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  • I'm here to tell you that me reverting your edits is not "harassment". I'm not reverting your edits to harass you, I'm reverting them because it's speculation, which is a violation of one of our policies. Accusing someone of harassment is something to be taken very seriously, and you should read this to learn what harassment actually is. Me reverting your edits is not harassment in any way.

    I'll also address some of the other stuff you said:

    "The move is EXPLICITEDLY named"
    All right, I was unaware of that. However, I feel that the special moves do not need their own articles right now, as there's not enough information, and should be created later.

    "The videos, pictures, and leaked information."
    How do the videos and pictures confirm the controller inputs for attacks? And how is a leak an official source?

    "What happened to a policy of good faith on here, huh? Cuz I don't see any of that from you."
    Make sure you've read and thoroughly understood the policy you're accusing someone of violating. I did not revert your edits because I'm assuming bad faith; I reverted them because they're speculation, which is a violation of our policies. Make sure you thoroughly understand the wiki's policies before accusing anyone of violating one. In fact, I'd say you're the one assuming bad faith here, as you're accusing me of harassment just because I reverted your edits.

    "I think this can be relevant to people."
    Rush has barely any relevancy to the Smash series as it appears only as Rush Coil, and a full article would be more appropriate on a Mega Man wiki. This wiki is about the Smash series, not Mega Man, and not every small thing that appears needs its own article. Rush could easily be explained on the Rush Coil page.

    "Show me an official source that says I'm wrong. I dare you."
    Show me an official source that says you're right first. A theory is not right until proven wrong, it's wrong until proven right, or if it fails to be proven wrong. Show me an official source that says that those are the controller inputs before adding them on here. That's how it works.

    "My contributions to the site keep getting reversed by someone named TheSMASHFan, and its very frustrating. I add some pages occasionally, update information, and become active when I am able to."
    Just because you contribute here does not automatically mean that every one of your edits is right or helpful, and the ones I reverted were not right or helpful. Being a contributer here does not mean that we are not allowed to revert any of your edits. It's possible that you could make mistakes and we can remove those mistakes.

    "Unfortunately, he disregards everything I do as "speculation" and that offends me."
    I'm not disregarding everything you do here, I'm only reverting bad edits that you made. If I'm truly disregarding everything you do here, that could mean that all of your edits here are bad edits. Speculation is once again a violation of our policies. If you get offended if your edits are reverted, editing a wiki is not something you should be doing.

    "I put a lot of effort into my contributions to be sure I'm not giving incorrect information on a game series that I enjoy very much, on a Wiki that I have used for a long time."
    Simply saying that you put in effort does not automatically mean your contributions are better. It depends on whether you put in right effort or not. I'm not reverting your edits because they're incorrect information, but because they're speculation.

    Anyways, I'm not harassing you and don't get the impression that reverting edits or enforcing policies is considered "harassment".

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    • TheSMASHFan wrote: "It's about the way he handles the people who are a part of thus community."
      "The issue is about his character."
      It appears to me that you're getting mad at my character because I'm disagreeing with you and I'm "refusing" to let you add the stuff in, but you haven't been able to show why your reasoning is correct. I'll say it again, what you guys have been accusing me of having "bad character" for, such as arguing against your viewpoints and enforcing rules that will help keep order, is not being rude in any way, and is a natural part of this wiki.

      "SMASH frustrates more than just a few people and nothing is going to be done about it."
      The people who have been frustrated me have failed to give any legitimate reasons why I frustrate them, other than "I'm mad because I lost".

      "Look back on all of his response to our complaints. Did he ever once say "Hey man, I'm sorry I made you feel like you wasted your time." Because he's not that guy. He's not the guy who acknowledges that he could possibly even be wrong unless solid proof is presented to him. And people like that in any form of power spells disaster and frustration. So it's not even worth it."
      Saying that you're sorry for wasting someone's time by arguing with them is completely optional and not required, and you can't expect everyone to be polite and courteous to you wherever you go. If someone isn't acknowledging someone else's hard work, it's not something that counts as a problematic attitude, nor does someone not saying "Please" and "Thank you" and "I'm sorry" count as being rude. When people speak to each other, it's generally implied that they're respecting each other, and the overpoliteness is unnecessary. You should never get mad at someone just because they don't say "I'm sorry" to you.

      You guys, however, have made me aware of my aggressive position when I debate things, and I will try not to let the aggressive tone work into me in the future.

      All of this is exactly the problem.

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    • You neither answered anything I wrote nor pointed out exactly what the problems are.

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    • A FANDOM user
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