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:''This article is about Meta Knight's appearance in [[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]]. For other uses, see [[Meta Knight]].''
:''This article is about Fred Hallington's appearance in [[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]]. For other uses, see [[Hippopatamus]].''
{{Infobox Character
{{Infobox Character
|name = {{FA-article}}Meta Knight
|name = {{FA-article}}Fred H.
|image = [[File:Meta Knight.jpg|250px|Meta Knight]]
|image = [[File:Ridley.jpg|250px|Meta Knight]]
|caption = [[Image:KirbySymbol.svg|50px]]
|caption = [[Image:MarioSymbol.svg|50px]]
|universe = ''[[Kirby (universe)|Kirby]]''
|universe = ''[[Kirby (universe)|Kirby]]''
|games = ''[[Super Smash Bros. Brawl|SSBB]]''
|games = ''[[Super Smash Bros. Brawl|SSBB]]''
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|ranking = 1
|ranking = 1
First unveiled to be in the game at [[E3]] 2006, '''Meta Knight''' ({{ja|メタナイト}}, ''Meta Naito'') is a character in ''[[Super Smash Bros. Brawl]]''. Originally a rival character from the [[Kirby (universe)|Kirby universe]], Meta Knight joins the brawl as a starter character who wields his short sword [[Galaxia]] as he fights.
First unveiled to be in the game at [[E3]] 200whogivesashit, '''Fred H.''' ({{ja|メタナイト}}, ''Wal-Mart'') is a character in ''[[Spyro 3]]''. Originally a rival character from the [[John Sittard (universe)|Kirby universe]], Meta Knight joins the brawl as a starter character who wields his blunderbuss as he fights.
He currently ranks first on the ''Super Smash Bros. Brawl'' [[tier list]] due to his extremely fast attack speed, his transcending priority found in a lot of his attacks (also found in lasers and needles), unpredictable recovery thanks to four recovery moves and [[Kirby]]'s jumping prowess, ability to avoid being KO'd with his extremely fast up air momentum cancel, amazing edgeguarding ability, approach options, some fast and reliable killing moves, and amazing tournament results and match-ups. No match-up is thought to be a disadvantage for Meta Knight, although some matchups are approximately even.
He currently ranks first on the ''Mighty Max'' [[tier list]] due to his extremely fast attack speed, his transcending priority found in a lot of his attacks (also found in other attacks with transcending priority), unpredictable recovery thanks to four recovery moves and [[Gabe Newell's]]'s jumping prowess.
As of January 9, 1874 Fred H. is banned from tournament play by me.
As of January 9, 2012 Meta Knight is banned from tournament play involving the Unity Ruleset.
All buttons: Puts his rifle away and covers his enemy in shit, burying them.
Meta Knight is a small character, being roughly the same size and shape as [[Kirby]] (although Meta Knight has a cape that transforms into a pair of bat-like wings) and with the same weight as [[Pikachu (SSBB)|Pikachu]]. With proper [[Directional Influence]] and partial [[Momentum Canceling]], he can be hard to KO, despite his light weight. Meta Knight's small size and low weight mean that he is difficult to chaingrab, but a few characters can chaingrab or grab release combo him because of his poor, short air release (the third worst behind Wario and Squirtle when including small characters). Because of his poor air release, it is possible for him to be meteor smashed by Marth's tipper or Falco's Phantasm, which is never used off stage. Meta Knight's dash speed and rolls are quite fast (he has the fastest shield roll in the game), but his lateral aerial movement outside of a glide or any special move is very poor (in the bottom 5).
His wings provide Meta Knight with five mid-air jumps and the ability to [[glide]] [[File:Meta_Knight_(Brawl).jpg|thumb|Meta Knight on Final Destination]]twice (by pressing and holding the jump button and then using his Up special or with the Wii remote, by repeatedly taping left and right). His moveset is mostly comprised of fast, long-ranged moves with his sword Galaxia, which deal relatively low damage and knockback. He lacks early kill moves heavily depending on WoP for early kills (which can be hard to pull off due to his poor air-speed). The low power is compensated for by the fast speed and minimal lag of most of the attacks, allowing Meta Knight to easily set up combos and rack up damage, not to mention that only his dash attack does not have transcending [[priority]]. In particular, his [[Mach Tornado]] (neutral special) can quickly put up to 26% damage on the opponent. Another example can be seen in his Up Aerial, which when combined with his multiple jumps can combo into itself to 30% or more damage and/or other moves because of its speed.
