MEGALOVANIA is a Music track which originates from the RPG game Undertale.

The song appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a downloadable track alongside the Sans Mii Gunner DLC Costume.


The song starts off on a similar metal style to the original but incorporates an orchestral segment near the middle of the loop, as well as a guitar solo near the end. Said guitar solo incorporates the leitmotifs of "sans.", "Heartache" (in this case sounding like its rendition in "Asgore") and "Bonetrousle" (in this case sounding like its rendition in the unused "Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans"). The former song plays during conversations with Sans, while the latter two are the boss themes for Sans’s friend Toriel and brother Papyrus respectively.

Other Uses

This track was used in the Sans Mii Gunner costume reveal.



  • "MEGALOVANIA" is the first music track in the Smash series to originate in fanmade content. The song first appeared in Toby Fox's fan hack of EarthBound, titled The Halloween Hack; it was not named in-game, but in Toby Fox's personal notes, it was named "Megalovania".
  • "MEGALOVANIA" is the second remix in the Smash series to be handled by a Western composer, the first being "Spiral Mountain" from Banjo-Kazooie, rearranged by original composer Grant Kirkhope. Coincidentally, both songs were added in the 5.0 update.