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The following is a list of the spirits from the Yoshi series that appear in Ultimate.

Primary Spirits

Spirit Artwork origin Rating Type Support Slots Effect
Yarn Poochy Yoshi's Woolly World Advanced Shield 3 Weight decrease
Yarn Yoshi Yoshi’s Woolly World Ace Grab 3 Weight decrease
Don Bongo Advanced Shield 0 Fire Attack ↑
Baby Mario Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island Ace Neutral 3
Baby Mario (Superstar Mario) Legend Neutral 3 First-Strike Advantage
Baby Bowser Legend Neutral 2
Crazee Dayzee Novice Neutral 2 Weight decrease
Tap-Tap Novice Neutral 1 Weight ↑
Burt the Bashful Novice Shield 2 Speed decrease

Support Spirits

Spirit Artwork origin Rating Cost Effect(s)
Stork Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Ace 2 Strong-Wind Immunity
Toadies Advanced 1 Toss & Meteor
Bandit Advanced 1 Item Gravitation
Slugger & Green Glove Novice 1 Beastball Equipped
Little Mouser Novice 1 Lightweight
Grim Leecher Novice 1 Ramblin' Evil Mushroom Equipped
Roger the Potted Ghost Advanced 1 Strong-Wind Resist
Raphael the Raven Advanced 1 Falling Immunity
Super Happy Tree Yoshi’s Story Legend 2 Invincibility after Eating
Pak E. Derm Advanced 1 Perfect-Shield Reflect
Blargg Advanced 2 Mouthful of Curry
Hongo Novice 1 Magic Resist ↑
Spirit Who Loves Surprises Novice 1 PSI Attack ↑
Mega Eggdozer Advanced 1 Strong Throw
Ukiki Novice 1 Banana Gun Equipped

Fighter Spirits

Spirit Image Origin
Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party 10
Super Mario World

(Artwork: Mario Party 10)

Yoshi (Yoshi's Crafted World)
Yoshi (Yoshi's Crafted World)
Yoshi's Crafted World

Not classified yet

  • Baby Mario (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)
  • Tap-Tap (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island)
  • Yarn Yoshi (Yoshi's Woolly World)