This is a list of weapons that several fighters use throughout the Super Smash Bros. series. These primarily include swords and firearms, as well as miscellaneous objects (excluding Items) that characters use in their movesets, both in regular attacks and Specials.

Super Mario weapons


Main article: Poltergust 5000

The Poltergust is a vacuum backpack that Luigi uses to hunt down and capture ghosts in the Luigi's Mansion series.

The Poltergust was invented by Professor Elvin Gadd to assist Luigi in catching and defeating the ghosts that haunt the mansion he has mysteriously won. Apart from sucking up ghosts, it also comes equipped with a flashlight that is used to stun them and to reveal themselves. When linking up with the Ghost Portrificationizer, it can convert the captured ghosts into portraits.

As the series progresses, new updated models of the Poltergust are introduced. In Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, Luigi uses the Poltergust 5000, replacing the Poltergust 3000 from the first game; this model now uses the Strobulb instead of the regular flashlight and has a new attachment called the Dark-Light Device, which uses an ultraviolet light to uncover invisible objects. Another updated model is introduced in Luigi's Mansion 3, being the Poltergust G-00; its primary feature is a tank that houses Gooigi, but it can now also create a blast of air that gives Luigi airtime and a new attachment known as the Suction Shot.

Luigi uses the Poltergust 5000 and Poltergust G-00 for his Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, respectively. In Ultimate, Luigi can also use the Poltergust for his Grabs.

Koopa Clown Car and Junior Clown Car

The Koopa Clown Car and the Junior Clown Car are specialized helicopter-like mechanized vehicles piloted by Bowser and Bowser Jr. & the Koopalings, respectively, allowing them to move around the Mushroom Kingdom as their personalized mode of transport. They are bowl-shaped and outfitted with a propeller on the bottom and a large clown face at the front, which is capable of making facial expressions.

The Koopa Clown Car first debuted in Super Mario World, where Bowser rides in it during his boss battle. He will drop Mechakoopas and Big Steelies at Mario while hovering above; the only way to defeat him is by repeatedly throwing the Mechakoopas back at him. Eventually, the Clown Face will then show an irritated face and Bowser will repeatedly slam the Car down in an attempt to crush Mario. The Koopa Clown Car has since reappeared in several spin-offs, such as Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, the Paper Mario series, and the Mario & Luigi series, as well having a Kart modeled after it in Mario Kart 8. It has also been used by all of the Koopalings in the New Super Mario Bros. series.

The Junior Clown Car is a miniaturized version of the Koopa Clown Car made specifically for Bowser Jr. that first debuted in New Super Mario Bros. Wii (though it wouldn't be given an official name until Mario & Luigi: Dream Team). Compared to the Koopa Clown Car, this version is far more mechanized, containing a large assortment of weapons and gadgets such as boxing glove arms and a hidden Kart-styled engine. Since its debut, Bowser Jr. has used the Junior Clown Car in almost all of his appearances as it gives him agility and mobility he otherwise wouldn't have outside of it. It is also an item that can be used by Mario and other enemies in Super Mario Maker.

Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings pilot the Junior Clown Car in Smash; as such, its many tools and weapons serves as the basis for their entire moveset. Bowser does not use his Koopa Clown Car in any part of his gameplay, but it does make a brief appearance in a cutscene during The Subspace Emissary, where he pilots it to escape The Cave.


A Megavitamin as it appears in Dr. Mario World

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Megavitamins (also known as Capsules) are special medical pills invented by Dr. Mario to combat the Viruses Fever, Chill, and Weird. They typically come in six different two-color combinations with Red, Blue, or Yellow. The colors are meant to correspond with each Virus; if a Virus gets three of the same color stacked on top of their head, they will be eliminated. A second variation of Megavitamins, which are encased in an L-shaped package, are used exclusively by Dr. Luigi to combat his own set of Viruses (Dizzy, Confused, and Drowsy).

Megavitamins are used by Dr. Mario for his Neutral Special in Smash; a random color combination will appear each time the move is performed.

Donkey Kong weapons

Peanut Popgun

Diddy firing the Popgun in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

The Peanut Popgun is a wooden pistol commonly associated with Diddy Kong. It first debuted in Donkey Kong 64 as an item Diddy can purchase from Funky Kong's store for three Banana Bunch Coins. As the name suggests, it is a firearm that uses peanuts as its ammunition. Aside from harming enemies, Diddy can use the Popguns to trigger switches and pop Banana Balloons.

In Smash, the Peanut Popguns are used in Diddy's Neutral Special as well as in his first Final Smash, Rocketbarrel Barrage.


The Blunderbuss as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Main article: Blunderbuss

The Blunderbuss is an oversized musket used by Kaptain K. Rool during his boss battle in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. It is a versatile weapon that allows K. Rool to fire Kannonballs, barrels, or status-affecting mists. It can also vacuum in objects, which Diddy and Dixie use to their advantage in the boss battle.

King K. Rool uses the Blunderbuss as his Neutral Special, though it can only fire Kannonballs. It is also capable of vacuuming, but unlike the original game, if it inhales a Kannonball it will not backfire on him; instead he can relaunch it at any angle.

The Legend of Zelda weapons

Master Sword.png

Master Sword

The Master Sword (also known as the Blade of Evil's Bane, the Sword of Legend, and The Sword That Seals the Darkness) is the ultimate weapon that all incarnations of Link wields in The Legend of Zelda series.

The Sword was crafted by the goddess Hylia, inhabited by the spirit Fi, imbued by the Sacred Flames with the Power to Repel Evil, and blessed by Zelda. It is the only known blade capable of truly vanquishing all forms of evil, especially Ganon and all of his incarnations; outside of that, the Master Sword has also been used to destroy magic barriers, break evil curses, and be the key to access time travel. Its power is tied to the gods of Hyrule; in order to keep this power intact, the Sages of Earth and Wind must keep praying to the gods. Should anything happen to the Sages, the Sword will weaken and be incapable of killing evil. Only a true hero that is "pure of heart and strong of body" who has persevered through challenges that test his Courage, Wisdom, and Power has the ability to wield the Master Sword.

As it is Link's signature weapon, he and Toon Link use the Sword for almost all of their normal attacks, as well as their Final Smash, Triforce Slash. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Link can now fire Blade Beams from the Master Sword through his Side Smash Attack if he has not accumulated any damage. The Mii Swordfighter costume based on Link also uses the Master Sword.

Kokiri Sword

The Kokiri Sword as it appears in Hyrule Warriors

The Kokiri Sword is the first sword Young Link uses in both The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. It is a standard shortsword with a wooden hilt, and is considered by the villagers of Kokiri Forest to be its sacred treasure. In Ocarina of Time, Young Link must find the Kokiri Sword first, which is located in a hidden Treasure Chest in the Forest Training Center, before going to see the Great Deku Tree. When he time travels into his adult self, it will be automatically replaced with the Master Sword. In Majora's Mask, it is immediately equipped by default.

Young Link is the only incarnation that does not use the Master Sword, but instead uses the Kokiri Sword. Much like Adult Link and Toon Link, he uses the Sword for almost all of his normal attacks.

Link's Arsenal

Link's Arsenal refers to the large collection of weapons Link can gather throughout The Legend of Zelda series. They are most commonly found in both Treasure Chests deep within dungeons or available inside Shops. In a majority of the games, the weapons Link finds have remained constant, being Bow and Arrows, Bombs, a Boomerang, and the Hookshot and Clawshot. However, there have been special weapons Link can only use in certain games; these have included the Fire and Ice Rods in A Link to the Past, the Dominion Rod and the Spinner in Twilight Princess, the Whirlwind and the Whip in Spirit Tracks, and the Master Cycle Zero in Breath of the Wild.

