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Throughout Nintendo history, Luigi (ルイージ, Ruīji) has always lived in Mario's shadow. Super Smash Bros. is no exception, as Luigi is often considered as just an inferior version of Mario excluding his up B attack. Regardless, Luigi should still not be underestimated as his combos, although less varied and versatile than Mario's, can be followed by his devastating Flaming Uppercut attack.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful finisher (Up B)
  • Down & Up Specials give huge vertical recovery
  • Has a projectile that can be used for approach
  • Has the highest initial jump
  • His Down B can be used in his recovery
  • Low traction give unique approach strategies
  • Has a spike


1-P mode

How to unlock Luigi

To unlock Luigi in Super Smash Bros., successfully complete all Bonus 1 Break the Targets levels with each of the eight original characters. You will then have to face Luigi with the character you used most recently in a 1-stock battle for the privilege of playing as him. If you do not beat Luigi, you can simply return to the Break the Targets menu and complete just one of the levels to have a chance at fighting him again.

Master Hand strategy

The key to fighting the Master Hand as Luigi in SSB is making effective use of your shield as well as making effective use of not using your shield. The Master Hand's larger more elaborate attacks that send him off like a rocket can be shielded safely, however his hard jabs are too strong for the shield to withstand, at which point you want to draw back and maybe throw a fireball in his direction. Otherwise, it's all aerial attacks; spinning drill kicks into up+B can deal significant damage in a short period of time. With a little skill, you can defeat Master Hand by only using Up+B.

Normal Moves

Luigi ssb

A Attacks


Smash Attacks

Aerial attacks

  • Nair Toma Kick, 14%
  • Fair Spin Kick, 16%
  • Uair Flip Kick, 12%

This kick is sometimes used for comboing into an up b

  • Bair Back Kick, 16%
  • Dair Drill Kick, 3% per hit, up to 8 hits

This kick is also used for comboing into an up b



Special Moves


Tornado Recovery

Luigi can gain vertical distance during the Tornado if the B button is mashed often enough during the attack animation.

Mario Bros. Pseudo Spike

Both Mario and Luigi can "spike" an opponent with repeated down aerials. This involves hitting the opponent with the dair repeatedly off the edge and then taking advantage of Mario and Luigi's huge vertical recoveries to get back on the stage. This does not work against Pikachu, who has a longer and faster vertical recovery than either Mario or Luigi.

In Single-player

In the game's single-player mode, you and a randomly chosen ally will fight Luigi and Mario in a team battle on Peach's Castle. Because of this, Luigi is the only secret character to be featured in the game's single-player mode.


  • Ironically, Luigi appears in the game before he is unlocked. He shows up in the How to Play sequence, and in 1 player mode at Peach's Castle.

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