This article is about Little Mac's appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. For other uses, see Little Mac.

Little Mac is a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. He was announced on February 13, which was the same day as Punch-Out!!!'s 30th anniversary.

He currently ranks 44th on the tier list. He has a wide range of powerful attacks, many of which give him Super Armor, and has a fair number of approach options. However, he has the worst air game, severely limiting his attack options, as well as a very short-ranged recovery that is made worse due to his light weight allowing him to be launched easier. He also has no projectiles, requiring him to fight up close.



  • Can wall jump, which is the second highest in the game, after Lucario's.
  • Unmatched speed on ground for both movement and attack.
    • His very low dashing stance allows him to duck some projectiles and attacks.
  • Has Super armor frames on many moves, most notably all Smash Attacks and Straight Lunge.
  • Fastest Jab, Rapid Jab and Tilts in the game.
  • Most of his attacks have low startup and ending lags.
  • High knockback and speed on almost all ground attacks.
  • Short stature gives him small hurtboxes.
  • Third fastest dash speed in the game, after Sonic and almost tied with Captain Falcon.
    • Additionally, his initial dash makes use of dash dancing and fox trotting to be one of the most usefuls in the game.
  • Fastest side dodge in the game, with very little startup and ending lag.
  • Has the third highest traction in the game, after Lucario and Jigglypuff.
  • Has a Meteor Smash: Down Aerial.
  • Very fast Counter that has high range and long hitbox.
  • Forward Smash has three variations depending on the direction held when launching it.
  • His KO Punch can dispose of opponents with very little percentage. Although it is not a guaranteed instant KO move, it is very powerful and grant him invincibility frames through most of it.
    • KO bar is filled by causing and taking damage (the bar fills faster when Little Mac gets hit compared to attacking).
    • Can use moves like down tilt to combo into KO Punch.
    • KO punch can attack through shields as the move has grab boxes; as such, it also cannot be countered or armored through.


  • Has the worst recovery in the game; an aerial Jolt Haymaker gives very little horizontal movement, while his aerial Rising Uppercut merely launches him upwards, being lower than his second jump.
  • Lightweight, being among the ten lightest characters in the game, being tied with Falco.
  • Extremely weak aerial attacks, with very small hitboxes.
  • Very poor grab game, lacking combo throws and kill throws.
  • None of his ground attacks deal reliable shield damage, except for the first frame of Up Smash and Forward Smash tilted down.
  • One of the lowest jumping heights in the game, alongside Ganondorf and Megaman, and also the lowest double jump.
  • Lacks projectiles and long range options.
  • Can't deal with ranged opponents very well.
  • Jolt Haymaker can easily result into self-destructs, as it propels him forward and into a helpless state, causing him to fall off the stage if used incorrectly.
    • In addition, his Slip Counter can also result in self-destructs if used in the air, since Little Mac can move too far to recover if he goes off the stage.
  • Rising Uppercut only has KO power if used on the ground; its aerial version is very weak, only KO'ing opponents above 150%.
  • Even though a normal Straight Lunge fully charged can cause high damage, it has very high ending lag, making him vulnerable for punishment.
  • Straight Lunge's KO Punch can be lost if Little Mac is hit by an attack with high enough knockback to send him into a tumbling state, if he is KO'ed, or if he is hit right before using it.
  • Struggles against the majority of the cast, especially those with powerful gimping potential, such as Sheik and Zero Suit Samus.
  • His Meteor Smash is very weak like the rest of his aerial attacks.
  • If KO Punch is used in the air, it is significantly weaker and can be blocked or countered.


Little Mac's stats by Kurogane Hammer.

Little Mac is a Footsie, notable for having a very powerful ground game, but very weak airborne, as well having very poor recovery moves. However, he has plenty moves with super armor and invincibility frames in his attacks.

Little Mac's ground game is nearly unmatched, boasting speed and power. His Rapid Jab is amazingly fast, capable of racking up lots of damage and having decent launch with the finisher; he can also cancel the first two hits easily, allowing to plenty follow ups and fake outs. His Tilts are good for combo strings, with his Down Tilt setting up for all kinds of combo opportunities, especially if he has the K.O. Punch. Forward Tilt is his strongest Tilt, being specially powerful to surprise opponents and break combos. Up Tilt can set for semi-juggling setups and covers a wide area all around Little Mac, being a good anti-air move. Finally, his Dash Attack, while having considerable ending lag, has good knockback and covers a good range. 