Many of Meta Knight's multi-hit attacks (such as Forward and Back Aerials, Forward Tilt, Up Smash, and Mach Tornado) are useful in racking up damage, but can all be escaped with [[Smash DI]]. Meta Knight's knockback comes from his down and forward smashes, glide attack, neutral aerial and his up special. These five moves are his only viable finishers, and none of them are [[meteor smash|meteor smashes]] (though he can gimp recoveries to remedy this and is considered by some to be the best edge-guarder). The up special and down smash are both especially notable for their quickness. Additionally, the up special puts Meta Knight into a [[glide]], allowing him to use his extremely powerful glide attack. Meta Knight is one of only two characters, the other being Sonic, whose all special moves can be used for recovery (allowing him an unpredictable recovery and therefore making him nearly impossible to edgeguard) and put him into a [[helpless]] state. A common beginner's mistake for using Meta Knight's specials are to use any of his specials and accidentally go off stage, leaving to fall to his death (though this is not very common at higher levels of play).
Meta Knight does lack a projectile, but Mach Tornado has high enough priority to break most opponents' projectiles, or he can just glide over them. Other abilities of Meta Knight include his ability to use his [[Dimensional Cape]] for mind games; Wing Dashing (an ability shared but more effectively used by [[Pit]]) which involves canceling the attack and the landing lag while sliding forward, leaving him completely able to use another attack or defend; and having two excellent approach attacks: Mach Tornado and Drill Rush, giving him a very unpredictable approach game. Additionally, these two approach attacks are not affected by [[Stale-Move Negation]] due to being natural combos. Meta Knight's [[Final Smash]], [[Galaxia Darkness]], is easy to land has a powerful knock back and will hit your partner if your playing team and it go's through shields dealing 40% damage and 14% for players that did not get hit by his cape.
===Ground Attacks===
*Neutral Attack - Meta Knight yells and executes a lightning-fast flurry of slashes that also attack enemies behind him. Does 10% damage when just tapping the attack button. Can be rapidly tapped or held to extend the duration.
*Dash Attack - Does a running kick. His only attack (other than all of his throws, excluding the back throw) that does not use his sword. When MK attacks with his foot, it does 6%. When the body hits it does 8%.
*Side tilt - Slashes twice in front of him, then once upwards. Only pressing the attack button once will cause Meta Knight to perform only the first hit; press it twice more to slash the second and third times. 1st slash does 4%, next does 3% and the last does 5%, altogether 12%.
*Up tilt - Stabs upward. 10%. Decent knockback, and in some cases at higher percents, makes up for his up smash's weak vertical knockback. A possible nod to his upward stab attack in most of his boss fights.
*Down tilt - Thrusts his sword across the ground. Good for tripping, deceptive range, very fast, and it can be used to Pseudo Crawl. 4-6%
* Side Smash - Pulls his sword back for a second, then slashes in front of him. Has below average knockback, but is his strongest move in terms of knockback. This is Meta Knight's only slow attack, although that's only the start-up which is 24 frames, it has a very fast charge release and has very little ending lag, less cooldown than his Down Smash. 15-21%.
* Up Smash - Slashes above him three times. Like [[Link (SSBB)|Link's]] Up Smash, but much faster. 4% each slash, in total 12%. [9% damage uncharged]. Low knockback.
* Down Smash - A front to back sword strike where he slashes in front of him, then behind. Arguably his best kill move due to its extremely fast speed. One of the non-dragging down smashes where the second hit attack has higher knockback than first hit. Front slash does 12-15%, and back slash does 15-18%.
* Ledge attack - Slashes with blade. 8% damage.
* 100% ledge attack - Gets up slowly, then slashes with blade. 10% damage.
* Floor attack - Slashes on either side of himself. 6%, both slashes.
===Grabs & Throws===
* Pummel - Jabs opponents with his wings' claws. A slow pummel. 3% damage.
* Forward Throw - Kicks the opponent in front of him. A very fast throw. 8-10% damage.
* Back Throw - Teleports and slashes the opponent behind him. 10% damage and good knockback.