All incarnations of Link use variations of the Bow and Arrows, Boomerang, and the Bombs for their Special Moves, as well as the Clawshot for their Tether grab, in Smash. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Link uses the Ancient Bow and Arrow for his Final Smash. Several other weapons, such as the Bombchu and the Gust Bellows, have also appeared as Items.

Light Arrows

The Light Arrows as they appear in Twilight Princess

Main article: Light Arrow

Light Arrows are special weapons that Link and Princess Zelda use throughout The Legend of Zelda series. They are a special kind of Arrow that have been imbued with the Sacred Light, making them so powerful they are capable of destroying evil and can kill enemies with a single hit. They are also capable of damaging Ganon and lowering his defenses, allowing Link to strike at him with the Master Sword. In more recent games, they have become more associated with Zelda, as it is her that uses the Light Arrows to assist Link during the final boss battles. They can be acquired near the end of the game, as to prepare for the final boss.

Light Arrows are used by both Zelda and Sheik for their Final Smash in both Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Ganondorf's Swords

In Smash, Ganondorf has wielded two different swords. The most common is a large, wide blade with a fan-shaped tip that he uses for both his victory screens in Super Smash Bros. Melee and for his Smash Attacks in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The blade is not from any Zelda game, but rather comes from a GameCube tech demo that was presented during SpaceWorld 2000. Its use in Smash could be because Ganondorf's character model in Melee seems to have been taken straight from the demo, allowing the Sword to be reused as to save development time.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Ganondorf is now in possession of the Sword of the Six Sages from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. As the name suggests, the Sword was created by the Six Sages for the purpose of executing an imprisoned Ganondorf at the Mirror Chamber. However, despite piercing him directly in his chest, the execution failed as he was kept alive by the Triforce of Power. He then breaks out of his bindings and kills the Sage of Water; in retaliation, the remaining Sages banish him to the Twilight Realm, though he manages to take the Sword with him. When Ganondorf returns for the final boss battle, he uses the Sword against Link and Princess Zelda. The Sword would later return for Breath of the Wild, though it can only be unlocked after scanning the Ganondorf amiibo.

Though the Sword of the Six Sages mainly only appears for Ganondorf's Down Taunt, he does use it for the Custom Move Warlock Blade in 3DS/Wii U.

Metroid weapons

Arm Cannon

The Arm Cannon as it appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

The Arm Cannon is a weapon built into Samus Aran's Power Suit and her weapon of choice. Designed by the Chozo, it is a versatile firearm that can fire energy shots, missiles, and special beams. Outside of its offensive functions, Samus can also use it to download data through specially designed technology. As shown through the X-Ray visor in the Metroid Prime series, Samus can choose which type of beam or ammunition she can fire with certain hand gestures and finger positions.

The Arm Cannon is also a part of Dark Samus' body, as she is a Phazon clone of Samus' Power Suit. As such, she is capable of firing her own Phazon-based ammunition and absorbing new abilities and upgrades.

Both use their Arm Cannons for almost all of their attacks in Smash and are capable of firing Charge Shots, Missiles, and the Grapple Beam. The Mii Gunner costume based on the Power Suit also uses the Arm Cannon.


Paralyzer Gun.png

Main articles: Paralyzer, Plasma Whip, and Plasma Wire

The Paralyzer is Samus' secondary weapon which she uses outside of the Power Suit. It is a non-lethal firearm that fires energy shots that can only stun enemies as well as break blocks. It first appeared in Metroid: Zero Mission as Samus' only means of defending herself after her Gunship is shot down. It later reappears in Metroid: Other M but only for one sequence in the game.

Unlike how it is depicted in the Metroid games, the Paralyzer in Smash can not only stun opponents, but is also capable of creating a plasma whip for melee attacks.

Kirby weapons

Hammer and Final Cutter

Main articles: Hammer (move) and Final Cutter

Hammer and Final Cutter are two of Kirby's Copy Abilities.

Hammer is one of Kirby's oldest Copy Abilities, first debuting in Kirby's Adventure. If Kirby inhales a Hammer-wielding enemy (usually Bonkers), he will acquire a big wooden mallet of his own (and a blue and white happi headband in later games). With it, Kirby can swing the Hammer on the ground, in the air, and underwater. Later games have also ability to charge the swing, which can engulf the Hammer head in flames.

Final Cutter is a Copy Ability that debuted in Kirby Super Star. Kirby can gain it from inhaling an enemy who uses a Cutter (typically Sir Kibble). Kirby can use the Cutter to perform several slashes in rapid succession, as well as doing a rising slash which ends with him slamming back down and creating a shockwave.

Hammer and Final Cutter serve as Kirby's Side Special Move and Up Special Move, respectively. Both moves would later be incorporated into the Smash Bros. Copy Ability in the Kirby games themselves, starting with Kirby & the Amazing Mirror.

Ultra Sword

Ultra Sword.png

Main article: Ultra Sword

Ultra Sword is one of Kirby's Super Abilities in Kirby's Return to Dream Land. It is the first Super Ability he can perform in the game and can gain it from inhaling a Super Blade Knight. When performed, Kirby will conjure a giant sword and do a large overhead swing so powerful it can defeat an enemy or mid-boss in one hit.

Kirby uses Ultra Sword as his Final Smash in both Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, replacing Cook Kirby.



Galaxia is Meta Knight's signature sword that first debuted in the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. It is a golden blade with two spiked prongs protruding from its sides (though that number has varied depending on the media) and a red jewel on its hilt. Meta Knight has excellent proficiency with the sword, as Galaxia can allow him to slash and slice at supersonic speeds. With it, he is capable of releasing crescent-shaped shots from the sword as well as harnessing elemental abilities.

Though not canon to the games, Galaxia is given an extended backstory in the anime. In the series, Galaxia is an ancient relic that has the power to decide the fate of the universe. It is imbued with a life of its own, and can electrocute someone if they deem them not worthy of even touching Galaxia. The sword was forged a thousand years prior to the show's events by Photron, but was stolen by the monster Kirisakin to safekeep it on behalf of eNeMeE. Meta Knight and his fellow Star Warrior Garlude attempt to reclaim Galaxia by battling Kirisakin; in the aftermath, Garlude manages to take the blade, but only tosses it to Meta Knight at the cost of her own life, as only he can wield it. Though Galaxia has chosen Meta Knight to be its user, its true power can be unlocked by Kirby; if he inhales it, he will gain the ability to fire powerful Sword Beams that can destroy Night Mare Enterprises' strongest monsters.

Prior to the anime, Meta Knight had only been seen wielding a generic golden sword. Due to the popularity of the series, Galaxia has since been retconned into the games, starting with Kirby's Air Ride. However, the name wouldn't be adopted until Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Kirby's Epic Yarn.

Galaxia is used in all of Meta Knight's moves, as well as in his Final Smashes, Galaxia Darkness and Darkness Illusion. True to the games, Meta Knight's slashes are very quick compared to other swordfighters, best demonstrated in his Flurry Attack.

King Dedede's Hammer

King Dedede's Hammer in Ultimate

Main articles: Jet Hammer, Dedede Burst, and Dede-Rush

King Dedede's Hammer is a large wooden mallet, slightly different from the one used in Kirby's Hammer Copy Ability. It is King Dedede's signature weapon, using it in almost all of his appearances as both a boss and as a playable character. Though he has used the same Hammer since his debut, other variations have existed, mainly a metal Hammer with a built-in rocket turbine that he uses in his Masked Dedede alter-ego.

