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  • Hello Airstrikerable,

    I've deleted the thread you created on TheUltraman's wall. Feel free to create another similar thread, but without the unnecessarily inflammatory title and excessive usage of caps/exclamation points/question marks. Even though I do not agree that you should have been blocked for a month for what you did (assuming that this is about your block from several months ago, I'm not so sure you should have been blocked at all), demanding an explanation in the way that you did is not particularly helpful, and could have even led to another block due to this wiki's policy against personal attacks.

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    • Hmm, missed responding to this one earlier for some reason. Sorry 'bout the delay.

      (Note that I'm not speaking generally here: I agree with your points in principle, but I just don't think that they apply in this specific case.)

      I already explained why I did not think that that thread was intended as a legitimate question (and thus why I took it as pure disruption, why I deleted it, etc.). However, I do agree that it was a mistake on my part to not at least link Airstrikerable to the thread which he created back when the incident was still fresh to show him that his question had already been answered. I apologize for not doing this.

      I understand that there are some times where expressing dislike for another user is reasonable (eg. if Airstrikerable had announced that he was leaving this wiki and cited hating Ultraman as a reason, then that wouldn't really be a problem). I also understand that "I hate you" is not really a direct insult. However, I don't believe that direct insults are all that SP:NPA was meant to prohibit. In particular, the statement under "What is considered a personal attack?" which reads, "Editors should be civil when stating disagreements. Comments should not be personalized and should be directed at content and actions rather than people." indicates to me that personalizing most issues in that way and to that extent is, if not strictly (ie. to the extent that it is worth a block) forbidden, at least highly discouraged. In the hypothetical situation I described above, not liking Ultraman would be a reason for a choice; in reality, Airstrikerable brought up an administrative decision in the thread in question, but titled it in such a way that it was directed at Ultraman himself rather than Ultraman's decision. As such, I interpreted it as a violation of the policy and warned Airstrikerable accordingly.

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    • Thinking about it now, I would agree that in this situation, what Airstrikerable said could count as a personal attack and disruption. However, the phrase was directed at the action Ultraman did (blocking him). I would agree that the discussion could have been resolved better, and in the future, we should not call out people for personal attacks by saying things like "I hate you".

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