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The following is a list of victory poses of characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, shown in the order of the up, left, and right buttons on the D-Pad that can determine them. Veterans seem to have their poses based on those from Brawl and SSBWU/3DS, yet they all are slightly changed to make them more expressive, though there are some exceptions.


Her glasses glare at the end of her victory poses.

  • Performs Break Dance[1], then says either "Dreadful," or "Don't make me beg."
  • Dances similar to her down taunt, with a slightly altered end pose, and says, "Miss me, baby?" with an open smile.
  • Steps back, pirouettes like a ballerina, then aims Love is Blue to the right with a pose, saying, "That all you got?" or "You're making it easy."


  • Runs forward and slashes with his claws twice.
  • Steps up, build up a little then roars.
  • Breathes fire around and then does an intimidating pose.

Bowser Jr.

  • Rides in on his Clown Kart, laughing and holding his hammer (or in the case of the Koopalings, their wand).
  • Steps out of his Clown Car and jumps for joy, then gives an open-mouthed smile.
  • Steps out of his Clown Car and rubs the side of it while smiling.

Captain Falcon

  • Does two spinning kicks, then poses in a kneeling position.
  • Charges up red energy.[2]
  • Does three consecutive roundhouse kicks, then poses.[2]


  • Says "悪く思うな" ("Waruku omou na") which translate to: "No hard feelings" as he spins the Buster Sword around before hanging it over his back.
  • Spins the Buster Sword around once and says "ついてないな" ("Tsuite nai na") which translates to: "Better luck next time." as he turns his back to the screen and hangs it over his back. He then turns his head to face the screen.
  • Does two slashes and says "お前に俺は倒せない" ("Omae ni ore ha taosenai") which translates to: "You cannot defeat me." before assuming a battle stance.


  • Twirls the Omega Yato over their head and places it on its tip. Male Corrin say, "That went well!", while female Corrin says, "That was great!"
  • Swings the Omega Yato. Male Corrin will say "I win!" while female Corrin says "Good!".
  • Transforms into their dragon form and roars.


  • Swings his sword forwards, then says "That training paid off!"
  • Slashes the Falchion downwards, then take his counter pose and says "Anything can change!".
  • Stabs his sword into the ground and says "I will cut a path!"


  • Jumps for joy, then poses with her fist pumped and her other hand on her hip.
  • Spins around in joy for a bit, and then winks towards the screen with a "V" hand gesture on the face.
  • Stretches her arms for a bit and performs her artwork pose[3]

Dark Pit

  • Twirls his sword around and says "Looks like I'm the last man standing." then poses with his sword pointed out.
  • Stabs his sword into the ground, says "I can't help but feel sorry for you!" then poses with his arms crossed.
  • Says "nice try" flatly, then poses with his fist outstretched.

Dark Samus

  • Two copies of Dark Samus double backflips in opposite directions, spin around towards each other and fuse together, then prepares its Arm Cannon.
  • Holds her hand up, and then poses[4]
  • Hovers in the air, surrounded by blue energy, with her back turned to the camera. Then she turns around.

Diddy Kong

  • Hovers and spins with his Rocketbarrel, then poses with one hand on his head and the other scratching his chin as he happily stomps in place.
  • Throws a few kicks and punches in the air, then poses while balancing on his one hand, and claps his feet together.
  • Fires his Peanut Popgun several times, then poses while pointing one of them forward.

Donkey Kong

  • Holds his hands above his head and shakes them.
  • Does a backflip and then a strong man pose.
  • Beats his chest.

Dr. Mario

  • Points his stethoscope in various directions then poses with it.
  • Throws a pill, brushes the dust off his hands, then poses with one pill in each hand.
  • Taps his foot on the ground, then rubs his chin in a thoughtful pose.

Duck Hunt

  • Chases the exploding can as it bounces into view, then kicks it and poses.
  • Jumps behind a patch of 8-bit grass. The duck jumps out and hovers in place. The dog does his signature laugh.
  • Poses while summoning multiple Wild Gunmen.




  • Poses with his blaster to the left, right and forward, saying "Mission complete!"
  • Points, then spins his blaster and puts it in his holster and quickly turns forward, saying "This is Fox, returning to base."
  • Crosses his arms, looks upward, and raises his tail.


  • Flips his cape and makes a victory fist.
  • While crossing his arms, he laughs, then looks down at the camera.
  • Hovers in the air for a bit, pumps his fists and raises his hand forward.


  • Jumps into the air, spins around, then poses with its arms crossed and its back to the camera.

