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The following is a list of the spirits from the Star Fox series that appear in Ultimate.

Primary Spirits

Spirit Artwork origin Type Rating Effect(s) Support Slots
Andross Star Fox Grab Advanced N/A 2
Andross (Star Fox 64 3D) Star Fox 64 3D Grab Ace Enhanceable 2
Andross (True Form) Star Fox 64 Grab Legend Critical-Health Status ↑ 2
James McCloud Star Fox 64 Shield Legend N/A 3
Krystal Star Fox Adventures Neutral Legend Magic Attack ↑ 2
Leon Powalski Star Fox 64 Attack Advanced N/A 2
Panther Caroso Star Fox: Assault Attack Novice N/A 1
Andrew Oikonny Star Fox 64 Grab Novice N/A 1
Tricky Star Fox Adventures Shield Novice Weight ↑ 1
Dash Bowman Star Fox Command Neutral Novice N/A 2

Support Spirits

Spirit Artwork origin Type Rating Effect Cost
ROB 64 Star Fox 64 Advanced Shooting Items ↑ 1
Walker Star Fox Zero Advanced Ray Gun Equipped 1
Pigma Dengar Star Fox 64 Advanced Shooting Attack ↑ 1
Aparoid Star Fox: Assault Advanced Irreversible Controls 2
Gyrowing Star Fox Zero Novice Rocket Belt Equipped 1
Slippy Toad Star Fox Ace Made of Metal 1
Arwing Star Fox Ace Gravity-Change Immunity 2
Great Fox Star Fox 64 Legend Metal Killer 1
Landmaster Star Fox 64 Advanced Super Scope Equipped 2
Wolfen Star Fox 64 Ace Shield Damage ↑ 1
General Pepper Star Fox Advanced Back Shield Equipped 1

Fighter Spirits

Spirit Image Origin
Fox McCloud
Fox (Star Fox Zero).png
Star Fox

(Artwork: Star Fox Zero)

Falco Lombardi
SFZ Falco Lombardi.png
Star Fox

(Artwork: Star Fox Zero)

Wolf O'Donnell
Wolf (Star Fox Assault).png
Star Fox 64

(Artwork: Star Fox: Assault)

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