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The following contains a list of unlockables a player can obtain in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Unlockable characters

Character How to Unlock Vs. Matches Required
Falco Clear Classic Mode. 20
Wario Clear 100-Man Smash. 30
Lucina Clear Classic Mode on intensity 5.5 or higher. 40
Dark Pit Clear All-Star Mode on Normal difficulty or higher. 50
Dr. Mario Clear a Master Orders ticket on Hard or higher. 60
R.O.B. Clear Crazy Orders after playing 8 rounds or higher. 70
Mr. Game & Watch Beat Classic Mode on intensity 2.0 or higher with 5 or more characters. 90
Duck Hunt KO one opponent in Cruel Smash. 110

Unlockable stages

Stage How to unlock Golden hammer
Duck Hunt KO at least one opponent in a single Solo Cruel Smash. Not allowed
Flat Zone X Play alone as Mr. Game and Watch and destroy 100 or more blocks in a single game of Trophy Rush. Not allowed
Kongo Jungle 64 Clear the event “The Original Heavyweights”. Allowed
Pac-Land Play on all three maps in Smash Tour. Allowed
Pokémon Stadium 2 Clear the event “When Lightning Strikes”. Allowed
Smashville Clear the event “Playing Tricks”. Allowed

Poké Balls

Pokémon How to unlock
Meloetta Clear Solo All-Star Mode on normal difficulty or higher while playing as Lucario.
Victini Clear All-Star Mode.
Xerneas Destroy 200 blocks in a single game of solo Trophy Rush while playing as Pikachu.


Mode How to unlock
Random Stage Switch Unlock all stages.
True All-Star Mode Unlock all characters.

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