Ice Climbers

  • Both Ice Climbers nod to each other then gives each other a high five.
  • Both Ice Climbers excitedly jump up and down.
  • Standing in front of each other, one Ice Climber moves their head to the left, while the other one moves their head to the right; they then spin their heads around.


While Ike's victory poses are the same between costumes, his victory lines differ per costume.

  • Forcefully plants the Ragnell into the ground, then folds his arms. Path of Radiance Ike says, "I submit to no one," while Radiant Dawn Ike says, "I must move forward."
  • Slashes Ragnell twice. Path of Radiance Ike says, "Your skills were... remarkable," while Radiant Dawn Ike says, "Don't stand in my way."
  • Performs Aether while facing the screen. Path of Radiance Ike says, "You'll get no sympathy for me," while Radiant Dawn Ike says, "I fight for my friends."




  • Jumps twice, spins and poses with her/his Splattershot.
  • Sways the Roller happily on both sides and then rests it on her/his shoulder.
  • Throws the Slosher in the air, grabs and throws it again, then spins it on her/his finger.


  • Dusts herself off, then jumps for joy twice before putting her hands on her hips in a confident manner.
  • Waves energetically with her left then right hands, then poses with her arms wide open and a joyful smile.
  • Waves goodbye to Lloid as he rockets off to the distance, then turns to face the camera and pose.


  • Sidesteps into view, then poses.
  • Jumps for joy, twirls, then poses.
  • Falls in and out of sleep.



King Dedede

  • Slaps his belly as a Waddle Dee walks up beside him.
  • Slams his hammer onto the ground twice, then holds up his hammer and grins.
  • Spins his hammer around, then poses with the Jet Hammer, beads of sweat visible on the side of his face.

King K. Rool

  • Spins and flip his cape, then does his artwork pose.
  • Shifts his eyes left and right before ending with a triumphant pose.
  • Belly flops on screen before rebounding and slapping his belly.[5]


Kirby summons two copies of himself when he is alone in the victory screen, resembling the victory dances from his original games. The copies disappear at the end of the dance.

  • Jumps twice, walks back while waving his arms, spins and then finishes it with a pose.
  • Does a flip and faces away from the screen briefly, then jumps and flips towards the screen again, and holds his hand up.
  • Performs two sliding walks, spins, does a slide kick and poses similar to his Brawl artwork.


  • Stabs with the Master Sword, brings it close to his head with determination, and raises it above.
  • Slashes with the the Master Sword two times and stands forward.
  • Does an attack stance, turns backward and puts the Master Sword on his sheath.

Little Mac

Little Mac wears a Champion belt in all three of his victory poses.

  • Doc Louis holds up Little Mac's arm like a referee would after a boxing match.
  • Does a few punches towards Doc Louis, warming up with him.
  • Runs and gives his back towards the camera, then turns around, looks above and strikes a pose, while Doc Louis cheers him on.
    • In all of Little Mac's victory poses, Doc Louis will say one of the following quotes randomly, depending on which pose is selected and which costume is used:
    • Note: Doc Louis will randomly say "Y'know, that belt looks good on you, son." no matter which costumes is used.
Pose 1 Pose 2 Pose 3
Normal Costumes
"World Circuit's all yours Mac!" "You win, Mac!" "Ahh, winnin' feels good, don't it?"
"And the winner is... Little Mac! Hahaha!" "Was that a little too easy for ya, son?" "Way to go, Mac! You're the champ, baby!"
"Ya got what it takes, Mac!" "Nice work, Mac. You got it all figured out." "Alright! I think I hear a chocolate bar callin'."
Wireframe Costumes
"Ain't you flashy? You making my eyes water, son." "Nice moves, Mac. I could barely keep my eyes on ya, son." "You're lookin' mighty good, son. Just like old times, huh?"






  • Sheathes the Parallel Falchion, saying "You'll never defeat me!".
  • TBA
  • TBA




  • Makes fire burst from his palm and strikes a pose.
  • Winds up for a punch and steps forward while punching in front of the screen.
  • Does a high spin-jump and lands in a strong-man pose. (His "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros.)


Note: Marth now speaks in English in the USA and Europe versions, while still retaining his Japanese voice in Japanese version.

  • Does a Shield Breaker and swings the Falchion on the side, making a pose, and says, "The day is mine!"
  • Swings the Falchion and puts it in his sheath, saying "I live to fight again!"
    • Japanese line TBA
  • Jumps forward, slashes, takes his counter position, and says, "I cannot afford to lose.

Mega Man

  • Fires shots from his Mega Buster left then right, and finally poses.
  • Teleports on to the screen, briefly stutters and imitates the pose from the Japanese title screen of Mega Man.
  • Lands down then points his Mega Buster towards the air and finally poses.