King Dedede uses the Hammer in almost all of his normal attacks, giving him immense power. Its depiction in Smash adds original elements, such as a jet engine for his Down Special Jet Hammer and a special bomb compartment for his Final Smash Dedede Burst in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The special metal rocket-powered Hammer is used for his Dede-Rush Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


The Blaster as it appears in Star Fox: Assault

Main article: Blaster

The Blaster is a pistol in the Star Fox series used by Fox, Falco, and Wolf, as well as Fox's late father James. It can fire an unlimited amount of laser shots and, in some instances like in Star Fox: Assault, is also capable of charging up an energy shot.

Blasters are the Neutral Specials for Fox, Falco, and Wolf. Each of their Blasters have unique designs and differing properties to stand out from each other; Fox's shots are rapid, Falco's are much slower, and Wolf's can deal physical damage with its clawed tip. The Mii Gunner costume modeled after Fox also uses his Blaster.


Main article: Squall Hammer

Mallets are the tools the Ice Climbers use to climb Icicle Mountain in the Ice Climber game. The pair use them to break the blocks above their heads to continue their ascension as well as to ward off any Topis.

The duo use their mallets for almost all of their attacks in Smash, such as their Side Special, Squall Hammer.

Fire Emblem weapons


Falchion is a divine blade in the Fire Emblem series. Often referred to as the "Blade of Light" by the people of Archanea, it is a regalia sword forged from the fangs of the Divine Dragon ruler Naga as a means for mankind to protect itself against any malicious dragons. The sword and the Binding Shield would later be placed under the protection of Tiki in the Fane of Raman. Years later, Falchion would be acquired by Anri to kill the dragon king Medeus and end the Dolhr empire; following its collapse, the kingdom of Altea would be founded by Anri and Falchion would be passed down from successive kings as the kingdom's ancestral relic. The sword would eventually be inherited by Marth years after the death of his father Cornelius and used it to kill a revived Medeus twice, allowing him to become the Hero-King of Altea.

As millennia passed, the power of Falchion began to wane over time. As it continued to be passed down from ruler to ruler, its appearance heavily changed with new hilts, as all parts of the sword outside of the blade itself began to lose its durability; as a result, the sword came to be known as Sealed Falchion. It eventually came into the possession of the Ylisse royal family, who are descendants of Marth. By the beginning of Fire Emblem Awakening, Chrom is the wielder of Sealed Falchion; though it has been significantly weakened, he still manages to use it through the wars against Plegia, Valm, and the Grimleal. By the end of the game, Naga returns to revive Falchion's power in order for Chrom and his army to defeat Grima; this restored state would come to be known as Exalted Falchion.

Though the Falchion that Lucina wields is the same as her father's, due to its time displacement it becomes known as Parallel Falchion. In her timeline, she inherits the sword after Chrom is slain by Grima. Before she time travels to the past, she performs an incomplete rite of Awakening, allowing its power to be increased but not to its fullest.

Marth, Chrom, and Lucina use their appropriate variation of Falchion for their entire movesets in Smash. In a reference to their differing strengths due to their different placements in the Fire Emblem timeline, Marth's sword is strong mostly at its tip, while Chrom and Lucina's are even throughout the blade. A minimalist render of the Falchion also serves as the symbol to represent the Fire Emblem universe.

Binding Blade / Sword of Seals

Sword of Seals.PNG

The Binding Blade (localized in Super Smash Bros. Melee as the Sword of Seals) is Roy's sword that is exclusive to Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. It is a regalia sword that was forged during the Scouring, a cataclysmic war between humans and dragons. It is widely considered by the people of Elibe to be its most powerful weapon; combined with the Fire Emblem, it is capable of conjuring flames, healing and strengthening its wielder, and conveying memories from past wielders. Its power is tied to the emotions of its wielder and will change its strength accordingly.

The Binding Blade's first wielder was Hartmut, who used it during the Scourge along with a second sword being Eckesachs. At the climax of the war, Hartmut defeats the Demon Dragon Idunn, but his reluctance to kill her caused the sword to simply stun her instead; it would then be used with the Fire Emblem to seal Idunn away in the Shrine of Seals, along with the sword itself. One thousand years later, Bern's princess Guinivere gives Roy the Fire Emblem to unseal the Binding Blade for him to wield against King Zephiel, as well as against a freed Idunn.

Roy uses the Binding Blade for all of his attacks in Smash and much like in the original game, it inflicts fire damage against opponents. Unique to Smash, the blade also possesses a unique trait of of having most of its power concentrated at its base and hilt, which is meant to be a reversal of Marth's Falchion having a Tipper. As of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, Roy also holds it in a reverse grip akin to a dagger.



Ragnell is Ike's sword. It is a regalia sword considered by the people of the Begnion Empire to be one of its national treasures, alongside the sister blade Alondite. Both blades were bestowed upon Altina, one of the Three Heroes of Tellius, to be used to defeat the Chaos Goddess Yune. Following Yune's imprisonment within the Fire Emblem, Alita founded Begnion and left the swords in the kingdom's possession.

Millennia later, during the Mad King's War in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Greil uses the sword in a duel against the Black Knight, who himself is now the wielder of Alondite. After Greil is defeated and killed, his son Ike takes Ragnell, but refuses to use it until his own eventual duel with the Black Knight. By the end of the War, Ike returns Ragnell to Begnion's empress Sanaki. Three years later, in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, Sanaki gives Ragnell back to Ike as to allow him to command the combined armies of Begnion, Crimea, Galia, and Phoenicis against Lekain's own army. Later in the game, Yune blesses Ragnell to full strength, allowing Ike and his party to kill Ashera.

Millennia later, Ragnell comes into the possession of Ike's descendant Priam in Fire Emblem Awakening; by this point in time, its power has slowly begun to wane and its appearance slowly deteriorating. It can be used by anyone with high sword proficiency, but is now no longer impervious to battle damage.

Ike uses Ragnell in his entire moveset in Smash. Just like in his Fire Emblem games, Ike can create shockwaves by piercing the sword to the ground as well as throwing it to perform his signature move Aether.


Main articles: Thunder (Robin), Arcfire, Elwind, and Nosferatu

Tomes are a magical weapon type in the Fire Emblem series. They are special books that have harnessed the powers of nature itself; a magician in possession of a Tome can manipulate that energy to their will to cast an offensive spell. Unlike other weapon types in the series, they are completely separate from the Weapon Triangle. Tomes were first introduced to the people of Archanea by the Divine Dragon Gotoh; he originally wanted to share the secrets of magic to humans in the hopes of furthering their prosperity, but they unfortunately began using them as weapons of war.

In Smash, Tomes are used by Robin for their Special Moves; they can specifically cast Thunder, Fire, Wind, and Dark magic types.

Bronze Sword and Levin Sword

In Smash, Robin uses two swords; the weaker Bronze Sword and the stronger Levin Sword.

The Bronze Sword is a basic weapon first introduced in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. It is typically the weakest and lowest-ranked sword in the Fire Emblem series, but is consequently the easiest to use and the cheapest, as well as having the highest durability. The Levin Sword (also known as the Lighting Sword) is a recurring magic sword in the Fire Emblem series. As the name suggests, it has the ability to conjure lightning magic and deal magical damage to an opponent (as well as any other effects depending on the game).

Robin uses the swords for their normal attacks in Smash, though it depends on the situation; they will have the Bronze Sword as a constant, but can swap to the Levin Sword based on a specific attack such as their Smash Attacks. However, the Levin Sword has low durability and can easily break; once broken, it will take a few seconds for it to recharge and to be reused.

Omega Yato

Omega Yato.png

The Omega Yato is a regalia katana that only Corrin can wield in Fire Emblem Fates; the blade itself is the final form of the Yato that continuously evolves as the game progresses (depending on the player's chosen storyline) as well as Fate's titular Fire Emblem.