* Up Throw - Similar to Kirby's: jumps into the air holding his foe, and then crashes down. The differences are that this throw doesn't create an explosion, and it has less launch power. Can KO at very high percents. 12% damage.
* Down Throw - Stomps on the opponent multiple times, then ends by slamming down on them. It is much like Kirby's Down Throw, but it is a little slower and and has a horizontal trajectory. Does 12% damage.
Both his Side and Down Taunts provoke battle. This is because he would always challenge Kirby to an honorable fight.
* Up Taunt - Wraps himself in his cape, as if teleporting via his Down Special, while grunting.
*Down Taunt - Spreads his wings while shouting "come".
*Side Taunt - Says "Fight me!", while pointing left hand in front(at opponent), slashing twice, and finally pointing his sword in front of him.
===Special Moves===
{{Meta Knight Special Moves}}
==In competitive play==
==Role in the [[Subspace Emissary]]==
It is revealed that before the events of the Subspace Emissary, Meta Knight was attacked by the Subspace Army, who had the intent of taking the [[Halberd]]. He was able to hold them off until [[King Dedede]] attacked him, causing him to lose his ship.
[[File:Subspace_metaknight.PNG|frame|Meta Knight in the ''[[SSE]]'']]
When Meta Knight is first featured in the [[Subspace Emissary]], he attacks a lone [[Marth (SSBB)|Marth]] outside of a large castle. He quickly learns that Marth is not his enemy when they are both almost piled on and surrounded by [[Primid]]s. After a successful battle, both warriors chase the [[Ancient Minister]], who is carrying a [[Subspace]] bomb. Both are unsuccessful in their attempts in destroying the bomb (Meta Knight's left wing was shot by the Ancient Minister's laser, forcing him to land and change to his cape to extinguish the flame); luckily, [[Ike (SSBB)|Ike]] appears and uses his [[Aether]] to catch the Minister off guard and destroy the bomb. With the bomb destroyed, all three head back to the castle to clear out any remaining Primids.
Later, they are all seen traveling the wastelands together and battling [[Galleom]]. Meta Knight then saves [[Lucas (SSBB)|Lucas]] and an unconscious [[Pokémon Trainer (SSBB)|Pokémon Trainer]] from a giant free-fall after they defeat the same boss. Meta Knight then begins to ascend a large cliff face, followed by the [[Ice Climbers (SSBB)|Ice Climbers]] (who see his ascent as a racing challenge), in order to reach the [[Battleship Halberd]]. At the summit, [[Lucario (SSBB)|Lucario]] challenges Meta Knight to a sparring duel. To the relief of the Ice Climbers, the winner revives the loser, having no hostile feelings. The Halberd then crashes into the side of the mountain in an attempt to destroy the defeated [[Great Fox]], which is being held by the arm of the [[Combo Cannon|Combo Cannon]]. Meta Knight and Lucario quickly board the Halberd, while the Ice climbers fall off the summit, into the canyon.
The pair run into [[Snake (SSBB)|Solid Snake]] while on board and join forces with him to take back the Halberd. After rescuing [[Peach (SSBB)|Peach]] and [[Zelda (SSBB)|Zelda]], the trio continues on to the control deck. There they discover that the ship is being piloted by a gang of [[Shadow Bug]] [[Mr. Game & Watch (SSBB)|Mr. Game & Watches]]. Snake runs towards them and throws them all out of the window and onto the bridge, who fuse together to form a gigantic metallic monster called [[Duon]]. Once Duon is defeated, Mr. Game & Watch joins the group, along with Peach, [[Sheik (SSBB)|Sheik]], [[Fox (SSBB)|Fox]], and [[Falco (SSBB)|Falco]]. (Meta Knight remains in the Halberd's control center and does not take part in the battle.)
