Magicant (マジカント Majikanto?) is a stage first introduced in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and returned in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It hails from the EarthBound universe and is where Ness is fought when being unlocked in Smash 3DS. This stage is unlocked along with him.

Stage description

There are several platforms located around the stage, with a relatively larger one in the middle and two elevated platforms above it. Under the main platform is a tree which can also be stood on. There is also a small platform under the main platform. Occasionally, Dungeon Man, Mobile Sprouts, the Sky Runner, tomatoes, and octopus statues will appear, with the former two acting as moving platforms, and the latter two being breakable platforms.

Flying Men can sometimes appear on the right side of the stage, in front of the house situated on the platform. If a character walks by one, the Flying Man will fight for the player, akin to an Assist Trophy. The Flying Man can be defeated by other characters by knocking him off the stage or inflicting enough damage (if the latter happens, the Flying Man lies on the ground, flashes and disappears), and following this, a small tombstone spawns in the background, in front of the house; after some time, another Flying Man will spawn in the same location, repeating the process. After five Flying Men have been defeated, they will not spawn for the rest of the match.

Occasionally in the background of this stage, a "rip" in sky opens and shows points in Ninten's and Ness's adventures in their respective games. These events include:

  • Ninten outside his house with his dog, Mick.
  • Ninten on the roof of Twinkle Elementary School meeting Lloyd.
  • Ness and Paula traveling in Threed with citizens and enemy zombies in the area.
  • Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo at the Lumine Hall sanctuary with the scrolling text on the wall reading, "I'm Ness...". The text, however, has a different font than in EarthBound.
  • Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo walking near the Phase Distorter 2 in Saturn Valley before their departure to fight Giygas.


Magicant in Mother.

Magicant in Earthbound

Magicant (also referred as Your World) is a location in EarthBound (known as Mother 2 in Japan). It is entered after gaining all the parts of Eight Melodies, and is entered by Ness alone. There, all memories breathe life, as Ness encounters family members, his past selves, defeated enemies (Everdred for example), and even snowmen long melted. The only way to exit from Magicant is by entering the Sea of Eden, Ness's subconscious, and defeating Ness's Nightmare, the essence of evil in Ness himself and has all of Ness's abilities. Its defeat allows Ness's subconscious to talk to him and let him absorb Magicant and to awaken his true strength, prompting a massive power boost.

In Mother, it is a location and is the haven of Queen Mary. When Ninten and friends arrive, the Queen is suffering from amnesia. After gaining all Eight Melodies this amnesia dissipates and she remembers she is actually Maria, and it is revealed that Magicant is simply a product of Maria's consciousness.

Flying Men are a mythical species of birds with distinct human qualities. They are bipedal creatures that live in groups in different Magicants. They are very kind and are always ready to help. Ninten or Ness may decide to take a Flying Man with them while in Magicant, where they will help them in battle with enemies. They cannot be taken out of Magicant, however. If a Flying Man happens to fall in battle, a grave will be set up by their home and cannot be revived. In both EarthBound and Mother, there are only five Flying Men available.

Trophy description


A magical world in Mother and Earthbound, brought to life by the memories of a certain character. In this game, Magicant is a cloud stage where giant tomatoes, metal octopuses, and even the Sky Runner may apper. Even the hulking Dungeon Man may show up. What an unusual battlefield...



  • There's an error in the background scene. The sprite of Ninten has beige stripe on the bottom of his shirt instead of a black stripe in the middle like in the original Japanese version of Mother.
  • Originally, the Flying Men had 3D models, however, they placed too much strain on the 3DS' hardware and were eventually replaced by 2D sprites.
  • If the player uses the Mii Brawler's Final Smash, the victim will fly straight through the middle platform, making the Final Smash very devastating.
  • In both Ness's unlock battle and in the All-Star Mode in for 3DS, the Flying Men do not spawn.
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