The Yato was forged by the Rainbow Siege alongside the four other legendary weapons of the Hoshido and Nohr clans during the war between twelve dragons and is said to be the key to bringing peace in the world. The katana was later concealed within a dragon statue in the center of Hoshido's Shirasagu Castle Town. The statue was destroyed after Corrin attempts to save Queen Mikoto from an assassination attempt, in which the Yato awakened and flew straight into their hand, choosing Corrin as its wielder. Alternate forms of Yato will then be revealed after Corrin makes their decision of which family they want to stay with (or reject both).

In the Birthright storyline, the Rainbow Sage blesses the Yato in order to resonate with Takumi's Fujin Yumi and transform into the Noble Yato, allowing Corrin to defeat Xander and Garon. It later transforms into the Blazing Yato, its ultimate Hoshidan form, after resonating with Ryoma's Raijinto in an effort to kill Garon.

In the Conquest storyline, after the Rainbow Sage's blessing and an assassination attempt on Garon, the Yato resonates with Leo's Brynhildr and transforms into the Grim Yato. It later transforms into the Shadow Yato, its ultimate Nohrian form, after resonating with Xander's Siegfried in an effort to kill Garon and the possessed corpse of Takumi.

In the Revelation storyline, the Rainbow Sage's blessing transforms the Yato into the Alpha Yato, but tells them they must ally with the wielders of the other four divine weapons in order to unlock its true form as the Fire Emblem. It does just that in the final battle, as it resonates with Ryoma's Raijinto, Xander's Siegfried, Takumi's Fujin Yumi, and Leo's Brynhildr to transform into the Omega Yato, allowing Corrin to kill Anankos.

Corrin wields the Omega Yato in Smash and as such, uses it in almost all of their normal attacks. It also has the unique trait of being capable of multi-hit attacks, as the blade is equipped with a chainsaw-esque edge.

Heroes' Relics

The Heroes' Relics refer to the thirteen regalia weapons prominently featured in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. They can only be wielded by characters who bear Crests, and even the kind of Crest they bear can only respond to specific Relics. Characters with no Crests can use them, but will consequently take damage after every battle. Four of the Relics appear in Smash; the Sword of the Creator, Failnaught, Areadbhar, and Aymr.

The Sword of the Creator is Byleth's signature weapon. It was forged from Sothis' heart and bones by the Liberation King Nemesis, who used it against his battle with Seiros; unfortunately, he was slain and the Sword taken away to be kept in a coffin. One thousand years later, the Death Knight and his group of soldiers attempted to raid the coffin and steal the Sword, only for Byleth to quickly intervene. To their surprise, the sword activates in their hands; Archbishop Rhea witnesses this and allows them to keep it.

The other three Relics are the signature regalia of the game's titular Three Houses. Failnaught is a regalia bow wielded by Lord Claude von Riegan of the Leicester Alliance, who leads the Golden Deer house, and is tied to the Crest of Riegan. Areadbhar is a regalia lance wielded by Prince Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, who leads the Blue Lions house, and is tied to the Crest of Blaiddyd. Aymr is a regalia axe wielded by Princess Edelgard von Hresvelg of the Adrestian Empire, who leads the Black Eagles house, and is tied to the Crest of Seiros; though often associated with the Relics, it is heavily implied to have been forged long after the rest of the weapons and seems to have been made specifically for Edelgard.

Byleth wields all three for their moveset in Smash; according to Masahiro Sakurai, this was to reference the branching storylines of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Each weapon is tied to a specific direction; upward attacks use the Sword of the Creator, sideways attacks use Areadbhar, downward attacks use Aymr, and neutral-based attacks use Failnaught.

Kid Icarus weapons

Palutena Bow and Silver Bow

Main articles: Palutena Bow and Silver Bow

The Palutena Bow and the Silver Bow are the signature weapons for Pit and Dark Pit, respectively.

The Palutena Bow made its debut in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a part of Pit's drastic redesign for the game. It is two blades connected together by the base of their handles; when split up, Pit can use them in a similar manner to daggers. When conjoined, Pit can attack with them much like a double-ended spear, as well as fire Palutena's Arrows if he holds it like a traditional bow and arrow. Though it technically is a Smash original weapon, the lore surrounding the Palutena Bow has since been expanded upon. According to its Trophy description as well as in a cutscene in The Subspace Emissary, it was bestowed to Pit following the defeat of Medusa in the first Kid Icarus. As revealed later in Kid Icarus: Uprising, the Bow was crafted by Palutena herself, something that was further divulged in the description for its Trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS by claiming that it was blessed with power when a beam of moonlight shone upon it as Palutena was crafting the Bow.

The Silver Bow is introduced in Uprising as a weapon that only Dark Pit can use. As per the item's description in the game, it is a prototype version of the Palutena Bow; compared to the original, the Silver Bow is slightly stronger with a focus on close-range attacks, especially with its Arrows.

Both Pits use their respective Bows for their normal attacks and fire its Arrows for their Neutral Specials. In Brawl, Pit also uses his Bow for the Side Special Angel Ring. A minimalist render of the Palutena Bow also serves as the symbol to represent the Kid Icarus universe.

Dark Pit Staff

Dark Pit Staff in Uprising.png

Main article: Dark Pit Staff

The Dark Pit Staff is one of the twelve Staffs featured in Kid Icarus: Uprising; as the name suggests, its a weapon designed only for Dark Pit to use. Despite being called a Staff, in actuality it is a long range rifle. It is the second-strongest Staff in the game (behind the Thanatos Staff) and is only seen in Dark Pit's first appearance in the game, being Chapter 6.

In Smash, Dark Pit uses the Staff for his Final Smash.

Xenoblade Chronicles swords


Monado I.jpg

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The Monado is a mythical energy sword in the first Xenoblade Chronicles. It has the ability to manipulate the ether energy around it, and as such is capable of changing the material and immaterial shape of the world. It can also give its users the power of Foresight, said to be because all of the world's ether is calculable and easily changeable.

The Monado was originally wielded by the Bionis itself in its war against the Mechonis. After their deaths, the weapon disappeared; it was later discovered in the Sealed Tower by Dickson, who also found a young orphan named Shulk and took them back to Colony 9. The first Homs to wield the Monado is Dunban, who used it to ward off Mechon invaders at the Battle of Sword Valley; though he could wield it out of sheer strength and discipline, Dunban was unable to fully control it and it consequently severely injured his right arm. One year later, Shulk (now a young man) discovers that he can use it without any problem and has also been given the power of Foresight. As the game progresses, the Monado gives Shulk new abilities, as well as allowing him to further control his new divination powers.

In Alcamoth, Shulk and his party meet the giant Zanza, the supposed creator of the Monado; after the party frees him from his shackles, he unlocks more power of the blade, transforming it into the Monado II before his untimely demise from Metal Face. Later, Shulk learns from Egil that his Monado is the bearer of Zanza's soul and the ultimate weapon of destruction, which Zanza used after possessing the body of another giant named Arglas to wage war against the Mechonis. However, unbeknowest to him, a third Monado form exists; this ultimate form, appropriately named Monado III, is unlocked after Shulk and his party ultimately slays Zanza.

In the bonus prologue Future Connected, Shulk wields the Monado Replica EX; as the name suggests, it is a replica Monado based on Miqol's prototypes. It shares the same stats as the other Replica Monado in the main game. Later in the game, Shulk gets the option to upgrade his blade to the Monado Replica EX+.

As the Monado is Shulk's signature weapon, he uses it for his entire moveset in Smash. With it, he is capable of harnessing the Monado Arts as well as using his divination abilities with Vision. A minimalist render of the Monado also serves as the symbol to represent the Xenoblade Chronicles universe.