Meta Knight takes back control of the Halberd and reunites with the members from other groups. The aircraft of the other heroes is placed inside the Halberd, which heads towards the [[Subspace Gunship]] with all of the Super Smash Bros heroes on board (except for [[Wolf (SSBB)|Wolf]], [[Toon Link (SSBB)|Toon Link]], [[Jigglypuff (SSBB)|Jigglypuff]], [[Sonic (SSBB)|Sonic]], [[Ness (SSBB)|Ness]], [[King Dedede (SSBB)|King Dedede]] and [[Luigi (SSBB)|Luigi]]). After using the Subspace Battleship's main cannon to create another Subspace portal, [[Ganondorf (SSBB)|Ganondorf]] spots the Halberd on the horizon and orders the battleship to open fire. The Halberd is struck down, but the heroes are able to escape on board [[Samus (SSBB)|Samus]]'s Gunship, [[Captain Falcon (SSBB)|Captain Falcon]]'s [[Falcon Flyer]], [[Olimar (SSBB)|Olimar]]'s Hocotate ship, and Falco's [[Arwing]]. Kirby destroys the Subspace Battleship by slicing through it it with the [[Dragoon]] racing machine and the heroes enter Subspace to pursue Ganondorf and [[Bowser (SSBB)|Bowser]].
Meta Knight is turned into a trophy by [[Tabuu]] along with the rest of the Super Smash Bros heroes upon their entrance into Subspace. He is later revived by Kirby. He rejoins the others in the fight against Tabuu.
===Exclusive Stickers===
The following stickers can be used only by Meta Knight or by a select few including him:
*Bonkers: [Weapon] Attack +16
*Cell Phone: [Slash] Resistance +4
*Dyna Blade: Launch Resistance +46
*Gordo: [Throwing] Attack +5
*Hot Head: [Flame] Attack +10
*King Dedede & Kirby: [Specials: Direct] Attack +21
*King Dedede (Kirby Super Star): [Leg] Attack +28
*Kirby (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards): [Body, Spin] Attack +22
*Kirby (Kirby Air Ride): [Arm, Leg] Attack +17
*Maxim Tomato: Maxim Tomato Effect +50
*Meta Knight: [Slash] Attack +32
*Meta Knight Ball: Launch Power +8
*Nruff: [Body, Spin] Attack +5
*Starman (Kirby: Squeak Squad): Launch Power +33
*Whispy Woods: [Weapon] Attack +4
==[[Palette swap (SSBB)#Meta Knight|Costume Gallery]]==
[[File:Alt-metaknight.jpg|frame|center|Meta Knight's various costume changes]]
* Meta Knight is the only character in the entire ''Super Smash Bros.'' series to be banned from tournaments.
*Meta Knight is one of the few characters to lack a [[Meteor Smash]] other than [[Footstool Jump]]s.
*Meta Knight is the only character that is able to glide twice.
*Meta Knight, [[Snake (SSBB)|Snake]], [[Ganondorf (SSBB)|Ganondorf]], and [[Luigi (SSBM)|Luigi]] are the only characters to have ever been placed in their own tier on the [[tier list]].
*All of Meta Knight's special moves will put him in his [[Helpless]] state if performed in the air, however they are all considered useful recovery moves.
*Meta Knight is one of only three characters in ''Brawl'' able to perform three aerials in one short hop, the others being [[Lucario (SSBB)|Lucario]] and [[Luigi (SSBB)|Luigi]].
*Out of all the ''Kirby'' characters, Meta Knight is the only one to speak in complete sentences.
*Meta Knight's eyes never close, but they do change in size.
*Meta Knight is the only character in ''Super Smash Bros.'' history to have been alone in a tier more than once.
*Despite Meta Knight being part of the ''Kirby'' universe, when he wins a match, the victory theme that plays is different from Kirby's and King Dedede's.
*One of Meta Knight's Palette Swaps makes him resemble Kirby, being the same shade of pink and having red shoes.
==External links==
*[ Meta Knight's page at Smash Bros Dojo!!]
*[ Special Move Set]
*[ Meta Knight Character Guide at SWF]
*[ Video of Meta Knight's hit boxes]
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This article is about Fred Hallington's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. For other uses, see Hippopatamus.

First unveiled to be in the game at E3 200whogivesashit, Fred H. (メタナイト, Wal-Mart) is a character in Spyro 3. Originally a rival character from the Kirby universe, Meta Knight joins the brawl as a starter character who wields his blunderbuss as he fights.

He currently ranks first on the Mighty Max tier list due to his extremely fast attack speed, his transcending priority found in a lot of his attacks (also found in other attacks with transcending priority), unpredictable recovery thanks to four recovery moves and Gabe Newell's's jumping prowess. As of January 9, 1874 Fred H. is banned from tournament play by me.


All buttons: Puts his rifle away and covers his enemy in shit, burying them.

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