His Smash Attacks are some of the strongest in the game, and notable for having Super Armor during the attack frames; while he doesn't have it while charging, players can release it sooner to punish opponents trying to interrupt his Smash Attacks. Little Mac's Forward Smash can be angled, and it is unique as each angle boasts from different properties: if not angled, it is a straight punch with great damage and knockback; if angled up, it is an uppercut that deals slightly less damage, but deals higher knockback and launches opponents upwards; if angled down, it inflicts high damage and shield damage, but deals less knockback. Little Mac's Up Smash is very powerful if sweetspotted, at the base of his fist as soon the move is launched, having a fiery effect. Down Smash is a powerful sweeping move, covering lots of ground and great for edge-guarding. 

Aside Rapid Jabs and Forward Tilt for racking up damage, his Forward Smash is very powerful if angled down, as it is one of his strongest attacks, being able to deal over 25% if fully charged, being useful to punish opponents who side dodge a lot. A good way to approach with Little Mac is by doing dash-dances, fox trots, Perfect Pivotinto Forward Tilt or Rapid Jab, or even moving slowly and countering every move, in order to intimidate and pressure the opponent.

While Little Mac's aerials are atrocious in attack power and range, they can be good for setting up small combo strings, especially his Forward and Neutral Aerials, as their low knockback often sends opponents slightly downwards, which can lead into his powerful ground attacks. His Up Aerial can be useful after launching an opponent into the air from the ground, although it has no utility at all for juggling, being only useful for damage racking. Back Aerial functions similarly to Forward Aerial, but has less range and slightly higher knockback. His Down Aerial has absolutely no Meteor Smash power behind it, being very weak in both launch and damage; however, it can be useful for footstool locks or for gimping opponents just enough that they cannot get back.

His throws are not very powerful, lacking in both damage or knockback, and none of them can guarantee combos. However, they can be used for creating small setups such as baiting air dodges. Little Mac using pummel tends to be more rewarding than throwing.

Little Mac's Neutral Special, Straight Lunge, is a great move that has super armor frames during the whole move; when charging and after releasing. If an opponent is going for a grab, launch the attack immediately. Don't fully charge the move either; if an opponent is able to predict when the attack will be launched (at full charge) they can easily dodge, run up behind Little Mac, and punish, which is easy to do because the move can leave him wide open if he misses. In addition, fully charging Straight Lunge greatly increases the ending lag, leaving Little Mac very vulnerable.

Once Little Mac deals and/or takes enough damage, his Straight Lunge becomes the K.O. Punch. This move can KO opponents below 50%, and is another great finisher for combos; a good way to trap opponents just long enough for Little Mac to throw it out on them is to use Down Tilt, Neutral Aerial, and Down Aerial. It can also be used as a recovery if used correctly because it can give Mac just enough forward momentum to get him to the edge.

Little Mac's Side Special, Jolt Haymaker, is very powerful on both ground and air (although its aerial version covers much less range). If Little Mac finds himself cornered at the edge by an opponent, Jolt Haymaker towards the center of the stage to get back to the middle of the ring and damage the opponent while doing it. Additionally, if used correctly, this move can lead to stage spikes, although it is risky to do. Jolt Haymaker is infamous for being very easy to suicide with, leading to many offtstages leaps. Jolt Haymaker can also be useful on the stage; the jump Little Mac performs combined with the Super Armor frames of the move can dodge low-flying or small projectiles and even tank some larger projectiles and then hit the opponent that launched them. The leap can also dodge some lower attacks such as down tilts and down smashes; this is especially useful for combating Shulk's down smash, which has tremendous range that Little Mac could not otherwise get past without Jolt Haymaker.

Rising Uppercut is a great combo finisher when started on the ground and is also useful out of shield when an opponent is right next to Little Mac. The move can combo out of the first two hits of jab and it can kill off the ceiling if the opponent has enough damage. In the air it is rather weak in terms of recovery.

Slip Counter is an extremely useful move both in the center and at the ledge. If an opponent cornered Little Mac at the ledge and is going for a launching smash attack, Slip Counter is the way to go; just be sure not to let it loose too early and don't use it too often--throwing out counters all day will get him grabbed time and time again.

