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The following is a list of the spirits from other, less notable Nintendo series and third-party series that appear in Ultimate.

Spirit Game artwork Type Rating Effect(s)
Calista The Last Story Grab Advanced
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo! Grab Advanced
Super Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo! Grab Ace Thrown Items ↑
Chibi-Tot Grab Novice Weight decrease
Clip & Snip Snipperclips Support Advanced Undamaged Attack
Culdra Culdcept series Support Ace Poison Immunity
Donbe & Hikari Shin Onigashima Neutral Advanced
Donbe & Hikari (Shin Onigashima Kouhen) Shin Onigashima Neutral Legend Stamina ↑
Shantae Shantae series Grab Ace Magic Attack ↑
Mallo Pushmo Primary Ace Weight ↑
Balloon Fighter Balloon Fight Support Advanced Jump↑
Fish Balloon Fight Grab Advanced Water Weakness
Party Phil Wii Party Support Ace Easier Perfect Shield
Monita Nintendo Land Support Advanced Screen-Flip Immunity
Wonder-Blue The Wonderful 101 Attack Novice
Wonder-Red The Wonderful 101 Grab Advanced
Welt Soma Bringer Neutral Advanced
The Chorus Kids Rhythm Heaven Grab Ace Jump decrease
Takamaru The Mysterious Murasame Castle Attack Ace Sword Attack ↑
Min Min ARMS Attack Ace
Matthew Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Grab Advanced
Lip Panel de Pon Support Ace Lip's Stick Equipped
Karate Joe Rhythm Heaven Attack Ace Fist Attack ↑
Iris Archwell Monster Manor (Streetpass) Grab Advanced
Baxter & Forthington Rhythm Heaven Fever Support Novice Rocket Belt Equipped
Drake Redcrest Chibi-Robo! Neutral Novice Weight decrease
Henry Fleming Code Name S.T.E.A.M. Support Novice Fire & Explosion Attack ↑
Alexandra Rovias Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem Grab Novice
Yuri Kozukata Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water Support Ace Slumber Immunity
Olaf Advance Wars: Dual Strike Shield Novice
Sagi Baten Kaitos Origins Neutral Novice
DeMille Tomato Adventure Neutral Novice
Ray MK II Custom Robo V2 Grab Advanced
Ray MK III Custom Robo Arena Grab Ace Lightweight
Flare Custom Robo Neutral Novice Weight decrease
Bayonette Custom Robo V2 Support Novice Steel Diver Equipped
Ouendan Osu! Tatakael Ouendan Support Advanced Critical-Health Stats ↑
Ouendan Cheerleaders Osu! Tatakael Ouendan Support Advanced Super Launch Star Equipped
Noise Kiki Trick Support Novice PSI Resist ↑
F-Type Stunt Race FX Support Novice Undamaged Speed ↑
Shovel Knight Shovel Knight Attack Ace
Yama The Tower SP Support Novice Aura Attack ↑
Dr. Lobe Big Brain Academy Support Advanced Mr. Saturn Equipped
Zael The Last Story Attack Advanced
Mio & Mayu Amakura Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly Support Advanced Poison Damage Reduced
Chef (Personal Trainer: Cooking) Personal Trainer: Cooking Support Advanced Mouthful of Curry
Tsubasa Oribe Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Shield Novice
Tsubasa Oribe (Carnage Form) Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Shield Ace Jump ↑
Reporter & Wrestler Rhythm Heaven Fever Shield Advanced
Urban Champion Fighter Urban Champion Support Novice Fist Attack ↑
Diskun Famicom Disk System Support Ace Zap-Floor Immunity
Dillon Dillon's Rolling Western Attack Ace Speed ↑
Nibbles Fossil Fighters: Frontier Attack Novice
