"Mega Man 2 Medley" is a music track that features a mashup of stage tracks from the game Mega Man 2 into one arrangement. This track was composed for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U for the new stage, Wily Castle. This track reappears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate along with the Wily Castle stage.

Tracks used

The intro starts off with the level start screen that plays when selecting a boss.

A remix of the "Title Screen" theme then plays afterwards.

Then, "Wily Castle Stage 1" plays and loops back to the title screen music.

Track name Original track Smash Bros. remix
Game Start
04 - Mega Man 2 - NES - Game Start
Title Screen
02 - Title Screen
Dr. Wily Stage 1
17 - Mega Man 2 - NES - Dr. Wily Stage 1


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