The following is a list of all taunts in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.


Note: Bayonetta's taunts can be cancelled halfway due to its long duration.

  • Twirls around like a ballet dancer, moves both arms around herself in a graceful manner, then strikes a pose with both arms over her head, saying, "If you need to learn how to talk to a lady, ask your mum."
  • Gracefully spins around, then points both guns directly in front of her, saying, "New 'do, dead you."
  • Poses with her guns around her head in multiple ways, framing her head and torso with her guns, performs a broad back step, looks away from her opponent one moment, then looks back.


  • Throws his head back, spinning it in a circle, and roars.
  • Snaps furiously forward five times.
  • Balances precariously on one leg, similar to his teetering animation.

Bowser Jr. and Koopalings

  • Jumps up, sits on the edge of the Junior Clown Car, and makes a tiny breath of fire, chuckling.
  • Twirls his hammer.
  • The Clown Car spawns its wheels and performs a donut, then returns to normal.

Captain Falcon

  • Charges himself up with fire, similar to a Falcon Punch.
  • Holds out his hand and shouts, "Come on!"
  • Faces the camera, salutes and exclaims "Show me your moves!" This taunt is notable for having a different animation depending on whether the character is facing right or left; Falcon will finish the taunt faster if he faces the left.


  • Faces the camera and roars. All three of its taunts are variations of this, which involve it roaring, stomping its feet and flapping its wings. Its up taunt is similar to its pose when entering a battle in Pokémon Stadium.


  • Twirls his Buster Sword and places behind his back, referencing his victory animation from Final Fantasy VII, while saying 興味ないね, which translates to "Not interested".
  • Places his Buster Sword on his back, places his hands together, and mimics the casting animation from Final Fantasy VII, complete with the sound effect and the glow.
  • Stands his Buster Sword on its tip and poses in a casual manner while scoffing.


  • Puts his head down and puts it back up while it's in its dragon form while the male version says "My path is clear!" and the female version says "Let's do this!".
  • Twirls the Omega Yato and the male version says "I've made my choice." while the female says "Your fate is clear."
  • Twirls the Omega Yato over his head and places it on its tip and the male variation says "Are you ready?" but the female says "You ready for this?".

Dark Pit

  • Points the Silver Bow forward and waves it upwards twice, saying "Who wants some?".
  • Swings the Silver Bow around in circles and waves one of blades, saying "Watch out!".
  • Waves and points the Silver Bow forward, saying "Game On!".

Diddy Kong

  • Throws his cap up in the air and catches it on his head.
  • Holds his hands in front of him, chattering.
  • Jumps from one foot to the other, clapping his hands above his head.

Donkey Kong

  • Beats his chest.
  • Shakes himself, as if his fur was wet.
  • Faces the camera and shrugs his shoulders, making a confused noise.

Dr. Mario

  • Grinds his shoe on the ground.
  • Throws a pill up in the air along his arm, before catching it.
  • Taps himself on the shoulder with a closed fist.

Duck Hunt

  • The dog performs a frontal hand stand, while the duck negatively responds to it.
  • The dog lays on its side and does its infamous laugh, while the duck flies next to it.
  • The dog stands on its back legs and does a dance.


  • Kicks his reflector around and says "Piece of cake." before catching it.
  • Holds out his hand and slowly raises it, saying "Get some!"
  • Spins on one foot, then poses with one of his arms/wings before him, stating "Hands off my prey!" whilst doing so.


  • Charges up with flames, like with his Fire Fox move, and says "Here I come!"
  • Throws and catches his blaster.
  • Leans back and states "Come on!" whilst waving his hand.


  • Hovers in mid-air and spins before laughing menacingly.
  • Slams his fist into his open palm and cracks his knuckles, creating dark flames and saying "Heh!"
  • Takes out the Sword of Six Sages which emits darkness from the tip, and then puts it back.


  • Strikes a ninja pose.
  • Whips its tongue side to side.
  • Holds out its hands, faces the screen, and summons small sprays of water. Both of the water can deal small damage.


  • Holds Ragnell close to him in a charging stance, grunting loudly.
  • Holds Ragnell to the side and says "Prepare yourself!"
  • Plants Ragnell into the ground and grunts.


  • Spins around on one foot, then looks at the camera inflated, saying "Jigglypuff!"
  • Twirls around many times, then poses (similar to Kirby's side taunt, except it twirls faster).
  • Breathes all the air out of itself and falls to the ground, flattened. It inflates itself upon contact. Similar to its fainting animation in home-console Pokémon games, such as Pokémon Stadium and Battle Revolution.

King Dedede

  • Holds up his hammer in celebration.
  • Twirls his hammer and laughs.
  • Spins around in a circle, chanting.


  • Performs part of his victory dance.
  • Does a twirl, similar to the action he does when selected to play in Super Smash Bros.
  • Waves towards the screen and says "Hi!".


  • Swings the Master Sword, then sheathes and unsheathes it. Based on his Twilight Princess "well done" sheathe.
  • Summons Navi to fly out in front of him, then returns.
  • Performs a pose whereby he stands on one leg and holds the Master Sword in an attack position. Similar to the pose he performs after hitting an enemy with his sword in Zelda II: Adventure of Link.

