Announced at E3 2001, Corneria is a starter stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee, very similar to Fox's old stage, Sector Z stage in Super Smash Bros. The fighting still takes place on the Great Fox, only it is now scaled down in size and the background is now Corneria rather than Sector Z. This will prevent the 'zoom out' effect and 'micro play' that many disliked before. Arwings still fly around and occasionally fire. The Great Fox has 2 laser cannons in the front that charges and fires. Characters caught in the blast usually have no chance of survival. However the cannons can be destroyed and Ness and Lucas can use PSI Magnet to absorb the shots.

In All-Star mode, this stage is played on when you face Fox and any of his teammates.

Corneria is featured as one of the Melee Stages in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


This stage is based on the Great Fox from Star Fox and the planet Corneria from Star Fox 64.


Arwings and Wolfens fly down to fire lasers at players, usually coming from the right hand side or from up above. They may come in and lock on from the background, flying past the Great Fox. You can also use them as moving platforms when they come, but don't let them carry you off the screen.

Also of note is the laser cannon in front of the Great Fox. If you get caught there as it charges, you'll gain huge amounts of damage (but probably won't live to regret it). After it finishes charging, it fires, making recovery difficult for anyone who gets caught in front. However, the cannon can be destroyed with many attacks, making the cannon inaccessible for the rest of the match.


Fox and Falco can perform a special easter egg on this stage that will trigger help from the team. It is performed by pressing down on the D-Pad for one frame. Then the character will call your team members. Besides being a visual, this trick does not do anything as far as attacks go. Both Fox and Falco also can perform a special "edgeguard". While standing behind the bump of the cockpit and facing towards the engines, you can up-B towards the edge and you will do a successful edge-grab.

The level is also apparently scrolling slightly, as items that should remain stationary in the air like Flippers and Party Balls will move slowly. Also, the Great Fox's wings will sometimes touch the sea under it.


This stage is one of the largest stages in the game, even though it's smaller than its Super Smash Bros. counterpart, Sector Z. Take note of the crooked shape of the ship and take that into account when firing projectiles. Motion sensor bombs are well placed near the right ledge of the longer portion of the ship, where many characters will grab onto when they come back up. You can also see General Pepper's picture on a large box in the backround.

Differences between Sector Z and Corneria

Corneria is noted for being extremely similar to a stage that appeared in the original Super Smash Bros., Sector Z. Several differences exist between the two stages, however:

  • The background has changed from a deep-space atmosphere to travelling through the planet Corneria in Star Fox 64, the first level.
  • The Great Fox has been scaled down in size.
  • You can now stand on the Great Fox's guns; however, they can now fire lasers, which is an almost inevitable KO. Also, the guns break if attacked enough.
  • Pikachu's Thunder Jolt can now travel down the ridge of the Great Fox.
  • In addition to Arwings that fly onto the stage and fire lasers, the Wolfen also appears. It appeared in the background of Sector Z, similar to King Dedede's appearance on the Dream Land stage.

Aside from these minor changes, this stage would be in all three installments of Super Smash. Ironically, it was banned in the first game.


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