created from modified Mew DNA, Mewtwo was designed to be the ultimate Pokémon. It didn't take on any of Mew's kinder traits and only uses its intelligence to destroy its enemies. it seems. Perhaps it just feels frightened or even tormented, and that's why it lashes out. Whatever the reason, Mewtwo is not to be messed with.
  • (GB) Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue (09/1998)
  • (GBA) Pokémon FireRed and Pokémon LeafGreen (09/2004)
Mewtwo puts its psychic powers to great use in this game. Not only does it have floaty jumps, but its telekinesis gives its attacks extra reach and its throws added power. However, its light body makes it easy to launch, so if you're willing to risk getting in close, it might just be worth it!
  • (GB) Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue (09/1998)
  • (3DS) Pokémon X and Pokémon Y (10/2013)
Mewtwo (Alt.)
Mewtwo's Confusion side special not only repels projectiles—it also reflects the damage back on your opponent. Its down special, Disable, stuns an enemy for longer the higher its damage is. Disable only works on foes that are facing Mewtwo.
  • (GB) Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue (09/1998)
  • (3DS) Pokémon X and Pokémon Y (10/2013)
Mega Mewtwo X & Y
It's almost no surprise that a Pokémon as powerful as Mewtwo wouldn't be limited to a single Mega Evolution. Mega Mewtwo X has strong arms and legs, while Mega Mewtwo Y has a whiplike, slender head. The differences aren't just physical - X brings improved fighting power, while Y can unleash even more psychic power.
  • (3DS) Pokémon X and Pokémon Y (10/2013)

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

As a playable character

Mewtwo - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.png
Main article: Mewtwo (SSBU)


  • Mewtwo, Dr. Mario and Roy are the only characters to skip a Smash Bros. installment, being cut from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and returning in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
  • Mewtwo is the only playable legendary Pokémon in the Super Smash Bros. series.
    • Prior to Generation VII, it is also the only playable Pokémon without evolutionary relatives due to its status as a Legendary, as Generation VII introduced the Cosmog and Type:Null lines, which could evolve.
  • Mewtwo's portryal in Smash, like Charizard in Smash 4 and Lucario, is based on a particular member of this species in the anime, specifically the version from the Original Series.
    • Both share the same VAs in Melee: Masachika Ichimura (though its subsequent VA Keiji Fuijwara tried to emulate said voice), and boast about their power and question their existence. Said lines were turned into grunts during localisation, making it one of 4 characters who are voiced solely in Japanese(the other 3 being Cloud Strife, Sephiroth and The Luminary)
    • Mewtwo's kit contains Shadow Ball, which was used by the original Mewtwo in the movie before being added as an actual move in Generation II.
    • Its Smash 4 title references the movie Mewtwo appeared in: (Pokemon: The First Movie:) Mewtwo Strikes Back.
  • Mewtwo also references the incarnation that appeared in the Black and White Series, sharing the traits of Mega Evolving into Mega Mewtwo Y, ad referencing the latter's debut movie (Genesect and the Legend Awakened) via its Boxing Ring Title (A Legend Reawakens).
    • Mewtwo's use of Psystrike is starkly different from its animation in the Generation VI games, with Generation VII using the Smash animation as a basis.
  • In spite of being considered a lightweight, Mewtwo canonically weighs 269 pounds/122 kg. This is attributed to its telekinetically hovering.
  • The Parasol is the only item Mewtwo holds itself, most other items are held via telekinesis.
  • Mewtwo, by default, has the fastest Air Speed of all Melee newcomers, and is only slower than Jigglypuff and Yoshi, making the second fastest playable Pokemon.
  • As of Ultimate Mewtwo is one of the two playable Pokémon fighters alongside Incineroar to have deceased seiyū (voice actor). Unlike Incineroar’s seiyū however, Mewtwo’s second seiyū was a year after the release of Ultimate.


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