Lloid Trap is Isabelle's Down Special. Isabelle plants a Lloid in the ground indicated by a small pile of dirt. Opponents who walk over it are pushed upwards by a Lloid Rocket before it explodes. It can also be activated manually by inputting the command again.


When the trap is planted, it will stay planted until a fighter walks over it, or is activated manually by the user. If the trap is not activated after about 10 seconds, the planted trap will disappear. When Isabelle triggers the move to activate, she will give a cheerful expression as she raises one arm in the air.

The move has longer starting lag than Villager's first stage of Timber, almost as equivalent to Villager's first stage of Super Timber, making it harder to use mid-match.

Isabelle's Special Moves
Standard Special Pocket
Side Special Fishing Rod
Up Special Balloon Trip
Down Special Lloid Trap
Final Smash Dream Town Hall


Lloids are characters in the Animal Crossing series. Not to be confused with Gyriods, Lloids are helpful characters that gives the player certain tools and items as well as taking donations to fund public projects. As Lloids are harmless beings, they do not fly nor explode in the Animal Crossing series.

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