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The Aegis is a legendary blade within the story of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

It was born from the Cores of the Trinity Processor, a powerful computer onboard the First Low Orbit Station and operated by the Architect. Originally, there were three Cores, each named Ontos, Logos, and Pneuma; after the Architect created an interdimensional mishap with the Trinity Processor, Ontos mysteriously disappeared, leaving Logos and Pneuma as the sole survivors. The Aegis possesses unique abilities compared to other common Blades such as being able to live well beyond the death of their Driver.

In the year 3564, the remaining Cores were stolen by the priest Amalthus as proof of his journey to Elysium for the citizens of Alrest. Upon descending from the World Tree, he awakens the Logos Core first, presenting a man named Malos, and the two form a bond. However, fueled by Amalthus' hatred of the world, Malos disconnects from him and soon begins a destructive assault on all of Alrest. Amalthus is then warned that he is not capable of awakening the Pneuma Crystal, so he recruits Addam, the prince of the Kingdom of Torna, to do it for him. This Crystal is revealed to be Mythra and the two quickly form their own bond and begin their quest to stop Malos and break his seal with the Tornan Titan while meeting and rescuing new allies along the way. These several clashes between Mythra and Malos that proceed through the rest of story would come to be known as the "Aegis War".

Eventually, Malos and Mythra come to a final stand; though she successfully severely wounds Malos, their climactic battle resulted in the destructions of the Tornan Titan, the town of Auresco, and the entire Kingdom of Torna. Witnessing all of this, Mythra, in her moment of extreme grief, spontaneously transforms into Pyra as to never use any of her chaotic abilities ever again and tasks Addam to seal her body in a ship and sink it underneath the Cloud Sea, never to be seen again. 500 years later, Pyra's body is discovered by a young salvager named Rex. After he is fatally impaled by Jin, he awakens inside Pyra's memories, where she hands him an offer; she will grant him a portion of her crystal to revive him if he can take her back to Elysium. He agrees, and is revived with a new bond with Pyra, and the two escape the Tornan salvagers, thus beginning their journey.

Later in the game, Pyra attempts to rescue a kidnapped hostage from Malos. Rex and his party soon follow to rescue her, but chaos quickly ensues. As Rex fails to escape from Malos, in a last ditch effort, Pyra quickly transforms back into Mythra for the first time to save Rex. Eventually, the two can transform into each other freely during battle. At Elysium, the party attempts to save the girls from Malos once again; as Rex fights empty handed, he declares he is fighting for them instead. This declaration combined with his deep bond with the girls results in Rex unlocking their true form, a blue haired girl named Pneuma. With this newfound power, Rex and Pneuma and their party successfully defeat Malos once and for all. However, Pneuma sacrifices herself to detonate the World Tree as the world starts to crumble and the Cloud Sea begins to fade away. In the rebirth of the new world, Pyra and Mythra are revived, now in separate bodies, and reunite with the rest of the party.

Both girls use their respective variations of the Aegis for their movesets in Smash. Though they are one and the same, the two have unique abilities and stats, with Pyra being slow and powerful and Mythra being weaker but faster.

Inklings' Arsenal

The Inklings' Arsenal are the weapons they (and Octolings as of Octo Expansion) use to partake in regular Splatoon matches, as well as other special instances like the solo campaigns Agents are involved in or during Salmon Run jobs for Grizzco Industries. They are primarily used to spread ink all over the map and to splat other Inklings, Octoling enemies, or enemy Salmonids.

Weapons are classified into three categories:

  • Main: The primary weapon of choice. They are organized in their own sub-categories to fit playstyles; these are Shooters, Rollers/Brushes, Chargers, Sloshers, Splatlings, Dualies, and Brellas.
  • Sub: Secondary weapons that typically consume a lot of ink. Examples include various bombs, the Sprinkler, the Splash Wall, and the Squid Beakon.
  • Special: Powerful weapons that can only be accessed after filling up the ink gauge. Examples include the Killer Wail, the Inkstrike, the Splashdown, and the Booyah Bomb.

Naturally, Inklings use a large majority of the weapons in the first Splatoon to attack in Smash. These are mainly the Splattershot, the Splat Roller, the Splat Bomb, the Brush, the Slosher, the Ink Blaster, and the Killer Wail. The Mii Gunner costume modeled after the Inklings from both Splatoon games also use the Splattershot.

Min Min's ARMS

Min Min's ARMS refer to the three default weapons she uses to fight in ARMS.

Within the game, ARMS are weapons that are attached to the fighters' extendable limbs. Each individual weapon is categorized into one of nine Attributes that will activate upon charging. When an opponent is hit with them, they will undergo a temporary status effect that can hinder them. These Attributes are:

  • Fire - engulfs the opponent in flames after knocking them down
  • Electric - disables the opponent's ARMS and makes the unable to move
  • Wind - fighters will fly away in a short distance
  • Stun - makes the opponent unable to move
  • Explosion - combos the opponent in an explosion
  • Ice - freezes and slows the movement of the opponent
  • Blind - covers the opponent's screen
  • Poison - the opponent's health will slowly drain away
  • Null - no effects

Though Min Min can equip any ARM of the player's choosing, she does have a default set, which are:

  • Dragon - a medium-weight Fire-type ARM that will shoot laser beams
  • Ramram - a lightweight Fire-type ARM that fires a projectile in a boomerang-like trajectory
  • Megawatt - a heavyweight Electric-type ARM that is slow to launch but very powerful

As they are her defaults, Min Min uses the Dragon, the Ramram, and the Megawatt for her moveset in Smash. She can also change between any of them at any time with her Down Special Move ARMS Change.

Snake's Arsenal

Snake's Arsenal consists of military-grade weapons and gear he must use to complete his missions. Typically in the Metal Gear Solid series, Snake arrives with a limited amount of weapons and must procure more on-site, usually stealing them from incapacitated targets or finding them in certain locations.

The type of weapons Snake uses in Metal Gear Solid are usually types of realistic firearms including various handguns and assault rifles, as well as combat knives. However, to fit within the constraints of Smash, Snake uses much larger and explosive weapons such as C4, a Remote Missile, a Rocket Launcher, a Mortar, and a Grenade Launcher.

Mega Buster

The Mega Buster (known as the Rock Buster in Japan) is an arm cannon built into the body of Mega Man and other versions of him throughout the Mega Man series. Designed by Dr. Light, it is his most basic weapon and can fire energy shots and other forms of ammunition that Mega Man gains from defeating the Robot Masters.

Mega Man uses the Mega Buster in all of his moves in Smash. The Mii Gunner costumes modeled after X, MegaMan.EXE, and Proto Man also use their respective versions of the Mega Buster.

Final Fantasy swords

Buster Sword and Fusion Sword

The Buster Sword is Cloud Strife's signature weapon that he wields in Final Fantasy VII as well as in subsequent appearances outside of the game; an exception to this is in the film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, where he instead wields the Fusion Sword.

The Buster Sword is a broadsword that is almost as tall as Cloud himself, at approximately five to six feet long with a 137°-angled tip. The blade also contains two holes near the hilt, which are slots for Materia. Prior to Cloud, the Buster Sword was previously wielded by fellow SOLDIER Angeal Hewley, as it was his late father who forged it. To honor him, Angeal tries his best to preserve it, opting to use a standard SOLDIER sword instead to make sure the Buster Sword does not get damaged. He then passes it down to his comrade Zack Fair as a symbol of passing on his honor and dreams. After Zack himself is gunned down outside of Midgar, he passes the Sword onto Cloud and names him his living legacy.