Little Mac

  • Turns his back to the screen, bends down, then raises his fist triumphantly. Sometimes, Doc Louis will chime in and say "Hit 'em, baby!"
  • Adjusts his boxing gloves while crossing his fists and scoffing. Sometimes, Doc Louis will chime in and say "Let 'em have it, Mac!"
  • Performs a series of punches while facing the screen. Sometimes, Doc Louis will chime in and say "Show 'em what you got, Mac baby!"


  • Floats in mid-air and growls, emitting aura from his body.
  • Holds one hand forward and one behind its back.
  • Stands on one foot and holds one hand in mid-air. This taunt is very similar to one of Link's.


  • Trips over and shakes his head, similar to his pratfall animation.
  • His Rope Snake comes out and talks to him.
  • Holds out a sparkle and fires it behind him.


  • Swings the Parallel Falchion and strikes a pose, saying "Come at me!". This pose also resembles her SSB4 artwork.
  • Turns around and sheathes the Parallel Falchion, saying "I cannot lose!"
  • Puts on her mask, then takes it off her face.


  • Performs five quick poses, one after the other. When switching from pose to pose he says, "Ho Ha Hee Hay Hoo".
    • Luigi flashes a V-Sign.
    • Luigi clicks his fingers imitating guns, while looking to the right.
    • Luigi takes on a thinking pose, his eyes looking offscreen. This pose is, in some respects, similar to his Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time artwork.
    • Crouches down to the floor with his back turned to the player.
    • Luigi assumes his trophy position from the SSE, but with his left leg slightly raised. This pose also resembles his artwork from Luigi's Mansion.
  • Stands straight up with hands on hips, falls forward stiff on the floor, then seems to balance himself back up again. He says something that resembles "Pow pow". This is also one of his victory poses from Melee and the pose in his SSB4 artwork.
  • Crosses his arms behind his back and performs a small, shy kick, along with a bashful "Hm". The kick can damage an opponent if it connects, acting as a meteor smash; in this game, Luigi's taunt is the strongest meteor smash at 0%, due to its fixed knockback. However, its pitiful range and slow startup severely limits its effectiveness. It is similar to his pose when he loses a minigame in Mario Party 2.


  • Grows in size and shrinks down.
  • Spins in place while taking off his hat.
  • Jumps, spins, and falls on his back onto the ground.


  • Holds up Falchion, emitting light from the tip.
  • Furiously swings Falchion before sheathing it.
  • Swings Falchion around and says in Japanese: みんな、みていてくれ! ("Everyone, watch me!").

Mega Man

  • Shows off the Mega Buster, then pumps his fist.
  • Turns his back to the screen and poses.
  • Warps out, then back in.

Meta Knight

  • Spins around, similar to his entrance animation.
  • Points Galaxia forward, says "Fight me!" and waves it a few times.
  • Opens his wings and challenges "Come!". If he performs it facing left, he will look at the background instead, as characters in Smash 64 did.


  • Crosses its arms and spins in mid-air, laughing.
  • Charges up dark energy, similar to Lucario's up taunt.
  • Faces the camera and holds its left/right hand towards the screen, radiating dark energy from its hand.

Mii Fighter

Mii Brawler

  • Flips, then performs a crane pose.
  • Moving their fists in front of them in an "X" motion, before punching downwards and swinging an open hand towards their own faces.
  • Punches twice towards the screen.

Mii Gunner

  • Points arm cannon in two directions.
  • Hold the arm cannon with their hand and cocks it down.
  • Thrusts with the arm cannon on the ground.

Mii Swordfighter

  • Throws sword in the air, spins, and catches sword similar to what Fox does with his blaster in one of his taunts.
  • Twirls sword, then holds it in reverse grip behind.
  • Performs a pose similar to one of Link's taunts. Also sets them back a little.

Mr. Game & Watch

  • Rings his bell above his body.
  • Rings his bell in front of him.
  • Sits down and sighs.


  • Faces the camera, nods and says "OK!"
  • Holds out his baseball bat.
  • Fires a series of sparkles in front of him, grunting.


  • Jumps up and down.
  • Lies on the floor and rolls around slightly.
  • Swings his hips.


  • Namco Roulette: Pac-Man randomly summons one of the following Namco characters, each making a sound from their game:
    • Clovis from Dragon Buster
    • Don-Chan from Taiko no Tatsujin
    • The "Hypership" from Gaplus
    • A fighter from Bosconian
    • A fighter from Galaga
    • Galaxip from Galaxian
    • Gilgamesh from The Tower of Druaga
    • Mappy
    • A car from Rally-X
    • A Paccet from Baraduke
    • A Pooka from Dig Dug
    • Red Baron from Sky Kid
    • A Secret Fighter from Gaplus
    • The Solvalou from Xevious
    • Topcup from Libble Rabble
    • King from King & Balloon (3DS version only)
    • A ghost when turned blue from Pac-Man (3DS version only)
    • Andor Genesis from Xevious (Wii U version only)
    • A Runner from Metro-Cross (Wii U version only)
    • Valkyrie from Valkyrie no Densetsu (Wii U version only)
  • Turns into his classic design and briefly moves side to side.
  • Lays on the ground while ghosts and music notes appear above his head.