If one is playing as Little Mac on a stage with lots of platforms, they should stay on the safest platform to ensure he has the smallest amount of risk of falling off the edge. Make the opponent come to Little Mac and fight on his terms. If it is a travelling stage that forces him to move off a safe platform, make sure he has minimal air time when moving from platform to platform. It is key to stay on the ground where Little Mac is the powerhouse. To main Little Mac, traversing the stage is a very important factor to ensure Little Mac doesn't fall short of the ledge.

However, his most blatantly and exploitable flaw is the polarity of his gameplay: being an outstandingly dominant force on the ground but reduced to a flailing and ineffective fighter in the air; his jumps are short and sluggish and his recovery is the worst in the game. If he is sent flying off the stage at a high percentage, specially if the knockback is horizontal, there is a high chance he won't come back. Little Mac also has few tools for edge-guarding, and if done it should always be executed from the edge and not the air. Unless players are 100% certain they'll be able to guard the edge, they shouldn't do it in the first place. The opponent will find a way to read their attack, dodge accordingly, and then reverse the roles, putting Mac in a bad position. Putting it into boxing terms, since Little Mac is a boxer; in boxing, the boxer doesn't want to get stuck in the corner or the opponent will be able to beat on them relentlessly. Boxers want to stay in the center; the same goes for Little Mac in Smash. Stay centered on the stage and away from the edge for the most part. Rely on his smash attacks to launch the opponents away from the center of the stage rather than risk getting K.O.'d at the ledge.

Overall, Little Mac is a very good fighter, however he must stay at low percentages and on the ground to survive. Because of his poor recovery, rushing recklessly with Little Mac is usually not a good idea, even with his all powerful attacks. While a powerhouse, Little Mac's gameplay reflects a bit of his Punch-Out!! games; he is powerful, but must time his attacks to avoid retaliation, countering opponents and punishing when they miss.


Little Mac can use the Power Meter to grant him a powerful KO option. The Power Meter, consisting of ten arrows, is located above Little Mac's damage meter, and fills up whenever Little Mac deals or takes damage, with each charge indicated by its color. Little Mac must take 100% damage, deal 333% damage, or a combination of the two to fill up the Power Meter.

Upon being filled, the Power Meter will flash a KO sign, and Straight Lunge is replaced with KO Uppercut, which is automatically used when the Special Button is pressed. KO Uppercut will deal high damage and high vertical knockback, though its ability to KO is dependent on the character's weight. KO Uppercut has fast startup and possesses Super Armor frames and is completely unblockable, making it an effective finisher. However, it can only be held for four seconds; afterwards Little Mac will lose it if he is hit by an attack that causes him to tumble, or if he is KO'd. In addition, it possesses a very short range and high ending lag, requiring precision to use.

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral Attack: Little Mac jabs once, does a right hook, and then a left hook, with the final hit having smash power. If the button is tapped quickly it'll turn into quick jabs that end in a left hook with smashing power. Careful doing this on the edge because the move pushes you back slightly. Does 13% with the 3 hit combo, and 17% for a single set of quick jabs with the finisher, if all hit.
  • Side Tilt: Little Mac does two straight jabs with smashing power, good for launching at high %. Does 12% if both connect.
  • Down Tilt: Little Mac hits the opponent's legs, with slight upward smash power. Does 8%. Useful for comboing into Up Tilt and Smashes. It is also useful for edge-guarding, being able to hit opponents grabbing the ledge.
  • Up Tilt: Little Mac does a quick arc punch over his head, with very little smash power. Does 9%. Useful for comboing into Up Smash or Up Special.
  • Dash Attack: Little Mac gives an overhead downward punch, similar to his up-tilted Side Smash, and is very close range to where he's standing. Does 10% damage. Good for smashing at high % and can KO around 150%.

Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash: Little Mac is unique as his Side Smash changes depending on which direction the player tilts before launching the attack - Straight Right Punch if no direction is tilted; Uppercut if tilted diagonally upwards; Body Hook if tilted diagonally downwards. The uppercut has more launch power but less damage. Body hook does more damage but has less launch power.
  • Down Smash: Little Mac sweeps the ground with a punch, in front first before rotating to attack behind him. Very fast smash. Causes medium horizontal knockback. Damage: Uncharged: Front & Back 12. Fully Charged: Front 16, Back 17.
  • Up Smash: A strong uppercut that hits in front of him, and has a wide arc above him that does not reach behind him. Very high knockback. Adds a fire effect and more damage & knockback if the enemy is hit with the very start of the move. Uncharged: Start 20, rest of the move 15. Fully Charged: Start 28, rest of the move 21.

