The following is a list of victory poses of characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee. In Melee, one can select which victory pose a character will use by holding the B, X, or Y button as soon as the match ends.


  • Steps forward, builds up a little and roars.
  • Spins around in his shell and comes out laughing.
  • Takes two steps forward while swiping with his claws twice.

Captain Falcon

  • Does a spinning flying kick and comes down in a kneeling pose.
  • Crouches low then spins upward with a roundhouse kick.
  • Kneels and thrusts his chest forward shouting.

Donkey Kong

  • Does a backflip, flexes his biceps and roars.
  • Beats his chest and grunts.
  • Waves his hands in a fist over his head.

Dr. Mario

  • Holds out his stethoscope.
  • Does a short spin-jump and lands in a strong-man pose shouting "Here we go!"
  • Throws two pills towards the screen, dusts his hands off, and then pulls out the same pills he already threw while laughing triumphantly.


  • Does a bunch of kicks and says "Mission Complete!"
  • Crossing his arms, he looks upward and says "Mission Complete!"
  • Jumps high into the air and poses on the ground, scoffing.


Note: Fox is the only character who says the same quote for all his three victory poses.

  • Swirls gun into his holster and says, "Mission Complete!".
  • Crosses his arms and looks upward while raising his tail, saying "Mission Complete!"
  • Goes into shooting position with his blaster at 2 different angles, and then looks towards the screen, saying "Mission Complete!"


  • Pumps a victorious fist, and crouches.
  • Spins his sword upward while laughing evilly before thrusting it into the ground.
  • With his back facing the camera, Ganondorf thrusts his elbow towards the camera, and then holds up his fist, the back of it facing the viewer.

Ice Climbers

  • Both Ice Climbers excitedly jump up and down five times before stopping in midair.
  • Standing in front of each other, one Ice Climber moves their head to the left, while the other one moves their head to the right; they then alternate.
  • Both Ice Climbers nod to each other, then gives each other a high five, both of them saying "Yup!"


  • Jumps up and lands on its back.
  • Sleeps, then suddenly wakes up.
  • Jumps twice, then does a backflip.


All of Kirby's animations are variations of the Kirby dance.

  • Moonwalks towards the left and does a short spin while sliding twice to the right, and finally does a short spin to the center and bends over and holds his hand up.
  • Leaps toward the right and then spins to the left side of the screen, waving his arms and then flips while jumping and holds his hand up.
  • Skids to the right twice and does a flip and faces away from the screen briefly, then jumps and flips towards the screen again, and holds his hand up.


  • Swings his sword twice and turns his back to the camera.
  • Swings his sword once, spins his sword, and sheaths it.
  • Stabs his sword forward then puts his sword and shield together and raises his sword high into the air.


  • Falls down twice as stiff as a board.
  • Childishly swings his arms at the air and gasps twice with exhaustion.
  • Turns around and makes gun motions with his fingers, saying "Let's-a go!"


  • Winds up for a punch and steps forward while punching in front of the screen, shouting "Here we go!"
  • Does a short spin-jump and lands in a strong-man pose, shouting "Here we go!"
  • Makes fire explode from his palm and strikes a pose.


  • Turns around, spins his sword, then clashes it to the ground and says "僕は負ける訳には行かないんだ!" ("Boku wa makeru wake-ni wa ikanainda!") which translates to: "There's no way I can lose!"
  • Poses with his sword sheathed and his right arm out and says "今日も生き延びることが出来た。" ("Kyou mo ikinobiru koto ga dekita.") which translates to: "Today, I have survived.."
  • Sheaths his sword and says "今回は僕の勝ちだね?" ("Konkai wa boku no kachi da ne?") which translates to: "This time it's my victory, isn't it?"


Note: Mewtwo speaks during its victory poses if the language is set to Japanese. It has two different quotes during its second victory pose.

  • Thrusts its hand forward, radiating dark energy, and groans.
  • Crosses its arms then turns its back to the screen, looking over its shoulder laughing.
    • "私はなぜ ここにいるのか...?" ("Watashi wa naze koko ni iru no ka...?") which translates to: "Why am I here...?"
    • "愚かな!" ("Orokana!") which translates to: "Foolish!"
  • Spins around and ascends, laughing.
    • "私はまけるわけにはいかない!" ("Watashi wa makeru wake ni wa ikanai!") which translates to: "I cannot lose!"

Mr. Game & Watch

  • Rings his bell to the right, then to the left, then faces the right.
  • Jumps in the air twice.
  • Takes 3 steps to the right, then to the left.


  • Looks to the left and right of him, then places an arm on the back of his head in a bashful manner.
  • Swings around his bat four times, then poses with it.
  • Jumps up and down twice, places arms on waist, and says "Okay!"


  • Turns around and waves towards the screen and winks.
  • Holds her right hand out and says "This is fun!"
  • Looks up towards her right and says "Oh, did I win?"


  • Dances excitedly then jumps around three times in a circle.
  • Spins around twice on one foot, then jumps up twice while clapping both its feet.
  • Jumps up twice, then jump up high a third time while spinning and waves at the screen before landing.


  • Jumps up and somersaults, then spins around once before happily facing the camera, saying "Pika Pikaaaaaa!"
  • Lies sideways on the ground, sleeping.
  • Twitches its ears, then scratches its right ear.


  • Swipes his sword once over his shoulder, then swipes it down and behind him while facing left, saying "守るべきもののために、負けられない!" ("Mamoru beki mono no tame ni, makerarenai!"), which translates to: "For those whom I must protect, I will not lose!"
  • Flourishes his sword and poses with it by his side, saying "真の戦いは、これからだ。" ("Shin no tatakai wa, korekara da."), which translates to: "The true fight is after this."
  • Spins the Sword of Seals one and a half times and then thrusts it into the ground in front of him, looking to slightly to the left, and says one of the following lines:
    • "苦しい戦いだった。" ("Kurushī tatakai datta.") which translates to: "It was a difficult fight."
    • "僕 は 負けない。" ("Boku wa Makenai.") which translates to: "I won't lose."


  • Side kick flexes and readies her Arm Cannon.
  • Punches twice, then fires from her Arm Cannon and finishes with a pose.
  • Shoots multiple shots while kneeling and finishes with a pose.


  • Holds one arm around her waist while she holds her other hand to her chin, as if in deep thought.
  • Kicks three times, then holds her left hand in front of her while exhaling loudly.
  • Slashes towards the screen twice, then holds her right hand up to her mouth.


  • Looks up at the sky with his hands together, spins once, and gives a V sign with his hand.
  • Angrily, he punches a few times, and then turns his back on the screen, facing right.
  • Punches the air, then makes a "ta-da" pose.

Young Link

  • Looks down at his belt, then shakes it.
  • Puts his sword and shield away, then dusts off his hands and looks at the screen.
  • Stabs his sword forward then puts his sword and shield together and raises his sword high into the air.


  • Praying, she then turns her head upward.
  • Focuses, then conjures a flame between her hands.
  • Looks to her left, holding her left arm proudly.

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