The Master Hand Laser glitch is a glitch for Super Smash Bros. Melee. It can occur only when the Master Hand is being controlled, either through hacking with a GameShark, Action Replay, or the Name Entry glitch

Execution of the Glitch

The glitch must be executed when a character is using the Master Hand. Item switch must allow either Super Mushrooms or Poison Mushrooms to appear.

First, a Super or Poison Mushroom must touch Master Hand. He will grow or shrink, respectively. Next, he must use B^ (Laser) while he returns to normal size. The laser beams will remain on his fingertips, even once the attack is over. They can still do damage, but there will be no sound effects. This glitch will not impede Master Hand's ability to use other attacks

An alternate way to execute it is in Training mode. He must use B^ (Laser). Go to the training mode, and reset. The laser beams will be infinite.


  • Strangely, you can use B^ while the glitch is executed. It is unknown what happens when the glitch is executed a second time.
  • The game may freeze somewhat if the glitch is performed.
  • If the glitch is repeated then the lasers will cause more damage.

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