In Advent Children, which is set two years after the original Final Fantasy VII, Cloud places the Buster Sword on the very cliff Zack died to serve as a memorial, and later moves it into the Sector 5 Church at the end of the movie. In its place, he uses the Fusion Sword; as the name suggests, it is six individual blades assembled into one. The blades themselves are a variety of shapes and sizes, some of which are suited for specific combat situations. When Cloud travels around in his motorcycle the Fenrir, Cloud separates them and places them into their own compartment on either side.

Cloud uses both Swords in Smash for his entire moveset, though it is dependent on the palette swap; if Cloud is in his original outfit, he will wield the Buster Sword, but if in his Advent Children outfit he will instead wield the Fusion Sword. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Fusion Sword is capable of separating when Cloud performs his Final Smash, Omnislash Ver. 5.



Masamune is a recurring sword throughout the Final Fantasy series that is typically acquired late in the game. Though it has appeared in several games, its most famous appearance is in Final Fantasy VII as the signature weapon of Sephiroth.

In the game, it is designed to resemble an overextended Japanese odachi katana, with its measurement being approximately six to eight feet long. Much like Ike's Ragnell, it is primarily designed to be a two-handed sword, but with Sephiroth's immense strength, he can easily wield it with just one. Under his usage, he is capable of slicing through magic spells and even solid objects with ease. Following his hibernation in the Lifestream, Sephiroth can manifest Masamune wherever he wants at will. During his brief time as a party member in Final Fantasy VII, it is revealed that the sword has six Materia slots.

Sephiroth uses Masamune for all of his normal attacks in Smash, as well as in his Up Special Moves Blade Dash and Octaslash. It is currently the longest sword in the series, far outclassing the previous record holder, being Shulk's Monado.

Scarborough Fair and Love is Blue

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Scarborough Fair and Love is Blue are the names of Bayonetta's default handguns from Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, respectively. Both sets were crafted by Rodin and fire magic bullets; two are fired manually, while the remaining pair are attached to her heels. Aside from firing at long distance targets, Bayonetta can also use them for melee attacks by pistol-whipping enemies.

Each handgun is also given their own individual name and color coded gem. For Scarborough Fair, the names are taken from the lyrics to the folk song of the same name. They are:

  • "Parsley, ever Joyous" (Green gem)
  • "Sage, ever Strong" (Red gem)
  • "Rosemary, ever Reminiscent" (Blue gem)
  • "Thyme, ever Courageous" (White gem)

As for Love is Blue, the names are music terms often associated with orchestral pieces. A corresponding engraving and flower gem are added:

  • "Prelude", with an engraved "An Endless Life" and Muscari flower (White gem)
  • "Toccata", with an engraved "Eye of the Overseer" and Marigold flower (Red gem)
  • "Minuet", with an engraved "A Jealous Lover" and Cyclamen flower (Green gem)
  • "Nocturne", with an engraved "The Darkest Night" and Erica flower (Black gem)

In Smash, Bayonetta uses both guns (depending on the palette swap) and uses them for both long-ranged and melee attacks, as well as using Bullet Arts.

Castlevania weapons

Vampire Killer

The Vampire Killer (also known as the Holy Whip and the Magic Whip) is a legendary whip wielded by several members of the Belmont Clan in the Castlevania series. It is one of the known few weapons that can kill vampires and other monstrous creatures, such as Death itself. Though it is typically depicted as a leather whip, it can be fully upgraded and transformed into a chain whip with a Morning Star tip.

The whip was originally created by Rinaldo Gandolfi through alchemy, and as such was originally known as the Whip of Alchemy. Soon after, the whip's ownership transferred to Leon Belmont, where under his possession it transformed into its more powerful current state following the sacrifice of his fiancee Sara Trantoul, who had been cursed with vampirism. In 1476, the whip was passed down to Trevor Belmont, who became the first Belmont to use the Vampire Killer to defeat Dracula. After this, the whip was passed down from generation to generation as to ensure the peoples' protection from Dracula and the vampires. Following Alucard's defeating of his father in 1797, the Vampire Killer was entrusted to the Morris Clan, vowing to safeguard it until a Belmont came to reclaim it. This wouldn't occur until 1999, when Julius Belmont placed it within Dracula's Castle to weaken Dracula's spirit. He later retrieves it in 2035 to battle Soma Cruz.

Both Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont use the fully upgraded form of the Vampire Killer for most of their normal attacks in Smash. It is one of the longest weapons in the series and its extended reach allows the two to use it as a Tether recovery.


Main articles: Axe, Cross, and Holy Water

Throughout the Castlevania series, the protagonists can acquire several kinds of Sub-Weapons from breaking candelabras to use in defeating the vampires and other kinds of monsters. Though there have been a wide assortment, three have remained a constant; the Axe, the Cross, and Holy Water (alongside the Dagger and the Stopwatch).

The Axe is a large axehead that wielders typically throw in a large arc; as mdescribed in Lament of Innocence, the heads are supposedly forged from silver. The Cross is a large x-shaped weapon the acts similarly like a boomerang; it usually thrown in a straight line, which will then automatically return to the thrower. Holy Water is a flask filled with water that has been purified and blessed by a church; when thrown on the ground or an opponent, it will explode and combust into flames if on or near the presence of evil.

All three items are used by both Simon Belmont and Richter Belmont for their Spacial Moves in Smash; the Axe is their Neutral Special, the Cross for their Side Special, and the Holy Water for their Down Special.

Rebel Knife and Tkachev

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In Persona 5, Joker can wield two basic weapons - a Knife and a Gun. Their respective defaults are the Rebel Knife and Tkachev.

Both weapons are first used in the game's first palace, Kamoshida's Castle. The Rebel Knife is immediately procured in the game's first enemy battle, right after Joker first awakens his Persona. Knives are his weapon for melee-based attacks. Though strong on its own right, it is his least versatile weapon, as it does not allow for much variation.

Tkachev is first used soon afterwards and is Joker's long-distance weapon. Though it may appear as a real pistol, in actuality it is a plastic airsoft gun Ryuji Sakamoto brought with him for their first return trip to the Palace as self-defense. As explained by Morgana, if an object in the Metaverse can be easily mistaken for something else, it can become that thing, making it possible for something such as an airsoft gun to fire real lethal bullets. Guns are Joker's most versatile weapons, having the ability to perform unique abilities with it, most of which are acquired during the Confidant arc with Shinya Oda.

As with other weapons in the Persona series, both the Rebel Knife and Tkachev can be traded for other types of Knives and Guns that are much stronger in comparison. They can be procured in treasure chests, taken from defeated Shadows, or purchased at the Untouchable airsoft shop run by Munehisa Iwai.

In Smash, Joker uses the Rebel Knife for most of his normal attacks. Tkachev is reserved for his Neutral Special, where he can continuously and rhythmically shoot if the Special button is held. When Arsene is present, he will instead perform Gun Special, which can fire three bullets per shot.

Hero's Equipment

In Smash, the Heroes of Dragon Quest each wield a sword and a shield. As there are four Heroes from different games and four different timeline placements, the equipment they wield greatly differ from each other.

The Sword of Kings is a legendary blade wielded by Erdrick in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation. It was said to have taken Zoma three years to completely forge the blade in the events prior to the game. To restore its strength, the player must locate a piece of Orichalcum and have it taken to a blacksmith of godly skill. It is paired with the Shield of Heroes, a legendary shield found in the Nail Mark north by northwest of Tantengel castle. Both the sword and the shield, along with the Auroral Armour and Ortega's Helmet, make up the Erdrick Equipment.

The Zenithian Sword is a legendary blade wielded by Solo and Sofia in Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen. It is found atop the World Tree, where a Zenithian named Orifiela points them to the sword's specific location; the sword will be powered-up to full strength after talking to the Zenith Dragon. It is paired with the Zenithian Shield; it is gifted to Solo as a reward for assisting the Burland authorities with solving a theft and finding the robber. Both the sword and the shield, along with the Zenithian Armour and the Zenithian Helm, make up the Zenithian Equipment.