Aisya ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat Shield Noice
Allen Culdcept Revolt Neutral Advanced
Eagle Advance Wars Attack Novice
Shinobu Ninja Launcher (StreetPass) Grab Novice
ST Falcon Battle Clash Attack Novice
Sumo Brothers Rhythm Heaven Megamix Grab Novice Weight ↑
Tethu Ever Oasis Attack Advanced
Saki Amamiya Sin & Punishment Attack Ace
Raymond Bryce Disaster: Day of Crisis Shield Advanced
Frog & Snake The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls Shield Advanced
Prince of Sable The Frog for Whom the Bell Tolls Shield Legend Transformation Duration ↑
Prince Richard The Frpg for Whom the Bell Tolls Neutral Ace
Barbara the Bat Jam with the Band Grab Ace
Kyle Hyde Hotel Dusk: Room 215 Shield Advanced
Harry Teleroboxer Shield Novice Fist Attack ↑
Heracles Glory of Heracles Attack Advanced
Sheriff Sheriff Support Legend Assist Killer
Felix Golden Sun Neutral Advanced
Crispin Feed Mii (StreetPass) Support Novice Fire Bar Equipped
Coraline Ultimate Angler (StreetPass) Support Novice Boomerang Equipped
Esna Ever Oasis Support Ace Lava-Floor Immunity
Sukapon Joy Mech Fight Grab Legend Throw Power ↑
Goligan Culdcept series Support Advanced Weapon Attack ↑
Yakuman Player Yakuman Support Novice Critical-Health Attack ↑
Moe The Legendary Starfy Shield Novice
Starly The Legendary Starfy Neutral Advanced Weight decrease
Starfy The Legendary Starfy Neutral Ace Weight decrease
Ninjara ARMS Support Advanced Move Speed ↑
Boss Galaga Galaga Support Advanced Bury Immunity
Akira Virtua Fighter Attack Legend Fist Attack ↑
Nick Captain Rainbow Neutral Novice
Captain Rainbow Captain Rainbow Neutral Ace First-Strike Advantage
Muddy Mole Mole Mania Support Novice Drill Equipped
Mach Rider Mach Rider Shield Novice Speed ↑
Rathalos Monster Hunter Support
Sebastian Tute Wii Music Support Ace Franklin Badge Equipped
Hanenbow Electroplankton Support Advanced Jump ↑
Twintelle ARMS Support Advanced Air Defense ↑
Pig Cubivore Support Novice Improved Escape
Shield Knight Shovel Knight Support Advanced Weapon Resist ↑
Plague Knight Shovel Knight Support Novice Fire & Explosion Attack ↑
King Knight Shovel Knight Shield Novice Weight ↑
Specter Knight Shovel Knight Attack Advanced
Rayman Rayman Neutral Ace Jump ↑
Sick Beats Doctor Rhythm Heaven Support Novice Critical-Health Defense ↑
Aeron Grab Advanced
Akari Hayami Support Novice Impact Run
Ryota Hayami Support Novice Swimmer
Alessandro Inzaghi Support Novice Critical-Health Attack ↑
Ando Kensaku Support Novice Electric Resist ↑
Andy Grab Advanced
Arcade Bunny Nintendo Arcade Badge Support Advanced Strong Throw
Ashley Robbins Support Advanced Fog Immunity
Ayumi Tachibana Support Novice Improved Escape
Garet Attack Novice Fire Attack ↑
Dark Emperor Find Mii Shield Legend
Tamagon Grab Novice
Orville Grab Advanced Magic Attack ↑
Satoru Amatsubo Support Novice Energy-Shot Attack ↑
Bomberman Bomberman Grab Ace
Dion, Max, & Jack Neutral Novice
Milly Neutral Novice
Spring Man ARMS Neutral Ace Fist Attack ↑
Dr. Kawashima Brain Age Neutral Advanced
Dr. Kawashima (Concentration Training) Neutral Legend Unflinching Charged Smashes
Qbby Support Ace Ore Club Equipped
Goku & Chao Shield Novice
Isaac Golden Sun Grab Ace
Isaac (Dark Dawn) Golden Sun Grab Legend Energy Shot Attack/Resistance ↑
Munchy Monk Shield Novice
