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  • My occupation is 神秘的な未知のドラゴン
  • I am 女性
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  • Icier

    Just to let you know, you undid someone trying to revert vandalism and then blocked that account. Aaaaaaaaa205 created the page and added all the text to it, 565b5 removed all the text and flagged it for deletion.

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    • That was a user evading a global block. We're talking about in the hundreds of accounts, but if that edit by them was acceptable, then I apologize for reverting it! You are always welcome to undo edits by vstf/staff if they are indeed wrong.

      Thanks for letting me know and if something else needs fixed, I'll do my best to try and help!

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    • Alright, thanks. Didn't know it was a separate issue.

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    • It's all good. Sorry about revering the edit however! Accidents happen to all of us XD

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    • My parents tell me the same thing! Of course they were laughing as they said it hahaha

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    • A FANDOM user
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