The Dragovian King Sword is a katana wielded by Eight in Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King. It is the fully upgraded form of the Dragovian Sword after being mixed with the Liquid Metal Sword in an alchemy pot. It is paired with the Dragovian Shield; both items together with the Dragovian Helmet and Armour make up the Dragovian Equipment. Unlike other equipment in the series, these are not required for the story and are simply rewards for defeating the Lord of the Dragovians at the Heavenly Dais.

The Supreme Sword of Light is a legendary sword wielded by The Luminary in Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. It is the fully upgraded form of the Super Sword of Light, which can be obtained after completing one of Drustan's trials and earning the recipe book to make the Supreme Sword as a reward. It is paired with Erdwin's Shield; both items together with Erdwin's Tunic and Erdwin's Coronet make up the Erdwin Equipment.

All four Heroes use their respective swords in all of their normal attacks in Smash, as well as serving as a conduit to casting certain spells. Their respective shields can allow them to block projectiles when stationary much like Link's Shields. The Mii Swordfighter costume modeled after the Erdrick Equipment also uses the Sword of Kings.

Steve and Alex's Tools

Steve and Alex's Tools are items that the player can craft to assist them in collecting resources and ward off any hostile Mobs. Though there are a wide assortment in the game, four are used in Smash; the Sword, the Pickaxe, the Axe, and the Shovel.

Swords are weapons that require two elements and one Stick organized on top of each other to craft; they can be used to mine for cobwebs and bamboo and allow Steve and Alex to block and parry attacks. Pickaxes are used to mine for ores, rocks, and precious metals that requires three elements and two Sticks organized in a T-shape to craft; though it can usually mine at any kind of ore, certain elements can only be successfully gathered with a specific type of Pickaxe (i.e. Gold can only be mined by an Iron, Diamond, or Netherite Pickaxe). Axes are used to gather Wood; it also requires three elements and two Sticks to craft, though the elements are all organized on the top left corner of the Crafting Table. Shovels are tools that are used to dig up Dirt and other soft materials as well as putting out campfires; it requires one element and two Sticks that are also organized on top of each other to craft.

Steve and Alex (as well as a Zombie and an Enderman) use the Pickaxe, Axe, and Shovel to mine for materials during matches in Smash, while the Sword and Pickaxe are used offensively. Much like in Minecraft, they can be upgraded with different and stronger materials but can also break after heavy use. The Mii Swordfighter costume modeled after the Diamond Armor also uses a Diamond Sword.

Kingdom Key

The Kingdom Key as it appears in Kingdom Hearts III

The Kingdom Key is Sora's default weapon.

In the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Keyblades are important weapons in the series, wielded by a majority of the important characters in the story; they are magical weapons that can vanquish darkness and lock & unlock Keyholes. A Keyblade chooses its wielder upon being forged, with those chosen becoming known as Keyblade Wielders, but may shift allegiances for unknown reasons. Keyblades were created by the Master of Masters after extracting them from the hearts of people through the χ-blade (pronouced "chi-blade"), a legendary weapon that protected the path to and could unlock Kingdom Hearts. Humanity soonafter clashed on who should conquer Kingdom Hearts' light - those who served it, those who served darkness, those who sought balance, and those who were power-hungry - resulting in the Keyblade War. The conflict caused mass casualties while Kingdom Hearts became trapped in the deepest depths of darkness and the χ-blade shattered into 20 pieces - 7 of light and 13 of darkness. The survivng Keyblade Wielders decided to use their weapons to protect what became left of the Realm of Light. As centuries passed, new Wielders were born, some of which were destined to be gathered by Xehanort in his nefarious plan to reforge the χ-blade and start another Keyblade War. Keyblade Wielders in the franchise have included Sora, Kairi (currently in training), Roxas, Xion, Terra, Ventus, Vanitas, and the Dandelions. After passing their Mark of Mastery exam, Wielders can become Keyblade Masters; these have included the Master of Masters and his six apprentices (Invi, Gula, Ira, Aced, Ava, and Luxu), Master Odin, Eraqus, Xehanort, Ephemer, Xigbar, Aqua, Riku, Yen Sid (currently retired), and King Mickey.

Sora became a Keyblade Wielder after his heart merged with Ventus' in order to heal the latter's after being shattered during the creation of Vanitas and the destruction of the first remade χ-blade. Sora is the chosen wielder of the Kingdom Key, the most iconic of the Keyblades, often used in all of his promotional artwork and having appeared in every entry in the Kingdom Hearts series to date. It is designed after a regular skeleton key and is approximately 3.5' long with a Mickey Head keychain attached. Though it is primarily associated with Sora, other characters have also wielded the Kingdom Key for various reasons; in the first Kingdom Hearts, it was originally meant to be Riku's weapon, but switched allegiances to Sora following Riku's acceptance of the darkness; in Kingdom Hearts II and 358/2 Days, Roxas is able to summon Sora's Kingdom Key due to being his Nobody; Xion is also able to wield the Kingdom Key in 358/2 Days due to her nature as Sora's replica. King Mickey also wields his own version of Sora's Keyblade, called Kingdom Key D, which later gets upgraded in Kingdom Hearts III into the Star Cluster.

Sora uses the Kingdom Key in all of his attacks in Smash, being able to perform Combo attacks and cast various Magic spells. He also uses its Keyhole-sealing abilities for his Final Smash.

Mii Fighters

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Mii Swordfighter

Depending on the costume, the Mii Swordfighter can wield a wide assortment of swords (and other similar weapons):

  • Standard Outfit - A generic sword with a gold hilt
  • Cybernetic Suit - A futuristic glowing neon blade
  • Monkey Suit - A stick
  • Business Suit - A black sword
  • Ninja Outfit - A ninjatō
  • Pirate Outfit - A cutlass
  • SSB T-Shirt - A sword with a glowing multi-colored blade
  • Samurai Armor - A katana
  • Plate Armor - A broadsword
  • Neon Suit - A futuristic glowing neon blade
  • Hoodie - A glowing sword with a blue hilt
  • Butler Outfit - A rapier
  • Maid Outfit - A broom
  • Link Outfit / Champion's Tunic - The Master Sword
  • Dunban Outfit - The Homs Sabre
  • Chrom Outfit - Sealed Falchion
  • Black Knight Outfit - Alondite
  • Ashley Outfit - Ashley's wand
  • Takamaru Outfit - A ninjatō
  • Viridi Outfit - Viridi's staff
  • Zero Outfit - The Z-Saber
  • Lloyd Outfit - One of the Twin Blades (the other is sheathed as a part of the outfit)
  • Hunter's Mail - The Hunter's Knife
  • Rathalos Mail - The Blazing Falchion
  • Gil Outfit - Excalibur
  • Lip Outfit - Lip's Stick
  • Yiga Clan Outfit - The Vicious Sickle
  • Vince Outfit - A paint brush
  • Isaac Outfit - Short Sword
  • Rex Outfit - The Aegis
  • Persona 3 Protagonist Outfit - A Shortsword as it appears in Persona 3
  • Persona 4 Protagonist Outfit - An Imitation Katana as it appears in Persona 4
  • Veronica Outfit - Veronica's staff
  • Erdrick Equipment - The Sword of Kings
  • Goemon Outfit - Goemon's kiseru
  • Nakoruru Outfit - Nakoruru's Chichi-ushi
  • Altaïr Outfit - The Sword of Altaïr
  • Ancient Soldier Gear - The Ancient Shortsword
  • Diamond Armor - A Diamond Sword
  • Travis Outfit - Travis' Blood Berry
  • Aerith Outfit - The Guard Stick
  • Arthur Outfit - The Lance
  • Dragonborn Outfit - The Steel Sword
  • Dante Outfit - Alastor