Meta Knight



Note: Mewtwo speaks in the Japanese version.

  • Does a single spin, scrunches itself, then poses while releasing dark energy.
    • Japanese line TBA
  • Turns its back to the screen and looks back over its shoulder, saying "Hmm..."
    • Japanese line TBA
  • Takes his hand back and then thrusts it forward, radiating dark energy as it groans.
    • Japanese line TBA

Mii Fighters

Mii Brawler


Mii Gunner

  • Swings arm canon around, firing it in multiple directions, then poses with the arm canon pointed forward.
  • Cartwheels into view, fires multiple shots then poses with their arm canon pointed forward.
  • Swings arm cannon around, then fires it while pointing it ahead.[6]

Mii Swordfighter

  • Stabs sword into the ground, spins around with it, then poses with the sword pointed out.
  • Twirls the sword around, then poses with the sword pointed out.
  • Twirls the sword around, then poses with the sword at their side.

Mr. Game & Watch

  • Moves around in different poses.
  • Rings his bell.
  • Juggles three balls


  • Skips forward, then nods once.
  • He looks to his sides wondering, then puts his hand on the back of his head and scratches.
  • Swings his bat strongly, then points it forward.


  • Plucks three Pikmin out of the ground, which then land on his helmet, causing him to fall face-forward.
  • Moves his hands up and down while facing a Red and a Yellow Pikmin.[7]
  • Stands in one place while swaying gently side-to-side. Three Pikmin walk in circles around him.


  • Chases a vulnerable ghost in his two-dimensional form, then shifts to his ball form.
  • Appears on screen in ball form, trips, and puts his fist up.
  • Drops from the sky, briefly freezes in mid-air while a sign displaying 7650m appears, and lands to do a winking pose with a fairy flying beside him. This move is based on Pac-Land.


  • Gently floats into place, says "too bad for you," and poses with her staff pointed forward.
  • Twirls around, laughs, then floats in a sitting position with her staff behind her.
  • Slowly spins around and hovers slightly in the air, saying “No one can hide from the light.”


  • Waves and blows a kiss.
  • Spins around and strikes a pose and says "This is fun!"
  • Spins with her parasol and says "Oh, did I win?"


  • Excitedly jumps up and down while spinning, and ends holding up it's hand.[8]
  • Electrically shocks itself, gets up, winks and smiles.
  • Jumps up and down 3 times, with the third jump being the highest, amd poses.


  • Ears perk, scratches its right ear.
  • Backflips and spins, and looks forward.
  • Sleeps.


  • Strikes the V sign and says "Victory!"
  • Slashes the Palutena Bow (which form his bow) and says, "It's game over for you!"
  • Slowly spins the Palutena Bow in front of himself, then holds it in front of him says "That was easy!" or "What's up now!?"

Pokémon Trainer


  • Hugs Squirtle, puts it down and pets it.
  • Squirtle squirts water in three directions, does a backflip, then poses as the Pokémon Trainer says.
  • Squirtle spins and then makes a pose, while the Pokémon Trainer tosses a Poké Ball in air, catches it and points it forward.


  • The Pokémon Trainer pets it, and Ivysaur jumps on him, but the Pokémon Trainer puts it down and continues to pet it.
  • Ivysaur performs two Vine Whips and poses as the Pokémon Trainer says.
  • Jumps once, does a backflip, and strikes a pose.


  • The Pokémon Trainer pets its head and hugs its neck, then Charizard strikes a pose.
  • Stomps and flaps its wings once while roaring.
  • Roars up to the sky while flapping its wings.


  • Jumps into the air and cracks his chain whip at the ground, then poses with his fist in the air.
  • Puts his chain whip on his wrist, looks back and wave his hand saying "Farewell."
  • Spins his chain whip around, shouts "You don't belong in this world!", then poses while holding his chain whip in both hands.


  • Moves his hands as if eating something with its back facing to the screen, gets wondered, then turns back.
  • Flies down while screeching, flips briefly then lands down in a scary pose.
  • Flies from far away in the sky, scratches the ground and does his artwork pose.


  • Spins while propelling himself upward with his Robo Burner, then spins his head around and repeatedly lowers and raises his arms.
  • Tilts his head back with his eyes glowing.
  • Adjusts his arms to face upward[9]



Rosalina & Luma

  • Rosalina waves her wand and Luma follows.
  • Rosalina dances, giggles, then poses with Luma in her arms.
  • Says "Alright!" while waving her wand around.


