aka Spencer

  • I was born on August 10
  • I am Male
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  • how in gods world do you win by rosalina and luma her moves are incredibly weak and don't do much knock back

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    • sure have one for rosalina to like I asked

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    • Alright. This certainly isn't the best match, but it should at least give you an idea of why Rosalina is so good:


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  • Hello, Spencer. Due to your massive jump to rank 19th on this wiki, I wanted to interview you next for my user interview series. If you can answer these questions, that would be great. If not, that's alright. Here are the questions (if you choose to answer them).

    1. What experience have you had with the Smash series?

    2. How long have you been on the wiki?

    3. Who is/are your main(s) in the series. If you've played it, in Project M?

    4. What are some things you like most about this wiki?

    5. What else do you like to do or interests you?

    6. Any last thoughts?

    Thanks in advance :) .

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    • Hello,smasher51. Thank you for noticing im glad to have some impact on ths wiki and yes i will try to give you the best answer i can. ^_^

      1. I never played the first two games of the series because i was very young when Melee came out but ever since then i have played Brawl,3DS WiiU.

      2. Not that long actually less than a month.

      3. I have not played Project M but my mains in the last couple of games are Brawl:Ice climbers,3DS/WiiU:Rosalina and Luma and the first two games would probably be 64:Yoshi and Melee:Ice climbers.

      4. I like the awards you can get by doing simple improvements i think this keeps people interested in helping the wiki develop.

      5. I like Nintendo games anyway Mario,Zelda,Ice Climber,Pokemon ect.

      6. Not really.

      I hope I helped. ^_^

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    • You did. Thanks.

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