Mii Gunner

Depending on the costume, the Mii Gunner can be equipped with a wide assortment of Arm Cannons or handguns:

  • Standard Outfit - A standard Arm Cannon
  • Business Suit - An Arm Cannon modeled after a suitcase
  • SSB T-Shirt - A large Arm Cannon
  • High-Tech Armor - A tank-inspired Arm Cannon
  • Dragon Armor - An Arm Cannon that resembles the head of a dragon
  • Steampunk Getup - A steampunk-inspired Arm Cannon
  • Wild West Outfit - An Arm Cannon modeled after a revolver
  • Bear Suit - An Arm Cannon modeled after a honey pot
  • Fancy Suit - A thin Arm Cannon
  • Mage Robe - A metal Arm Cannon
  • Hoodie - A white Arm Cannon
  • Butler Outfit and Maid Outfit - A vase-shaped Arm Cannon
  • Special Forces Outfit - An Arm Cannon meant to resemble tactical firearms
  • Astronaut Outfit - An Arm Cannon modeled after the thrusters of a rocket ship
  • Samus' Armor - Varia Suit Arm Cannon
  • Fox Outfit - Fox's Blaster
  • Isabelle Outfit - A party popper
  • K.K. Slider Outfit - K.K.'s acoustic guitar
  • Inklings Outfit / Splatoon 2 Outfit - The Splattershot
  • Tails Outfit - An original handgun, but is potentially inspired by his inventions such as the Blue Star II and the Wave Cyclone
  • Proto Man Armor - The Proto Buster
  • X Armor - The X-Buster
  • MegaMan.EXE Armor - His version of the Mega Buster
  • Geno Outfit - The Finger Shot
  • Chibi-Robo Outfit - The Chibi-Blaster
  • Ray MK III Outfit - The hand-held blaster
  • Saki Outfit - The Dolphin Gun
  • Sans Outfit - A Gaster Blaster
  • Cuphead Outfit - Cuphead's index finger
  • Marie Outfit - The Hero Shot Replica
  • Vault Boy Outfit - The Alien Blaster
  • Barret Outfit - The Gatling Gun
  • Doom Slayer Outfit - UAC Pistol



  • Yoshi Eggs - Eggs that Yoshi can either lay by swallowing opponents, materialize to throw, or encase himself in to roll around in.
  • Baseball Bat and Yo-Yo - Two items owned by Ness that he uses for his Side Smash and Up Smash/Down Smash Attacks, respectively.
  • Unknown firearm - A gun owned by Captain Falcon that he keeps holstered on his hip, but never pulls out in any of his appearances.
  • Peach Parasol and Daisy Parasol - Umbrellas owned by Princess Peach and Princess Daisy that they use for their Up Special Moves.
  • Sheik's Arsenal - An assortment of weapons used by Sheik that are completely original and made for Smash, though could potentially be based on real ninja weaponry. These include Needles, a Chain, Burst Grenade, and a knife she pulls out for her Final Smash Sheikah Dance.
  • Mr. Game & Watch's Arsenal - Refers to the items Mr. Game & Watch uses for his moveset in Smash, which are all taken from various games in the Game & Watch line.
  • Stick and Rope Snake - Two items owned by Lucas; the Stick is used for his Side Smash Attack and the Rope Snake is used for his Grab and Tether recovery.
  • Gyro - A spinning top that was an add-on for R.O.B. to use when playing the game Gyromite. He uses it for his Down Special Move as a chargeable projectile.
  • Animal Crossing Items - Various items and knick knacks both the Villager and Isabelle use for their movesets in Smash. These range from sticks, to bowling balls, to pots, and even balloons.
  • Water Shuriken and Water Katanas/Kunai - Greninja's Neutral Special allows him to create a large shuriken out of pure water. For his Forward Smash and Up Smash Attacks, he will conjure bladed weapons, which are also made of water; in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, he will create Water Katanas, while in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate they are instead Water Kunai.
  • Shot Put - A large iron ball the Mii Brawler can toss out in one of their Neutral Specials.
  • Palutena's Staff - A magical staff that Palutena uses as a conduit for her magic spells. The term "Staff" in this context is not meant to be confused or conflated with the Staff firearms in Kid Icarus: Uprising, as in the Dark Pit Staff.
  • Bonus Fruit - A series of fruit and other objects Pac-Man can shuffle through for his Neutral Special, each with their own unique attributes. In the original Pac-Man game, they were simply special items that can give the player bonus points.
  • Trick Shot Can and Clay Pigeon - Two objects often associated with target practice that Duck Hunt use in their Special Moves. The Can comes from Hogan's Alley and is a part of their Neutral Spacial, while the Clay Pigeon comes from a bonus mode in the Duck Hunt game.

Assist Trophies

  • Hammers - Thrown in a large arc by the Hammer Bro.
  • Tennis Racquet - A normal racquet used by Waluigi, done as a reference to his debut in Mario Tennis.
  • Fly Swatter - An oversized fly swatter used in the Fly Swatter minigame in Mario Paint and appears with the Flies & Hand.
  • Ghirahim's Knives and Sword - When summoned, Ghirahim will slash away with his sword and throw out knives in a fan-shaped pattern.
  • Krystal's Staff - A magic staff used by Krystal that can cast ice spells.
  • Multi Bottle Rocket 5 - A series of bottle rockets invented by Jeff Andonuts that home in on opponents.
  • Samurai Goroh's Katana - A blade used by Samurai Goroh that he uses to blindly slash at opponents while running.
  • Mani Katti - A katana wielded by Lyn that she uses to strike at a targeted opponent for a potential one-hit KO.
  • Alondite - A strong sword used by the Black Knight that give his attacks the potential for a one-hit KO. Its sister blade is Ike's Ragnell.
  • Magnus Club - An oversized broadsword wielded by Magnus that deals an immense amount of damage.
  • Kat & Ana's Katanas - Blades the twin girls use to slash in a criss-cross pattern in the air.
  • Toaster - One of Spring Man's default ARMS; an oversized mechanical boxing glove with the Fire Attribute.
  • Gray Fox's Katana - When summoned, Gray Fox will violently slash at opponents with his katana.
  • Wily Capsule - A specialized pod that Dr. Wily pilots. It is capable of firing energy shots made of fire, ice, and/or lightning that can travel along the ground.
  • The Z-Saber - A beam katana used by Zero. He can perform multi-hit attacks and fire blade beams with it.
  • Crissaegrim - A blade wielded by Alucard that can hit multiple times.
  • Infantry and Tanks - An army militia consisting of soldiers with firearms and multiple tanks.
  • The Dolphin Gun - A specialized weapon used by Saki Amamiya that allows him to fire energy bullets as well as convert that energy into a blade.
  • Ray MK III's Blaster - An Arm Cannon attached to Ray's body that he uses to fire missiles and energy bullets.
  • Drill Dozer - A machine that Jill pilots that allows her to move and drill at opponents.
  • Sheriff's Pistol - An 8-bit gun that fires out large bullets.
  • Takamaru's Ninjatō and Pinwheel Knife - A katana wielded by Takamaru. He can also throw out Pinwheel Knives, which are spinning blade projectiles thrown in a cross-shaped pattern.
  • Camera Obscura - A magic camera used by Yuri Kozukata that can ward off hostile spirits. In Smash, anyone caught in the reticule will be inflicted with Poison.
  • Bomberman Bombs - Large bombs that detonate in a cross shape.
  • Shovel - A weapon naturally wielded by Shovel Knight, who uses it to bury opponents and bounce on the ground like a pogo-stick.