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  • You believe almost every character would have full dialogue, even the Mario characters?

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    • Characters who speaks with full human language sentences who didn’t received secondary VA between EN & JP in previous games at most part, like Marth, who is confirmed to be the 1st to receive 1, & both Mewtwo & Lucario are one of them, despite being Pokémon.

      I hope so, alongside the possibility on affecting regular gameplay too on my curiosity after this revelation, but we’ll see at launch. Example, like Zelda cast.

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    • I also hope that characters can talk in the full sentences, well, except the silent characters, of course, like Mario, Link, and Samus (Zero Suit Samus can talk, maybe, but not Power Suit Samus).

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    • Yep, silent characters who don’t have everything else like grunts & sentences won’t receive one.

      Here’s the JP ver. for EN speakers who already watched the EN ones:

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