• I live in my home
  • Bio I'm a writer, a weeb, a pixel artist, and... kinda dumb to be honest.

    No one will ever read this

    You can call me Spidey or Hostess, or whatever. Just don't call me late for supper

    I'm most active on the Marvel wiki, though I go on other wikis sometimes

    Current Mains:

    (Ssb4) (retired)
    Dark Pit

    Guys I'm not cringe I promise (maybe)

    "Gooey Cheese!"
    -Spider-Man, 1970 something

    SPONSORED BY KFC (eat it or your family will not be safe)

    One time a Furry called me part of her kin. I have no clue what that means

    I am a person definitely

    Stardew Valley is the best game ever
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  • I know you know AceFedora as admin can you get intouch with him again due to well i want to thank you for the help onto Tcabrera sock's mess and so on in discussions and well i happen to know Coolpep23 who has adventured to pokemon on within the past two months and has messaged on a post on there.

    So i know Botherrr is a friend of his and is conspiring against me to not only ruin the chances on Coolpep23 but also myself who wants to become a admin as well as a discussion moderator representatively however he doesn't want us to become one so i have decided to return here knowing it has been along while sense i first editored i thouught i'd pop by to say thank you!!

    And am hoping we can keep intouch due to some users like myself is wanting to help out here as administrator as a role reason you have cought my eye in interest due to what has been happening recently and well if it does continue i will inform you or a admin whos active alright?

    But so you know as such mind getting intouch with him to look this over it be great if you can via help me out here please? thank you!

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    • I'll definitely talk to Ace, although I don't know how much more of a friend to him I am than you. When I saw the spam, I contacted the admin who was most recently active, as is the procedure for this sort of thing. But yes, I'll get in contact with him and tell him to look this over.

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    • Thank you i also replied onto my message wall, So whenever he can look be great!

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