"Mappy Medley" is a music track in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate that features a mashup of tracks and jingles from the game Mappy into one arrangement. This track plays on Pac-Land as with all other Pac-Man music tracks.

Tracks used

The tracks in "Mappy Medley" are based on the arcade version of the game instead of the Japanese Famicom version as the latter does not contain all the tracks the arcade version has.

The track starts off with the "Credits Sound", the jingle that plays when one credit has been added into the machine. The "Opening Animation Music" then plays which is immediately followed by the jingles of when Mappy enters the building and the trampoline sound effect. The main theme of Mappy then plays. This part references the opening of Mappy whereupon inserting a credit and starting the game, all songs featured in the remix are played in the exact same order.

Once the full "Main Theme" remix has ended, the "Round Clear" jingle plays, which is then followed by the "Bonus Round Fanfare" and the "Bonus Round" music. A rock version of the "Results Music" then follows. Like in Mappy, all these tracks are played in the same order, albeit faster.

The "Extended Music" then plays, looping the track back to the main theme.

Track name[1] Original track Smash Bros. remix
Credit Sound
Opening Animation Music
Main Theme
Round Clear
Bonus Round Fanfare
Bonus Round
Result Music
Extended Music