  • Spins his sword one and a half times and then sheathes it, saying "That was a fierce battle."
  • Flourishes his sword and poses with it by his side, saying "Failure is not an option."
  • Swings his sword around and poses with it, saying "Now the true battle begins!"


  • Ryu hoists his duffel bag over his shoulder, back to the viewer, saying "The journey has just begun."
  • Ryu does a right hook toward the camera, saying "Give it your all!" This is also his victory pose from Street Fighter IV.
  • Ryu lifts up his fist victoriously, saying "Your range is one fist short."


  • Shoots multiple shots while kneeling, and finishes with a pose.
  • Somersaults into view and then points her arm canon
  • Fires a missile, then poses with her arm canon pointed up.


  • Crouches, swipes with her hand twice, then stands up.
  • Kicks once, spins on the ground, then poses.
  • Does multiple kicks and stomps on the ground, then a ninja stance.




  • Bows down with the Monado held lengthwise, then it activates, and he changes grip, saying "I can change the future."
  • Swings the Monado a few times while it is active, then holds it level to his head as it deactivates, saying "The future is ours to decide."
  • Swings the Monado upwards, then places it on his back, saying "This is a good result!"


  • Seen in a crouching position from the side saying "Colonel, mission accomplished" into his codec.
  • Does two kicks and takes a fighting stance.
  • Crawls forward and rolls into a crouching position, saying into his codec "This is Snake. I'm done here."


  • Collects a Chaos Emerald and poses with it, saying "Piece of cake!"
  • Sprints off the screen and back, and gives a thumbs up, saying "That was almost too easy!"
  • He break-dances and then does a pose with his fist, saying "Let's do that again sometime!"

Toon Link

  • Chases a pig in circles, then catches it, posing while holding it above his head (and wobbling slightly)
  • Waves the Wind Waker.[10]
  • Chases a pig around in circles, then trips and falls. Rubs his bottom while smiling sheepishly.


  • Digs up a fossil and shows it off.
  • Captures a horned dynastid and shows it off.
  • Does a dancing spin then poses in his/her Smash 4 artwork pose.


  • Spins his motorcycle around, shouts "Yes!", then poses while holding up three fingers.
  • Slaps his belly and farts.
  • Laughs while flailing his arms around, then falls onto his back and continues laughing, while flailing his arms and legs.

Wii Fit Trainer

Wii Fit Trainer's victory pose is always accompanied with a randomly-selected phrase (see table below). Some phrases are exclusive to either the female or male version of Wii Fit Trainer while others can be used by both.

  • Stretches, then poses while balancing on one foot with her/his opposite arm extended.
  • Stretches, then poses in the Warrior position.
  • Wipes her/his face with a towel, then poses while giving a thumbs-up.
Shared Phrases Female Only Male Only
Let's get a good stretch. Feel the burn in your thighs and glutes. Feel the stretch through your arm and leg.
Stretch those shoulders. Watch your posture; keep those glutes tucked in! Your lower body is key for support
Let's stretch our legs. Good posture begins with a strong base. This exercise works your core muscles.
You're wobbling, try to keep your balance! Let's tone up those legs! Keep at it every day to improve your posture.
Let's get fired up! That's it, feel the burn! Exercise every day to help tone your body.
When exerting yourself, remember to keep breathing. Don't forget to exhale when exerting yourself. This pose strengthens the back and improves posture.
That was a great workout! Work hard to tone that tummy! Firm up those abs!
Now let's try it together. The key is to focus on your balance. Let's do some jackknife exercises.
Work towards strong, firm abs. Stretching your spine will help stimulate your body.
Let's work on your balance. Time to firm up your thighs and back muscles.
Tuck in those glutes!


  • Slashes his claws and says "You're good, but I am better!"
  • Turns around while saying "Weaklings, the lot of them!" Then poses with his claws outstretched.

Young Link

  • Thrusts his sword forward, then poses with it pointed into the air.
  • Holds his belt up and poses[11]
  • Puts his sword in his back pocket, rubs his hands, and poses.[12]


  • Jumps for joy and pumps his fist in the air, twirls around once, then poses while balancing on one foot.
  • Jumps and flutter kicks, then poses making a 'V' shape with his hand.
  • Throws some punches and kicks, then poses with his back towards the camera.


  • Swirls her finger above with Din's Fire and stands gracefully.
  • Moves her finger with light magic and points forward.
  • Summons a Phantom beside herself and does an elegant pose.

Zero Suit Samus

  • Jumps into the air twice, then poses with her gun poised and ready.
  • Performs a side kick flex[13]
  • TBA

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