Helirin Support Novice Screw Attack Equipped
Elena Support Advanced Trade-Off Defense ↑
Hockey Players Support Novice Freezie Equipped
Hsien Support Novice Aura Resist ↑
Idea Support Novice PSI Resist ↑
Inuji Darumeshi Support Novice Beastball Equipped
Rusty Slugger Support Novice Beastball Equipped
Isa Jo Support Advanced Beam Sword Equipped
Ivan Support Novice Magic Attack ↑
Tank & Infantry Advance Wars Support Advanced Super Scope Equipped
Telly Support Advanced Screen-Flip Immunity
Tennis Player Support Novice Landing Lag
Tomatrio Support Novice Star Rod Equipped
Tractor Trailer Support Novice Braking Ability
Toy Poodle Nintendogs+Cats Support Advanced Stats ↑ after Eating
Labrador Retriever Nintendogs Support Advanced Physical Attack ↑
French Bulldog Nintendogs+Cats Support Advanced Undamaged Attack
The Wandering Samurai Attack Advanced
Wandering Samurai (Rhythm Heaven Fever) Attack Ace Critical Hit ↑
Tempo Neutral Novice
Hakkun Support Novice Transformation Duration ↑
Jenna Support Advanced Shooting Items ↑
Magical Vacation Protagonists Grab Advanced
Nico Fire Support Novice Impact Run
Pitcher & Batter Support Novice Beastball Equipped
Bubbles Support Novice Screw Attack Equipped
Unira Support Novice Unira Equipped
Volleyball Player Support Novice Stamina ↑
MONSTER Support Novice Braking Ability ↑
Girl from Hajimori no Mori Support Novice Super Leaf Equipped
Mermaid Support Novice Water & Ice Attack ↑
Cupid Support Novice Staff Equipped
Beetle Support Novice Undamaged Speed ↑
Zip Support Novice Hothead Equipped
BlueShark Support Novice Steel Diver Equipped
Russ Support Novice Rocket Belt Equipped
Plane Support Advanced Strong-Wind Resist
Excitebike Excitebikes Support Advanced
Maruhige Shop Owner Support Advanced Item Gravitation
Jill & the Drill Dozer Drill Dozer Support Advanced Bury Immunity
Pocket Football Player Support Advanced Shooting Items ↑
Elite Beat Agents Support Advanced Critical-Health Stats ↑
Elite Beat Divas Support Advanced Super Launch Star Equipped
Nikki Swapnotes Support Ace Shield Durability ↑
Devil Devil World Support Advanced Screen-Flip Immunity
Gold Bone Attack Advanced
Putty Support Advanced Weapon Resist ↑
Sakura Samurai Shield Advanced Weight decrease
Mokka Shield Advanced Weight ↑
Old Man Lobber Support Advanced Mr. Saturn Equipped
Mattel Support Novice Water/Freezing Resist ↑
Li'l Blue Support Novice Fire/Explosion Resist ↑
Mappo Grab Novice Throw Power ↑
Warrior Mech Gauss Attack Novice
Kurikin Shield Novice Water Attack ↑
Magkid Support Novice Electric Resist ↑
Num Diddy Support Novice Transformation Duration ↑
T-Rex Attack Advanced Weight ↑
Glory of Heracles Hero Shield Advanced
Shop Assistant Support Advanced Super Launch Star Equipped
Vince Art Academy Support Advanced Battering Items ↑
Looksley Support Novice Magic Resist ↑
Prince Saruno Support Novice Aura Resist ↑
Frey & Freya Attack Advanced Sword Attack ↑
Nikki Support Ace Shield Durability ↑
Eddy Support Novice Water & Ice Attack ↑
Kageshina Kurabe Neutral Novice
Musashi Grab Novice
Ribbon Girl ARMS Grab Advanced Fist Attack ↑
Risky Boots Support Advanced Bob-omb Equipped
Dr. Wright SimCity Support Ace Ore Club Equipped
Satoru Grab Novice
Maruhige Shop Owner Support Advanced Item Gravitation
Commander Support Novice Staff Equipped
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