Lylat Cruise (ライラットクルーズ Rairatto Kurūzu?) is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is situated on an original spacecraft called the Pleiades, flying around various areas of the Lylat System. The original Great Fox, Arwings, and Wolfens can be seen at various points of the stage.


The stage itself has few hazards - the ship tilts to-and-fro as it makes turns and avoids shots from other ships, and the ledge is quite thin, so recovering characters may be caught under the ledge, like what happens in Melee's Battlefield.

The Pleiades flies through many events: An epic space skirmish between the Cornerian army and Andross' army, a hazardous Star Fox flight through Meteo the asteroid belt, a dogfight between Star Fox and Star Wolf, a peaceful flight through the atmosphere of Corneria, and a cruise through space where the dogfight happens.

Similar to the Corneria and Venom stages in Super Smash Bros. Melee, the Star Fox characters can perform a Starfox Secret Taunt that allows them to contact their teammates. The conversation that ensues, as well as the characters involved, depends on who initiates the call and where the Pleiades is currently flying. The talk box is slightly updated in graphics compared to Corneria and Venom's version.

Tournament legality

In tournaments, this stage is almost always neutral, with no stage hazards. However, in Japan, it is banned due to characters getting caught in the thin edges of the stage while recovering.


The battle between the Cornerian army and Andross' army as originally seen in Star Fox: Assault. This is the setting for the first part of the Lylat Cruise stage. The planet in this picture is Fortuna.

The stage is based on different events in Star Fox games, most of which are from Star Fox: Assault.

In the beginning of Star Fox: Assault, remnants of Andross army attacked the Cornerian army and a space battle between the two forces began. In order to win, the Star Fox Team are called to help assist the Cornerian army. the first level of Star Fox: Assault takes place in this battle. One of the areas that Pleiades flies through in this stage is the battle between the Cornerian army and the remnants of Andross' army. The design of the ships seen in this stage an are somewhat different than the ships seen in Star Fox: Assault and the ships still fire lasers as they did in Star Fox: Assault.

In Star Fox 64, the mercenary group Star Wolf made their first appearance. The Star Wolf team would try to stop Star Fox's plans to defeat Andross and the two teams would battle each other until either team retreats. Star Wolf also appear in Star Fox: Assault with the design of the Wolfen being different and a new member. The place that the two teams battle in Star Fox Assault is in the Sargasso Space Zone. In this stage, the Pleiades flies through a battle between the Star Fox team and the Star Wolf team. The design of the ships appear as they do in Star Fox 64, but the area that they are battling looks similar to the Sargasso Space Zone.

In every Star Fox game, there is a level that involves going through an asteroid field. In the original Star Fox, the player has to try to get through the level without getting hit by asteroids and not being killed by enemies. The player can also shoot the asteroids to destroy them. The asteroid field in Star Fox 64 is called "Meteos". The goal of this level is the same as the asteroid belt in Star Fox. The player can also shoot to destroy the asteroids like in Star Fox, but now there are larger asteroids that can't be destroyed. In order to get around those asteroids the player has to maneuver around them. In this stage, the Pleiades flies and maneuvers through an asteroid belt. There are also the larger asteroids seen in Star Fox 64. An Arwing can also be seen shooting the smaller asteroids and going around the larger.

Star Fox: Assault has a multiplayer mode where players can battle each other. One of the stages in the multiplayer mode takes place alongside the Great Fox above Corneria's clouds. In this stage, the Pleiades goes into Corneria's atmosphere. The area looks very similar to the multiplayer stage in Star Fox: Assault, but the Great Fox is absent. [1]


Pleiades (プレアデス Pureadesu?) is the name of the ship players ride on on the Lylat Cruise. It is an original creation, and never appeared in a Star Fox game. Its name likely came from the real-life star cluster called the Pleiades.



  • Lylat Cruise is the first and currently only Star Fox stage in the Super Smash Bros. series not to take place on the Great Fox.
    • However, the Great Fox can be seen in the background of one of the areas.
  • Unlike the other Star Fox stages in the series, the Arwings and Wolfens do not shoot the players, making it the first and currently the only Star Fox stage in the series to not have any damaging hazards.
  • Along these lines, it is also the first and currently only Star Fox stage in the series that is not banned from tournament play.

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