More to be added

Other attacks

  • Ledge Attack: Little Mac rises, lifting his legs and rushing forward for a painful leg blow. Does 7% and has slight smashing, but is unable to KO even at max %.
  • Ground Attack: Coming Soon
  • KO Punch: Once Little Mac's bar is filled, it will be replaced with the abbreviation "KO!". This is activated using the Smash Attack button, and a blue burst will appear from his glove as he does an uppercut. If any targets are caught, the time is slowed and zoomed to the person(s) that got hit by it. Despite its name the KO punch will not instantly KO a person at low percentages but has extremely high smash power and can effectively KO opponents at as little as 20%. The KO bar is filled as Little Mac attacks (safe, but slow gain) and takes damage (dangerous, but fast gain)

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air: Little Mac punches diagonally downwards very quickly. Very close range, no knock back, 2% damage.
  • Forward Air: Little Mac throws a quick uppercut, does 5%, has slight smashing power and can kill at extremely high percentages. Its launching trajectory tends to send opponents slightly downwards, being a useful tool to start combos.
  • Back Air: Little Mac throws a quick punch behind him, has around the same smashing power as his forward air, but does 6% damage.
  • Down Air: Little Mac throws a punch straight down, does 4%, with slight smashing power. Can cause Meteor Smash at high percentages. Although weak for a Meteor Smash, it is quite fast and doesn't have a sourspot, meaning it will always send opponents downwards. It has the highest knockback scaling of all his aerials.
  • Up Air: Little Mac throws a punch similar to that of his up tilt, does 5%, slight smashing power and can KO at extreme percentages.

Grabs and Throws

  • Grab: Grab has little to no range, you have to be right next to the target to grab.
  • Pummel: Little Mac punches target in the stomach, 2% per hit.
  • Down Throw: Little Mac lets go of the target and hammers them downwards with both hands, sending them up and doing 9% damage. Can't easily kill on its own, but can combo with Rising Uppercut for a devastating attack.
  • Forward Throw: Little Mac punches the target forward, doing 8% but not sending them far, can combo with Jolt Haymaker for a decent attack.
  • Back Throw: Little Mac turns, and punches the target in the gut, sending them backwards slightly, does 9% and can also combo with Jolt Haymaker because he turns the same direction.
  • Up Throw: Little Mac throws an uppercut into the target, sending them slightly forward and upwards. Does 7% and is harder to combine with Rising Uppercut unless they get thrown high enough for you to move closer.

Special Moves

Little Mac's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Straight Lunge
Side Special Jolt Haymaker
Up Special Rising Uppercut
Down Special Slip Counter
Final Smash Giga Mac Giga Mac Rush

Little Mac's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Flaming Straight Lunge Stunning Straight Lunge
Side Special Grounding Blow Guard Breaker
Up Special Tornado Uppercut Rising Smash
Down Special Compact Counter Dash Counter


  • Up: Throws left arm up in the air in triumph. Doc Louis may say "Hit 'em baby!"
  • Side: Pulls on the string of his right glove with his mouth to tighten it (easier to see if zoomed in), then bumps both gloves together. Doc Louis may say "Let 'em have it Mac!"
  • Down: Throws several punches, as though he is warming up. Doc Louis may say "Show 'em what ya got, Mac baby!"
  • At random times, Doc Louis, Mac's Trainer, will speak something while Mac is taunting.

Other features

To be added

In competitive play

To be added

List of Combos

Ground Combos

Down Tilt to KO Punch

Little Mac, being the monster on the ground he is, has a lot bigger combo potential on the ground rather than the air. Mac's deadliest combo is his Down Tilt to KO Punch (Obviously only able to be done with a KO punch ready). This combo will not work on most characters that are at a very high percent (Which varies depending on the characters weight). This combo is best used when the character you're fighting is around 40-70 percent, as it will kill most of the characters in that frame. It's simply used by having a KO punch ready, and using down tilt against the character and due to it's little knock-back, it will launch the character up high enough so they can't touch the ground, but that they're also in range. Then you press the Special button to use your KO punch. This is extremely deadly to a character like Jigglypuff, who has been known to be killed by it from 0 percent.

