Metal Blade (メタルブレード Metaru Burēdo?) is Mega Man's Standard Special Move. Mega Man throws forward a circular saw.


By tilting the control stick immediately after starting the move, Mega Man will throw Metal Blade in the inputted direction. Mega Man can throw Metal Blade in eight directions by tilting upwards, backwards, and diagonally in any direction. If thrown at the ground, Metal Blade will stick onto the ground, and can be picked up and thrown like an item. Metal Blade travels half the length of Final Destination before disappearing, with a maximum of one blade being allowed onstage.

The Metal Blade deals 3% when thrown normally and 5% when thrown like an item, being a weak projectile in comparison to other projectiles. However, it is a versatile tool due to its ability to be thrown in any direction, as well as its ability to pass through multiple opponents and deal shield damage, making it integral to Mega Man's approach, though it can be caught by opponents.

Mega Man's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Metal Blade
Side Special Crash Bomber
Up Special Rush Coil
Down Special Leaf Shield
Final Smash Mega Legends

Custom Variations

Hyper Bomb

Hyper Bomb is one of Mega Man's Neutral Special Moves that can be used via customization. Mega Man throws a bomb forward that explodes on contact.


  • Arcing trajectory.
  • Good for dealing with airborne opponents.
  • More damage.


  • Less range.
  • Has starting and ending lag.
  • Only explodes when making contact with an opponent or surface

The Hyper Bomb travels in an arc, making it a good option against aerial opponents, and can be thrown in eight different directions, granting Mega Man protection in all directions. However, it can be difficult using Hyper Bomb, as it compensates less range for its arc, and only explodes when connecting with an opponent or surface, making it possible for the projectile to be intercepted by opponents.

Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade is one of Mega Man's Neutral Special Moves that can be used via customization. Mega Man throws a shuriken forward that comes back to Mega Man.


  • Returns to Mega Man upon being thrown.
  • Draws opponents when returning to Mega Man.


  • Less range.
  • Does not stick to the ground.
  • Cannot be picked up.

Shadow Blade functions as a combination of Metal Blade and Link/Toon Link's Boomerang, as it can be thrown in eight different directions, and always returns to the position that it is thrown, which can offer Mega Man some protection when thrown behind him. In addition, Shadow Blade can be used to start combos due to its ability to draw opponents to Mega Man when returning. However, it possesses less range, and disappears upon being thrown at the ground, eliminating its usefulness as an item.


Metal Blade is the Special Weapon that Mega Man obtains after defeating the boss Metal Man, first appearing in Mega Man 2 for the NES. It can be thrown in eight directions multiple times at high speed and consumes little energy, and is the second least energy consuming weapon in the game, behind Quick Boomerang. It is Bubble Man's weakness and one of Flash Man's and Wood Man's weaknesses; ironically, it is also one of Metal Man's weaknesses.