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The following is a list of the spirits from the Punch-Out!! series that appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. All artwork is taken from Punch-Out!! (Wii).

Primary Spirits

Spirit Origin Game Type Rating Effect(s) Support Slots
Mr. Sandman Punch-Out!! (Arcade) Attack Ace Fist Attack ↑ 2
Don Flamenco Punch-Out!! (NES) Attack Advanced Weight  ↓ 2
Giga Mac Punch-Out!!


Attack Legend Fist Attack ↑ 3
Super Macho Man Super Punch-Out!! (Arcade) Grab Legend Fist Attack ↑ 3
Glass Joe Punch-Out!! (Arcade) Neutral Novice Initial Damage 30% 2
Bear Hugger Super Punch-Out!! (Arcade) Grab Advanced Speed  ↓ 2
Great Tiger Super Punch-Out!! (Arcade) Shield Advanced Fist Attack ↑ 2
Von Kaiser Punch-Out!! (NES) Attack Novice Fist Attack ↑ 1

Support Spirits

Spirit Origin Game Rating Effect Cost
Bald Bull Punch-Out!! (Arcade) Advanced Trade-Off Defense ↑ 1
King Hippo Punch-Out!! (NES) Ace Shield Durability ↑ 1
Soda Popinski Super Punch-Out!! (Arcade) Ace Side Special ↑ 1
Piston Hondo Punch-Out!! (NES) Novice Fist Attack ↑ 1

Master Spirit

Spirit Image Origin Game Facility
Doc Louis Punch-Out!! (NES) Gym

Fighter Spirit

Spirit Image Origin Game
Little Mac
Little Mac (Punch-Out Wii)
Punch-Out!! (Arcade)


  • Despite first appearing in Super Punch-Out!! for the arcade, Soda Popinski is grouped with the boxers that debuted in the NES installment. This is likely because he was named “Vodka Drunkenski” in the arcade.
  • Disco Kid and Aran Ryan are the only boxers from the Wii Punch-Out!! game to not have a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Likewise, Mike Tyson and Mr. Dream are the only boxers from the NES Punch-Out!! to not have a spirit in Ultimate, likely because they did not appear in the Wii Punch-Out!!, which is where the spirit artwork is taken from, as well as that Nintendo’s license to use Mike Tyson’s likeness expired.
  • All of the Punch-Out!! non-Fighter spirits are fought as Stamina Battles on Boxing Ring.
  • Don Flamenco‘s Spirit Battle is the only Punch-Out!! Spirit Battle to not play Punch-Out!! music during it.
  • Punch-Out!! is one of the four universes with playable characters not to have any female spirits, the other three being Yoshi, Game & Watch and Final Fantasy.
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