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  • Hello SpencerDean.

    Taking into account your message on the Terraria wiki combined with the fact that your first couple of edits here appeared constructive, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt on this issue. However, considering the last sentence of the thread you made here on Markyy123's wall combined with a report from a trusted user on the Terraria wiki that you were spamming profanity in the chat over there (which happened a mere 20 minutes after your message to me, which leads me to believe that that was you), I will not be fully lifting your block – instead, I will just be reducing its length. While the incidents which led to you being blocked over here in the first place could have been the work of someone other than you (and I prefer to assume good faith), swearing at someone you are going to for help in that way and then disrupting chat on an unrelated wiki are not the proper way to get the situation resolved.

    (Regarding the issue of warning a user before blocking them: that is the generally accepted way of handling a situation if if a user has been violating policies. For instance, in the case of an edit war between two users here where neither version of the page is clearly correct, then best practice would be to warn the users for violating SP:1RV before blocks are handed out. In the case of ongoing vandalism, however (in this case, the last bad-faith edit made by this account was less than a minute before the block was enforced), the situation can be considered "urgent" enough for a block to be given immediately. Generally, a line of communication is left open for blocked users, but there's a known bug with Wikia's message wall system where a blocked user can't post on their own message wall even when the "cannot edit own talk page" parameter is not set. So, sorry about that.)

    If you want to continue this conversation, please take it to my message wall on Community Central. (Also, could you link me to the thread you said you made entitled "Issue With Admin Block"? It looks like you have no contributions on Central, and such a thread doesn't show up in your edits on the Terraria wiki...)

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