  • Spreads out her wings, while showing her goddess icon and says, "You shall be purified!".
  • Puts her staff down on the ground, spins around it with one leg up, and laughs.
  • Smiles, tosses her hair as her staff hovers, and her goddess icon flashes while saying, "Ready when you are!"


  • Takes out her umbrella and twirls it above her head, saying "Sweet!"
  • Dances, singing "La la la la la la" in a taunting fashion.
  • Performs a spin, then poses and winks, saying "Uh-huh!".


  • Charges up its cheeks with electricity and glares at the screen, saying "Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii..."
  • Waves at the camera, yelling "Pika, Pikaaaaaaaaa!"
  • Lies on the ground, curls and rolls around, saying "Pikaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"


  • Crosses the separated the Palutena Bow above his head and says "Come on!"
  • Swings the Palutena Bow and says "Is that all you got?"
  • Opens his wings and starts ascending.


  • Faces the camera and spins his arms and head in a circle.
  • Faces the camera and moves his head around, firing a small laser from his eyes.
  • Faces the camera, moves his arms down and then moves them back up again, spinning them whilst he does so.


  • Points the Levin Sword/Bronze Sword upwards while saying, "Let's tip the scales!" Female Robin says, "Time to tip the scales!"
  • Levitates the Levin Sword/Bronze Sword and tome from each hand while saying, "Prepare yourself!".
  • Uses magic to have the Levin Sword/Bronze Sword and tome encircle around him/her saying, "You're not ready!" Female Robin says, "Here I go!"

Rosalina & Luma

  • Lean forward and spin, like a planet on its axis.
  • Puts her hand on her hip, leans back, and waves her wand,and says "Mm-hmm"; Luma nods its head.
  • Waves her wand up, similarly to when she summons Luma; Luma dances around.


  • Turns towards the screen and holds Sword of Seals above his head.
  • Holds the Sword of Seals in a reverse grip in front of him, saying "僕 は 負けない!", which translates to "I won't lose!"
  • Leans back and holds the Sword of Seals in a reverse grip behind him while shouting a battle cry.


  • Turns around, reties his headband, while stating "Come on!"
  • Holds his fist forwards, and declares "Talk is cheap!"
  • Stomps on the ground and grunts.


  • Thrusts her hand behind her while the jets on her back light up.
  • Part of her Arm Cannon comes out, with the Zero Laser mechanism shown.
  • Points her Arm Cannon behind her, then in front of her.


  • Stands on one hand.
  • Pulls out her Chain.
  • Performs a threatening pose with her right hand before her face.


  • Holds out his right hand and says while shaking his head, "Now it's Shulk time!"
  • Fistpumps with his left hand and says, "I'm really feeling it!"
  • Activates the Monado, poses with it, and says, "This is the Monado's power!"


  • Does a backflip and poses, tutting. The pose originates from a piece of official artwork for Sonic Adventure.
  • Looks at the camera and runs in place, chanting "Sonic Speed!"
  • Performs a windmill move, chanting "Come on!"

Toon Link

  • Waves the Wind Waker, conducting a tune at the end, which is the same tune heard after completing a song in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • Sheathes the Master Sword and Hero's Shield, and stares at a Wind Waker-styled fairy flying around him.
  • Swings the Master Sword around in a blind panic, so much so it tires him out and he gasps for breath.


  • Gets on his/her tiptoes and cheers, putting his/her hands up, three times.
  • Does a little dance (the Shrunk Funk Shuffle), waving his/her arms and feet around.
  • Pokes the ground with a stick.


  • Laughs so hard he unhinges his jaw and has to close it using his hands.
  • Wiggles his posterior at the screen, laughing.
  • Performs various three-fingered salutes, chanting "Wa! Wa! Wa!"
  • Wario laughs and faces the screen and does his signature "W" sign at the screen with both hands and then picks his nose with one hand. This taunt can only be done if Wario is riding his motorcycle.

Wii Fit Trainer

  • Stretches her/his arms above her/his head and says, "Let's get a good stretch."
  • Stretches her/his shoulders and says, "Stretch those shoulders."
  • Sits down and stretches her/his legs and says, "Let's stretch our legs."


  • Dances around in a circle, chanting "Yoshi!" as he finishes.
  • Chases his tail in circles, then lifts up an arm as he finishes.
  • Yoshi faces the camera and jumps up and down whilst chanting.


  • Holds up one arm, magic coming from her hand.
  • Faces the screen and puts her hands together, creating a small flame.
  • Waves.

Zero Suit Samus

  • Throws and catches her paralyzer, saying "Is that all?"
  • Lashes out with her plasma whip and challenges "Try me!"
  • Spins her plasma whip around her body, saying "You're mine."
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