Metal Mario's Stage (also known as Metal Cavern) is the stage on which Metal Mario is fought in SSB's 1P Game. This is the only method of accessing this stage, other than through the use of cheat codes or other devices. Many people consider this stage to also have one of the better soundtracks of SSB.


The stage is made up of two small platforms. The bottom one is slightly raised to the right and lower to the left, with a slight dip in the middle. Above the middle of the bottom platform is a floating platform. The overall look of it is rather metallic. There are large crystals in the back of the stage. There is a metal path in the middle of the larger platform on the stage. The basic design and layout of this stage appears to be modeled after the Green Switch stage in Super Mario 64, which is where the Metal Cap that turned Mario into Metal Mario could first be found.

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