The Lloid Rocket (ハニワくんロケット Haniwa-kun Rocket?) is Villager's Side Special move.


It is a projectile attack that can be fired or (if the special button is held) ridden on, which makes it more powerful. Its speed can also be controlled. It travels continuously straight for a period of time, making it an excellent horizontal recovery, but if the character uses for a too long period of time, the rocket stops traveling and then explodes. The explosion from the Lloid Rocket is quite powerful, and can KO at higher percentages. However, the rocket can be reflected, even if Villager is riding on it, meaning Villager could self-destruct.

Villager's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Pocket
Side Special Lloid Rocket
Up Special Balloon Trip
Down Special Timber
Final Smash Dream Home

Trophy Description


Gyroids are a common sight in the Animal Crossing series. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, a Gyroid named Lloid dons a helmet and collects funds for public works. The Villager makes use of a rocket-powered Lloid for his side special. The farther he flies, the more powerful his attack will be!

  • NGC - Animal Crossing (09/2002)
  • 3DS - Animal Crossing: New Leaf (06/2013)

Custom Variations

Villager can customize the Lloid Rocket into Liftoff Lloid and Pushy Lloid.

Liftoff Lloid

Liftoff Lloid.

Liftoff Lloid is one of the Lloid Rocket's customizations. Lloid will go forward at first, but then arc upwards.


  • Good vertical recovery option.
  • Can damage opponents above Villager.
  • Good when paired with the Balloon Trip or Balloon High Jump; when recovering low, the Liftoff Lloid can drive edge-guarding opponents inwards to the stage for safe recovery with the Balloon Trip/High Jump.


  • Removes a horizontal recovery option.
  • Leaves Villager falling through the air, helpless, for some time.
  • Poor for dealing with opponents in front of Villager.

Liftoff Lloid is a move that is made to deal with a very different area of a stage than the regular Lloid Rocket. Villager is unable to deal with opponents approaching in front of him very well, but can deal with opponents coming from above him effectively. The Liftoff Lloid can act as a barrier of sorts; once it flies up, airborne opponents will be forced to DI backwards to avoid it, giving Villager a chance to dash in with an attack. Using it when recovering low can be beneficial as it takes Villager very high and the rocket can damage edge-guarding opponents. For another recovery alternative, Villager can fire the Liftoff Lloid when recovering low and then use the up special to get to the ledge, with Lloid forcing edge-guarding opponents to move away from the edge. (This strategy will not work well with the Extreme Balloon Trip.)

Pushy Lloid

Pushy Lloid.

Pushy Lloid is the Lloid Rocket's other customization. Lloid can now push opponents and hit them multiple times before exploding.


  • Can carry opponents away from Villager; possibly off-stage.
  • Racks up damage.
  • Larger size can block enemy projectiles.
  • Very useful when paired with the Timber Counter.
  • Deals more damage than Lloid Rocket.


  • Less horizontal movement if recovering with it.
  • Less range.

Pushy Lloid can carry opponents away from Villager, setting up some combo options or giving Villager some space. It is also useful for carrying opponents off-stage for some meteors or gimps. It deals lots of damage to opponents and can be used defensively as well. Villager should only ride on Pushy Lloid when on the stage, as Pushy Lloid has terrible horizontal recovery because it explodes earlier than Lloid Rocket. Pushy Lloid is great when paired up with the Timber Counter move, as Villager can camp behind the planted sprout so it will trip opponents and then use Pushy Lloid to keep opponents away while racking up damage. Any opponents that try to jump over the sprout can be easily deterred with an up air or up smash, or, by watering the sprout, the tree can slam opponents away as well.

Villager's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Garden Pocket Plus
Side Special Liftoff Lloid Pushy Lloid
Up Special Extreme Balloon Trip Balloon High Jump
Down Special Timber Counter Super Timber


Lloids is a character in the Animal Crossing City Folk, Animal Crossing New Leaf and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. In City Folk runs the auction house, in New Leaf he is a construction foreman and in Pocket Camp he watches the player's garden. He does not fly or explode.

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