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The following is a list of the spirits from the EarthBound/Mother series that appear in Ultimate.

Primary Spirits

Spirit Artwork origin Rating Type Effect Support Slots
Buzz Buzz EarthBound Novice Attack Initial Damage 30% 3
Duster Novice Attack Foot Attack ↑ 1
Masked Man Ace Attack Sword Attack ↑ 2
EVE Ace Shield 1
Poo Ace Shield PSI Attack ↑ 2
Paula Earthbound Legend Shield PSI Attack ↑ 3
Ninten Mother Legend Grab PSI Attack ↑ 2
Master Belch Advanced Neutral Speed decrease 3
Claus Legend Neutral 3
Kumatora Advanced Attack PSI Attack ↑ 2
Lloyd Ace Grab Electric Attack ↑ 2
Teddy Advanced Attack 1
Flying Man Ace Attack Initial Damage 30% 3
Starman Mother Advanced Grab PSI Attack ↑ 2
Flint Advanced Attack 1
Boney Novice Neutral 2
Duster Novice Attack Foot Attack ↑ 1
Salsa Novice Grab 1
Absolutely Safe Capsule Legend Shield 0

Support Spirits

Spirit Artwork origin Rating Effect(s)
Dungeon Man Earthbound Advanced Falling Immunity
Ana Ace Franklin Badge Equipped
Jeff Earthbound Legend Jam FS Charge
Ness's Father Legend Running Start
Mr. Saturn Earthbound Ace Shield Damage ↑
Ramblin' Evil Mushroom Novice Ramblin' Evil Mushroom Equipped
Hinawa Legend Critical Immunity
Ultimate Chimera Ace Critical Hit ↑

Fighter Spirits

Spirit Image Origin
Ness Clay
Lucas Sprite (Mother 3)
Mother 3