Down Tilt to Forward Tilt

This combo is probably Little Mac's simplest, yet effective nonetheless to get starting damage. Down Tilt leads nicely into most of Mac's combos including this one. Down Tilt to Forward Tilt works best from 0-20 percent before it starts losing it's power. That percent range will have the Down Tilt hit and the two Forward Tilt hits all connect on most characters, any higher and it will result in either only one of the Forward hits connecting, or none (Depending on character hitbox and weight). You also want to make sure you're close to the target so your hits connect, as with some characters if you Down Tilt from too far, you're Forward Tilt hits won't connect. The Down Tilt does 8%, which leads into the first Forward Tilt hit, which deals 4%, and finally into the last Forward Tilt hit, that deals 8%, totalling out at 20%. From that point it's best to utilise Mac's other combos, as this one loses it's effectiveness at any higher percents.

Aerial Combos

Although presumably having the worst aerial game,Little Mac's aerials have little knockback, which opens up much combo potential. He can use his neutral Air to give quite decent damage by using his neutral Air and then Footstool Jumping, he can finish with Rising Uppercut that will result in a K.O. if the opponent is near to the upper blast line. Another use for his neutral air can be for dragging his opponent to the ground should they be too high in the air to attack, as it can be used rapidly, locks his opponent close to him, has nearly no landing lag, and extremely hard to escape, allowing him to continue or finish a combo.

Little Mac's up Air can also be used for combos. Hitting an opponent on the ground while landing with an up Air will send them at a perfect angle to follow up. At high percents you can even combo it into a Rising Uppercut to finish them off.

Down Tilt to Forward Air to Forward Smash

This combo can potentially be one of, if not, the most devastating Little Mac combo that does not involve the KO Punch. It is performed by using a Down Tilt, short-hopping into Fair, then landing next to your opponent, charging up the Forward Smash, and unleashing it once they hit the ground. Alternatively, the player can substitute the KO Punch for the F-Smash. However, if your opponent techs and rolls, or DI/Jumps away, the F-Smash will not connect. This can be prevented by reading the tech/DI and following up accordingly, but cannot be prevented if the opponent jumps.

This combo can kill as early as 30% if performed correctly and racks up a great deal of damage. However, it can only be performed at about 15% to 50% on most characters, as the Down Tilt has too little vertical knockback on low percents and too much on high percents.

Forward Air to Side Special

This combo only works on opponents offstage, but if performed without failure results in a stylish KO. It is performed by jumping offstage towards a recovering opponent, repeatedly using the Fair to knock them close to the blast line, and finishing them with a Side-B. This combo can be very difficult to pull off and will inevitably result in a Self-Destruct, but can be really fun and satisfying to perform. Since this combo is so difficult and risks an SD, it is recommended to only attempt this combo during Stock matches when Little Mac has a stock advantage.

Trophy descriptions

Little Mac
This little boxer from the Punch-Out!! series makes up in heart what he lacks in height. He wasn't afraid to take on the boxing champs, and he's not afraid of the Nintendo stars. In Smash Bros., he packs a serious punch. When his KO Meter fills up, wade in and trigger a devastating uppercut.
  • Punch-Out!! (10/1987)
  • Punch-Out!! (05/2009)
Little Mac (Alt.)
No matter his opponent, Little Mac always puts his best fist forward. He enters a charge state before unleashing his Straight Lunge special and can unleash it while charging by pressing the button again. He won't flinch while charging. At max charge, the launching power of this move is scary!
  • Punch-Out!! (10/1987)
  • Punch-Out!! (05/2009)
Giga Mac
This Final Smash turns Little Mac into a hulking monster of a man. In Punch-Out!! for Wii, Little Mac could take this form by building up the gauge with some well-timed blows. In this game, it seriously powers up his attacks and makes him even faster. He'll completely dominate on the ground, but air battles are outside his weight class.

Costume Gallery

Little Mac Palette (SSB4).png
Little Mac (Wireframe) Palette (SSB4).png


Reveal trailer



  • Little Mac is the only Brawl Assist Trophy to become a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
    • Little Mac is the second character to go from item to playable character, the first being Charizard.
  • One of Little Mac's alternate colors turns him into the Wireframe Mac from the first Punch-Out!! game.
  • Mac's alternate costume has him wearing his iconic pink hoodie and sweat pants.
  • Little Mac has the most palette swaps in the series (16, beating Wario's record of 12 in Brawl).
  • Doc Louis is shown on his victory screens as well as a championship belt around Little Mac's waist.
  • Little Mac's trailer could be a possible reference to the famous "Training Montage" used in fighting movies, starting with Rocky Balboa.

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